William Henry’s The Illuminator: Part I

November 19, 2005
William Henry has just published a major new book, "the Illuminator," and Whitley Strieber thinks that the information it contains is so important that it will be covered in two editions of Dreamland, both presented without commercial interruption. Then Linda... continued

Alan Botkin: IADC

November 12, 2005
Alan Botkin has discovered a miraculous therapy for grief and loss, and he explains it all to us today. A clinical psychologist, Botkin discovered the therapy while helping war veterans with post traumatic stress disorder. Learn about IADC and see... continued

William Henry and Stephen Mehler

November 5, 2005
William Henry interviews Stephen Mehler, author of the Land of Osiris, about his astonishing new book, From Light into Darkness. Then Linda tells us the latest about bird flu, and interviews an English witness about one of the most convincing... continued

Margret Starbird: Mary Magdalene, Bride of Christ

October 29, 2005
Margaret Starbird was called to become an advocate for Mary Magdalene. Dan Brown has acknowledged the importance of her book, the Woman with the Alabaster Jar in inspiring the Da Vinci Code. Now Margarate is back with a new and... continued

Iranian Air Force UFO shootdown

October 22, 2005
For the first time, General Parviz Jafari, one of the Iranian Air Force pilots who actually flew the chase mission, describes one of the most credible of all UFO encounters, the famed Tehran Dogfight. He give us his firsthand account... continued

Lost Templar Treasures

October 15, 2005
Legends of the Fisher King in Europe, Peru and China, the Grail Castle and Shamballa as the secret heart of the world, the real location of five chests of Templar treasure--containing not only gold but, more importantly, knowledge--Mark Amaru Pinkham... continued

Graham Phillips: Virgin Mary Conspiracy

October 8, 2005
Graham Phillips is back from another adventure, and he's going to share with us his discoveries about the Virgin Mary, and the conspiracy that has been in place for years to keep the truth about her from the public. Then... continued

Bill Chalker: Alien DNA

October 1, 2005
For years, alien DNA has been the holy grail of the UFO world. Leading UFO researcher Bill Chalker has found it, and in this interview he takes us on what is truly a great adventure. Beginning with a bit of... continued

Charles Hall: Tall Whites

September 24, 2005
Linda Howe leads off with a special report on why hurricanes have become so much more intense and are forming so much faster. Then Charles Hall describes his experiences with the "Tall Whites." Is this real or not? Decide for... continued

Peter Levenda: Sinister Forces

September 17, 2005
Peter Levenda has just published one of the most important books about America ever written. Sinister Forces: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft tells the dark and bloody story of how the occult and occult practices have been used to... continued