William Henry and David Icke

June 4, 2005
David Icke is one of the most controversial personalities in the world, and this week guest host William Henry interviews him about his view of the hidden meaning of the human past. Armed with his own deep knowledge of secret... continued

John Hogue: Predictions from January 2004

May 28, 2005
John Hogue of Hogueprophecy.com prophesied for our subscribers in January. So, how's he doing? As a special Memorial Day program, we go back in time to last January and listen to John Hogue's prophecies. You're going to be surprised, because... continued

Paul Bennewitz’s Story

May 21, 2005
Paul Bennewitz was a brilliant scientist and signals expert who worked on secret projects and lived near Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico. He began to pick up strange signals and see lights hovering over the base, and became... continued

William Henry and Laurence Gardner

May 14, 2005
Linda Howe and Whitley Strieber lead off with a stunning story about the Gulf Stream slowing down, as predicted in Superstorm. Then William Henry interviews Laurence Gardner about explosive revelations in his new book, the Magadalene Legacy. Hear what he... continued

Jim Marrs and Ed Haslam

May 7, 2005
Always a popular guest, Jim Marrs joins William Henry as a frequent Dreamland host with this phenomenal interview of Ed Haslam, the author of Mary, Ferrie and the Monkey Virus. Then Linda Howe reports on strange lights seen over the... continued

Linda Howe: Exploding Toads

April 30, 2005
Linda Howe leads Dreamland off this week with one of the most bizarre biological mysteries in decades: exploding toads. It seems that toads in Germany are exploding without warning or explanation. And, just today, it's been reported that the phenomenon... continued

Betty Andreasson Luca: Close Encounter

April 23, 2005
Betty Andreasson Luca is one of the great voices of the close encounter experience. Listen as she describes in detail what happened to her, tells us how she came to remember it, and then gives her experiences meaning in the... continued

Lost Colony of the Templars

April 16, 2005
Steven Sora has made a major discovery about the long-hidden path of the Knights Templar to America. Join him on the highest of adventures--to an ancient Templar ruin right here in the USA! Then Linda Howe reports on some bizarre... continued

Colm Kellerher and Mad Cow

April 9, 2005
First, Jim Marrs reports on Peter Jennings' tragic announcement that he has cancer and how this relates to the UFO community. Then Colm Kellerher tells the devastating truth about Mad Cow Disease in the US and what YOU MUST DO... continued

William Henry: Founding Fathers

April 2, 2005
Our founding fathers enacted an ancient vision of tolerance, moderation and freedom when they created the United States of America. Where did this vision come from, and what gives it its great power, and what are the threats that challenge... continued