Is there a difference between synchronicity and magic? Alan Abbadessa Green has been at the forefront of the realm of the Syncromsitics. This is not the stuff of dry academics, his approach is both creative and lively. His insights come from his own direct experiences with powerful synchronicites. Alan runsread more

It began with chronic synchronicities and déjà vu. It became slips in time, repeats of events, and shifts into a parallel world almost exactly the same but slightly off. In fact, that world may be our world. And Shawn may not be from here. If he didn’t think about that before this interview, he’s thinking about it now.

Afterwards, exclusively for subscribers, host Jeremy Vaeni draws upon his own experiences to bring us deep into the controversial question of psychedelics as a possible means for transcendence.

For the past few weeks, Whitley Strieber has been experiencing powerful synchronicities with the Experience, climaxing a few days ago in one of the most intense invasive dreams he has ever had. The dream came the night before Jeremy sent the subject of this week’s Experience–about invasive dreams– and took place at approximately the same time the Germanair plane crashed, to which it seemed distressingly connected.

This program will be posted at 12:30 PM Pacific Time on Friday, March 27.

An ultra high strangeness event took place on Thursday involving a report received by Linda Moulton Howe, a book Whitley Strieber was writing, and one of the strangest photographs we have ever seen. The image shows a small entity about 44 inches tall. It looks like a garden gnome, complete with the familiar red conical cap. Such creatures were first describe in the historical record during the time of the Roman Empire, and the first image of one is a 2,000 year old wood carving that was found in Norway.