Evidence Mounts of JPL Mars Face Hoax

October 3, 2000
Thanks to Lan Fleming. Mr. Fleming is a NASA subcontractor employee working in computer simulations. In April, 1998, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory produced a flat, grainy "enhancement" of the image taken by the Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) of the "Face... continued

TV Crew’s Bigfoot Discovery Being Taken Seriously

October 2, 2000
UFONews1 - Reprinted from UFONews1: KING-5 TV News (Seattle) reports that a casting of the lower portion of the creature known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch has been obtained by a team of 14 researchers who had been tracking the beast... continued

Massive Higgs Boson News

September 29, 2000
What is a Higgs and what news about it could possibly be massive, you wonder. Read on. The elusive Higgs Boson, the so-far undetected particle that gives matter its mass, may have been glimpsed by scientists working at the Large... continued

Whitley’s Coast Report

September 29, 2000
On Friday, September 29, Whitley Strieber reported on an increase in sightings in the upstate New York area where the cabin in which he had the Communion experience was located. The Space Group has been active in the area since... continued

A Powerful Statement Against Hate

September 26, 2000
State Representative Dan Ponder of George, a white conservative Republican, has made one of history's most powerful statements against hate and racial prejudice. Representative Ponder, speaking from the floor of the Georgia house, addressed the essence of the issue with... continued

Orbs–Are They Anything to Sneeze At?

September 26, 2000
Listeners have been deluging whitley@strieber.com with e-mail about orbs. It seems that certain forms of these objects can easily be photographed by anybody with a camera that has its flash mounted close to the lens, as do many small modern... continued

Giant Sunspot May Mean Large Magnetic Storms

September 26, 2000
Scientists say that magnetic fields above the largest sunspot group to appear on the surface of the sun in the past nine years are becoming unstable, and could lead to a coronal mass ejection from the sun within a few... continued

Popocatapetl Lava Dome Appears

September 26, 2000
Mt. Popocatapetl, an active volcano within thirty miles of Mexico City, has formed a new lava dome. The formation of a lava dome is an indication that a new eruption is possible. At the present time, the volcano is emitting... continued

Radioactive Ruins In India?

September 22, 2000
In 1992, a small British publication called the World Island Review published a news story claiming that scientists in India had discovered an ancient city that was highly radioactive, and showed evidence of having suffered a nuclear blast many millenia... continued

Whitley and the Orbs: A Photoessay

September 22, 2000
Since March of 2000, San Antonio resident and filmmaker Ron McPeake, has been photographing and videotaping strange orbs around his house on the north side of the city. These objects have so far defied explanation. The record is being made... continued