Robert Bigelow’s National Institute for Discovery Sciences has completed a study of a wave of anomalous activity around Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana that shows a correlation between UFO reports, unusual helicopter activity and cattle mutilations.

The wave took place between 1975 and 1977. This was a peak period both for animal mutilations and UFO reports nationwide, but activity around Great Falls, Montana, was especially heavy. Nearby Malmstrom Air Force Base housed a number of Minuteman missile wings that included 221 Minuteman III missile silos. The base was also an important part of the nation’s early warning system for incoming Soviet missiles.

Careful records of anomalous activity reports were kept by the Cascade County sheriff’s department, and NIDS has been able to analyze this data, which consisted of 192 UFO and unknown helicopter sightings and 67 animal mutilations. The vast majority occurred within a 40 mile radius of MAFB.

The timing of the incidents around MAFB is consitent with similar events around Loring AFB in Maine, Wurdsmith AFB in Michigan, Minot AFB in North Dakota, and the Royal Canadain Air Force Base at Falconbridge in Ontario.

The NIDS report finds a statistically significant correlation between mutliations and UFO/helicopter activity in these areas.

Cattle mutilations have long been a source of question in the US, and NIDS has studied them extensively. It has found that the most often taken body parts are sexual organs, that most mutilation events occur in the winter, and that female animals, primarily cattle, over the age of six months are the most likely targets.

While no conclusions can be drawn about the cause of the mutilations or the reason for them, the fact that they appear to involve the use of advanced surgical instruments suggests either an anomalous origin, or that some earthly force has been in possession of these remarkable instruments at least since the 1960s.

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