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Bert Janssen is one of the most remarkable of crop circle researchers because he is both a mathematical expert and a meditator, scientist and shaman both. By using both sides of his brain, he has made true breakthroughs in understanding, communicating with and using the energy of crop circles. And DO NOT MISS LINDA HOWE THIS WEEK–ALL-TIME INCREDIBLE UFO SIGHTING.

Bert relates crop circles to quantum physics and talks about how their quantum-physical aspects account for some of the strange phenomena, such as sudden shifts in time, that people sometimes experience in the circles. He understands that crop circles are a school for the development of human consciousness, and he ALSO understands how to enter that school and take lessons that can change you forever.

He and Whitley discuss how the circles have changed them, and they talk about the powerful effect of the crop circle meditations available to subscribers.

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