IT Ain’t IT–Kamen Says It’s No Big Deal

January 16, 2001
Legendary inventor Dean Kamen claims that the much-hyped invention known as IT and code-named "Ginger" isn't all that big a deal. The Harvard University Press paid $250,000 for a book about IT, an unprecedented sum for a university press. After... continued

Huge Release of Greenhouse Gas Possible

January 16, 2001
While the world is debating regulations to try to cut down on their emissions of the greenhouse gas Carbon Dioxide, in order to slow down the increase in global warming, scientists have discovered that the activity of a single enzyme,... continued

Evidence That Stonehenge Isn’t Authentic

January 16, 2001
The famous 4,000 year-old circle of stones in the midst of Crop Circle country that is known as Stonehenge may not be authentic, a new report says. Researcher Brian Edwards has discovered photographs that show fallen stones being hauled into... continued

Study Links Cellphone Use to Eye Cancer

January 15, 2001
For the first time, a scientific study has linked cell phones to human cancer. This research suggests that people who regularly use cellphones are three times more likely to develop eye cancer. The study was conducted by a team from... continued

Why Asteroids Aim For Earth

January 12, 2001
Most asteroids can be found in the main asteroid belt that lies between Mars and Jupiter. Scientists have always wondered why these rocks sometimes change their orbits and aim for a possible collision with Earth. A new study suggests that... continued

Another European Chemtrail Witness-And He’s Sick

January 12, 2001
Another European witness has contacted us about possible chemtrail activity there, and his account includes a disturbing report of illness. Dean Ladds, of the Flying Saucer Review in the U.K., writes, "I was anxious to read your report of Chemtrails... continued

Brilliant Monkeys Invade Indian Gov’t Offices

January 12, 2001
Yet more strange animal behavior is being reported, this time from India. In New Delhi, thousands of monkeys have invaded government offices, where they are stealing food, threatening bureaucrats, and destroying valuable documents. There are at least 10,000 monkeys living... continued

US Weapons Said to Endanger Our Own Soldiers

January 12, 2001
The Pentagon spent a great deal of time handling the Gulf War Syndrome issue as if our soldiers were either crazy, faking their illnesses, or suffering from problems unrelated to their service in the Gulf or the military. In other... continued

Genfoods to Become Impossible to Avoid

January 11, 2001
Scientists have announced that genetically engineered wheat, barley and rice could be commercially available within the next 3 years. James Cook, wheat scientist for Washington State University, said Monsanto's Roundup Ready wheat, used to control weeds, could be available to... continued

Starlink Could Cost Food Industry Billions

January 11, 2001
The Toronto Star has reported that the StarLink genetically engineered corn could cost the food industry billions of dollars. The pollution of regular strains of corn by StarLink will lead to dozens of lawsuits. "This is going to come back... continued