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Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr. is one of the few people in the public eye who has ever handled alien material with his own hands. He saw and held in his hands the material his father, Col. Jesse Marcel, brought back from the Roswell crash site in 1947. Listen to his enthralling story, including NEW information as he is interviewed by Dreamland’s resident expert on conspiracies and cover-ups, Jim Marrs.

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  1. Regarding Ms. Howe’s report
    Regarding Ms. Howe’s report on a parallel space program: at the time Congress approved funding for the space shuttle, it was common knowledge among the populace, congress and the media that the budget for shuttle expenditures operated on a one-for-one-for-one policy: that for each shuttle NASA got, the NSA got one and the Air Force got one. The NSA and the Air Force got their shuttles… and that’s the last we ever heard of it, as their missions were all secret. A great question: what has the other 2/3rds of America’s space fleet gotten up to since the early 80s? When NASA flew its last shuttle mission a few weeks ago, all the media spoke about was the end of the shuttle as a space craft… and I thought to myself, damn, we’re a brainwashed nation, is our memory so poor that we forgot the other 2/3rds of our space fleet, or so lazy minded that we don’t ask whether the NSA or Air Force is retiring their fleets?

  2. I just reread what I posted
    I just reread what I posted and I want to clarify that I do not intend to imply anything negative about Ms. Howe or Mr. Strieber with regards to Ms. Howe’s story. I as are we all are as much involved in the 1984-esque reality of modern times where we are familiar with the facts of life one day and then forget them all as a simple function of time, while media presumes to inform us as to what our past really is or was to the exclusion of inconvenient facts. What the reasons were that lay behind the silence of politicians, civil servants and journalists familiar with the Congress’ financial appropriation machinations for the shuttle program during the mid and late 70s when the media began to repeat over & over that last month’s “final” NASA flight of the shuttle was the de facto end of the shuttle program, knowing as they did that this said nothing about the NSA or Air Force shuttle fleets, is a very large question.

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