Ultra High Strangeness DNA Mystery

September 19, 2000
An ultra-high strangeness DNA mystery emerged in Australia when fingerprints found on a mirror were tested for their DNA content and found not to contain human DNA at all. This case developed after a woman who had found a cross... continued

Cellphone Radiation Data Published – How Hot Is Your Phone?

September 14, 2000
Los Angeles-based search engine company Do-Mode.com has published a list of specific absorption radiation, or SAR, for most brands of cellphone. This revealing list was compiled from Federal Communications Commission information. The cellphone that puts out the most SAR radiation... continued

Australia Gun Control Results In Crime Increase

September 13, 2000
In 1999, Australia engaged in the most massive gun control effort in history. Nearly seven hundred thousand guns were turned in by citizens, under a new and stringent gun control law. This is the first national experiment in serious gun... continued

British Scientists Confirm Superstorm Scenario, Issue Warning

September 11, 2000
According to Professor John Lowe of London University, global warming could cause a mini ice age in the British Isles within a few decades. This would be part of a radical global change in climate that he believes is not... continued

Ozone Hole Biggest Ever – Layer Thins Worldwide During Solar Max

September 8, 2000
NASA scientists reported today that the ozone hole over the antarctic has reached its largest-ever size and will continue to grow through October. Contrary to the jokes made about this by politicians, this is an extremely serious development because the... continued

Possible Solar Storms Coming Sept 7-8

September 7, 2000
September 4: A large filament eruption occurred in the northwest quadrant of the solar surface, which could lead to moderate to strong solar storms beginning September 7-8. There have been numerous magnetic storms associated with the current solar maximum, but... continued

Chupacabras: The Plot Thickens

September 7, 2000
Diario La Prensa - Nicaraguan farmer Jorge Luis Talavera, who submitted the skeleton of an unknown animal that had been killing his sheep to the National University of Nicaragua for analysis, claims that the photographs they released (see related story... continued

Possible Chupacabra Skeleton Found in Nicaragua

September 1, 2000
El Nuevo Diario - Scientists in Nicaragua report that they have located a skeleton of an animal that is apparently a strange mix of dog breeds, that was associated with the killing of sheep by exsanguination in the area of... continued

Pole Melt No Big Deal, Scientists Say

August 29, 2000
Climatologist Dr. Mark Serreze at the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder, Colorado, has announced that the recent appearance of open water at the North Pole "is nothing to be necessarily alarmed about." He continued, "we have no... continued

Strong Storms In Northern England

August 21, 2000
Private reports from the North of England indicate that snow accompanied heavy thunderstorms and a possible tornado earlier today, surprising people in York and Hull, who were dressed in summer clothing. The British Meteorological Bureau issued a severe weather alert... continued