Mike Clelland and Mia Fereoleto have discovered that they have a number of shared areas of concentration in our lives.  A love of nature and animals, ET contact, a focus on spirituality and the arts, to name a few. Their two hour discussion is presented half in Mike Clelland’s Unseen podcast and half here. It covers some of our personal experiences with synchronicity, off-world communication and recognizing the signs and symbols of high strangeness in our daily lives.
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  1. Thank you for posting this interview/discussion. I thoroughly enjoyed it & loved hearing more about your background & gifts-especially the manifesting abilities.

  2. Hello Zasucon!

    Thank you for your comment. It is greatly appreciated. Since making the decision to organize my first conference almost two years ago, my goal has been to connect to my tribe and share what I have learned through my own direct experiences. The examples mentioned in this discussion are the tip of the iceberg. Perhaps at some point a discussion group can be formed. Whitley is doing a fantastic job bringing people together. We should all support his efforts with this channel.

  3. Wonderful conversation !
    Can you please spell the name of the kundalini master and psychiatrist that you met ?
    Thank you !

    1. If Google is trustworthy, the name is Lee Sannella, who can be seen on YouTube’s “Thinking Allowed” channel, hosted by Jeffrey Mishlove (posting date of 2012). The episode is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLkBv_W1AmA and is titled,”Lee Sannella: What is Kundalini?” As of today, May 9, 2020, I have no personal knowledge whatsoever of either person, or of Ms. Feroleto or Mr. Clelland (though I’ve read the latter’s books). Stay well!

    2. Yes, the name of my psychiatrist friend is Lee Sannella. Jeffrey Mishlove interviewed Lee. I recommend reading Lee’s books. He befriended many of the leaders in the field of consciousness. He lived to be in his late 90s and was an appreciated presence in my life.

      1. Thanks for the answer Mia Feroleto, you podcast is amazing. Keep the good work going !

  4. No one among the “spiritual/meaningful UFO” interpretive community has ever attempted to address how it happens that most of (the rest of) us have not had sightings, abductions, little wrist triangles, or any other evidence of Jacob wrestling with his “angel” (B’reshit/Genesis 32). So very little evidence in my life, that I have to chalk most “significant” events up to randomness, and the Universe being good and “one” just falls to pieces when working (as I have) for multiple decades for the brick wall of selfishness called the federal bureaucracy. All the experiences I’ve heard in this conversation seemed implacably irrelevant to me and my experiences. Mia’s “I believe (it’s all for the good)” shows me that it’s all good for her while it’s all bad for me and the great swath of self-centered citizens out there who scream, Give me liberty AND Give me death, in the face of this Great Contagion. “Exorcist III” rings truer to me than so much blind belief.

  5. Hello Loquamur,

    Thank you for your comments. My experiences do not include blind belief in any way. Many people have experienced what would be considered “supernatural” events around me throughout my life and have provided outside validation and confirmation. Faith in the way someone like Kierkegaard would define it is far different than blind faith.

    “Exorcist III” has its place in our society. It is not where I hang out.

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