It Turns Out That the Earth Has a Steady 27-Million-Year ‘Heartbeat’

June 29, 2021
It turns out that the Earth has a 'heartbeat': a long, slow geological pulse that lasts for 27.5 million years; marked by clusters of major geological events.  Events including: volcanic activity, mass extinctions, major tectonic plate movements and sea level... continued

National Intelligence Directorate Releases Preliminary UAP Threat Assessment

June 25, 2021
The US Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) has issued its long-awaited assessment of the unidentified aerial phenomena threat in two versions, one classified and the other for public distribution. While the public report does not contain any... continued

Global CO2 Levels Are Now 50 Percent Higher Than Before Industrialization

June 23, 2021
Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels peaked to an average of over 419 parts per million over the course of May, 50 percent higher than the stable levels that were present before the industrial revolution, and the highest they've been in well... continued

‘Termination Events’ May Mark the End—and the Beginning—of Solar Cycles

June 21, 2021
A pair of rogue researchers with the University of Maryland are predicting that the upcoming solar cycle is going to be a doozy, a forecast that contradicts the commonly-accepted prediction that solar cycle 25 will be one of the quietest in... continued

A ‘Significant and Timely Topic’: House Committee Members Receive Advance UFO Briefing

June 18, 2021
A classified UFO briefing was given to members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Subcommittee on Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence, and Counterproliferation on unidentified aerial phenomena on June 17, in preparation for the Director of National Intelligence's anticipated report on... continued

Pandemic Measures May Have Driven Two Flu Strains Extinct

June 15, 2021
Two major strains of the virus that causes the seasonal flu appear to have disappeared, an unintended positive effect of the measures taken over the last fifteen months to prevent the spread of the coronavirus responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic.... continued

UFO Experts Weigh In on the Pentagon’s Upcoming UFO Report

June 11, 2021
The Pentagon's declassified report on UFOs may be due to be delivered to Congress later this month, but as to what this presentation might contain—and what it may ultimately affect—has been the subject of speculation: how far down the rabbit hole... continued

The History of a Prehistoric Climate Shift in the Impact Crater Beneath Hiawatha Glacier

June 9, 2021
The findings of a new study on the large impact crater that was found under Greenland's Hiawatha Glacier in 2018 suggest that the impact that formed the 31-kilometer (19.3-mile) crater occurred quite recently (geologically speaking, that is), at a time when the... continued

Chinese Military Tracks Rising UFO Sightings With the Help of AI

June 8, 2021
Like its counterparts in the west, the Chinese military has its own task force dedicated to tracking UFO encounters, the reports of which are numerous enough for the group's analysts to use AI to sort through the data to determine... continued

The UK’s Ministry of Defense May Reopen Its UFO Reporting Desk

June 4, 2021
An anonymous source says that the United Kingdom's Ministry of Defense could reopen its UFO Reporting Desk, depending on the outcome of the Pentagon’s upcoming report regarding UAPs, due at the end of the month. More commonly known as the... continued