Mia Feroleto and New Observations are delighted to welcome Peter Panagore to the podcast. They discuss Peter’s childhood experiences of the Divine which culminated in his conversation with God at the age of 20 on a mountain in the Canadian Rockies–it happened after passing over into the realm of death.

Peter is a husband, father, grandfather, a two-time near-death experiencer, storyteller, ordained pastor, writer, author, public speaker, and more. He earned his Master of Divinity at Yale University with a focus on the classics of western mysticism. He served eighteen years as a Congregational community minister in the United Church of Christ, primarily along the coast of Maine.

He’s had two Near-Death Experiences. The first “death” occurred in 1980 from hypothermia while ice climbing in Banff Provincial Park in Canada. He died again from a heart attack in 2015.

Peter wrote about his first experiences in Heaven Is Beautiful. Reach him through his website, HERE.

“In the inner stillness where meditation leads, the Spirit secretly anoints the soul and heals our deepest wounds. In the twilight of life, God will not judge us on our earthly possessions and human success, but rather on how much we have loved.”

— John of the Crossread more

Ed Conroy joins us in this fascinating discussion on his book of investigative journalism: Report on Communion.  New Observations and Ed discuss how he came to research and interview numerous subjects on Whitley Strieber’s life and ET experiences as well as Ed’s own first-hand account of spending time at the Strieber cabin in the woods of New York State.

Ed joined us earlier for Part One of this interview, linked HERE.  


Ed Conroy is the author of “Report on ‘Communion,’” (Morrow, 1989; Avon, 1990), the result of his year-long investigation into the life, literary work, and extraordinary experiences of Whitley Strieber.  A fourth-generation native of San Antonio, he is a former arts and culture reporter and urban affairs columnist for the San Antonio Express-News. Educated at California Institute of the Arts– where he began his lifelong study of Chinese martial arts–as well as the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico and the University of Texas at San Antonio, he is a fully bilingual and bicultural witness to the unique cultural and political currents of the US-Mexico borderlands. 

He has written, in Spanish, on the UFO phenomenon and crop circle phenomena for Mas Alla de la Ciencia of Barcelona, Spain.  For the past 23 years, he has served as Director of Development for Southwest School of Art in San Antonio.  He is the proud father of Brigid Irene Conroy, a recent graduate of Harvard Divinity School.  He is at work on a historical novel set in San Antonio, Chihuahua, and Mexico City during the years of the Mexican Revolution.  For the past three decades, he has been a student of the Builders of the Adytum (www.bota.org).

Here’s a recent interview with Ed titled: Reflections on five decades of anomalies–local and global, linked HERE.

Ed be happy to respond to correspondence at this email address: econroy53@gmail.comread more

On April 26th, the Super Full Moon in Scorpio at 7 degrees, exactly on my Natal Moon in Scorpio, I had open-heart surgery to replace my aortic valve and have a maze procedure to help stop the A-Fib that had been zapping my energy for the past few years. This journey took me to three different hospitals and through multiple states of reality as I demanded proper care in order to heal.

I cannot thank you enough and all of my friends for their support, offerings, and prayers as I made this journey. Spirit led, and even though I was challenged to the Nth degree, I made it back home again.

I have been targeted for close to three decades because of my activism and my spiritual life.

Immediately after our conference on Pine Ridge in 2019, I was eliminated from YouTube because the information I was sharing is vital for human consciousness to grow. Whitley gave me the opportunity to host the New Observations podcast here on Dreamland.

This is a critical year for all of us to take a stand and say “NO!” to what we know is not in our best interest. We are all together on this journey and have so much support from beyond that it is almost incomprehensible to fathom the depth and breadth of how we are held in esteem in the mind of God and all of the Realms unseen to the human eye.read more