Mia Feroleto is the host of the podcast New Observations here on Unknown Country. She has had a lifetime of odd experiences, including angelic communications, UFOs, glowing orbs, and remarkable psychic insights. Mike spoke with Mia for over two hours and this long conversation is posted in two parts. The first installment is on Mia’s page (linked HERE), and the second hour is posted here.

Mia was the conference organizer for the event in South Dakota in 2019 where Whitley looked into a parallel dimension, this powerful experience is detailed in his book A New World.

This conversation touches on a wide range of subjects, but there is special attention paid to the challenges of the Covid-19 virus and this time of lock down.

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  1. Mia Feroleto, you are a gift. DANIEL, is such a strong name.

    “Button followed his soon-to-be wife Ramona to Arizona in 1972. The two met in (((South Dakota,))) where she was a nurse and he had been traveling with a group that performed at powwows.”

    This is a MUST WATCH……..

  2. Thank you to Mike Clelland and to Mia Feroleto for this interview. For Mike’s question about the difficulty in 2020 of finding a shaman, keep in mind options such as runes or the I Ching; also consider trying hypnosis, as Whitley Strieber describes that he did in his 2019 book, A New World.

    Regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, a UFO conference planned for any time in 2020 will hopefully include as many online-only options as possible. Public health estimates for the duration of this year’s pandemic range from a few months to 18 months to 2 years. Some psychics have also mentioned a single return of COVID-19 in 2030, after which it is never seen again on the Earth.

    1. Alas, for some of us, 2030 may see us Boomers long gone. But I would not take the words of psychics too seriously. Afterall, how many predicted COVID19 in explicit terms before it happened?

  3. WOW. A red tail hawk leaves you a feather?!!! That is beyond cool. I have had an owl feather left with a message from my dead pooch, Tigger. Thanks for sharing Mia F. Mike, good deal. I posted earlier on a Whitley Journal entry on covid. I asked about the effect of shelter at home on the environment.
    Good energy from you 2. It was good stuff.

  4. Thanks Mia for pointing out that the symbol described is astrologically that of the sun. It is also the Ancient Egyptian hieroglyph for Ra.

    I was elated to hear that an event you mentioned signaled that we as humanity had avoided WWIII. I also have had that sense in the last year or so.

  5. This response is for DYLANSDAD:

    Thank you for your comment. It raises an important point to make for everyone – we have our own guidance system that we were born with. Psychics cannot tells us more than we already know. The key is to listen and pay attention to the information and signs we are given countless times each day. Mike Clelland has a particular affinity for owls. If we listen, the answers are there for us.

    In 1998, I was living in Upstate New York and leaving the house around 8:30 in the morning to go to the dentist. I was wearing a pair of loafers on my feet, looked out the window and saw that it was snowing lightly. A voice said, “better put on your rubber boots.” I did. Halfway to the dentist, I hit a patch of black ice. My car was thrown back and forth on the road and I clearly understood that there was no way I was getting control of the car again. I received the message to relinquish control (as Don Juan said to Carlos Castaneda many times) and I would be fine. I took my hands off the wheel and went with the experience. My car knocked down two mature pine trees and the main electrical pole for the area. My car was conducting 38,000 volts of electricity and there were live cables arching on the hood of my car with flames on the other side of the windshield. Thinking my car would blow up, I got out of the car. Had it not been for that little voice telling me to put on my rubber boots, I would have been killed. Had I fought with the steering wheel to try to get the car back under control, I probably would have been killed. Approximately 25 rescue workers came to the scene of my accident. I was told that they had never seen anyone survive an accident like mine yet alone walk away without a scratch. This is an extreme case but each and every day I receive information that I know to be true for me and I act on it.

    We needed something to level the playing field on planet Earth and this virus is in the process of doing just that. It is up to us what we do with insight gained from the experience. Solutions are there for us. We need to pay attention and not rationalize away what we are seeing. At the time of my accident, Uranus was at 13 degrees of Aquarius exactly on my Sun. The astrologers I knew at the time looked at my chart and in retrospect could see the possibility of some explosive situation happening for me but each aspect has countless possible ways of manifesting. Their observations were consistent – that I had lots of protection from higher dimensions.

    The birds are returning in species I have never seen before but am seeing now. Change is upon us and we are being called to be agents of positive change for ourselves and each other.

    It has been important to me on my journey to have outside verification and confirmation and I have it in many instances. Our inner knowledge should not be discounted.

  6. I still don’t see a link to the first part, either here or on Mia’s page.

  7. Hey, really nice episode! I have been thinking of Owls lately because of you. I recalled a time I rescued a baby owl from a hot tub. I currently clean swimming pools for employment (I am working towards moving on from this stage), and was servicing a elaborate account for one of society’s “elite”. I found it in the skimmer portion of the hot tub. It was so cute. I hope it survived. While listening to this episode I was reminded of lots of experiences with red tail hawks around the same time and at the same property. They would swoop very close to my truck as I arrived, and often swooped in my area in other locations. I also collected a feather. Funny, I bought a owl shirt from Walmart on clearance for $3.

    1. Extra funny: I wrote the above message while finishing up lunch in my truck. As I drive off no more than a minute later I see a guy with a shirt in the same style of my $3 owl shirt, but it is purple with a ostrich. You know the kind, those ones with the subtle tie-dye look. Maybe it’s a reaffirming sign of my quest to pull my head out from the ground. Not sure if ostriches really do that lol. Last night while focused on my desired journey, I pulled the 8 of cups. Just pulled a single card. I’m looking forward to this.

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