Popo May Contain Huge Lava Mass

January 3, 2001
Popocatepetl rumbled for 4 minutes on Saturday, then spewed ash on nearby communities. Residents had all returned home after being evacuated on December 18, when showers of red-hot rock began shooting out of the volcano. This was its biggest eruption... continued

Spectacular Meteor Shower On the Way

January 2, 2001
An unusually high number of shooting stars, as many as 100 per hour, will be seen in the U.S., Mexico and western Canada on January 3, as the Quadrantids pass over those areas. You can see them starting at 4... continued

2000 Record Year for Natural Disasters

January 2, 2001
Munich Re, the world?s largest insurance company, said that the world experienced a record number of natural disasters in 2000, although the number of deaths was lower because fewer populated areas were affected. 10,000 people died as a result of... continued

Auld Lang Syne–What Does It Mean?

December 30, 2000
We've heard it all of our lives, and tomorrow night we'll sing it again. But what is that 'auld lang syne?' anyway? Does the phrase chosen by Robert Burns for his great poem, derived from an ancient song of Scotland,... continued

Hangover Cures from the Land of Science

December 29, 2000
Just in time for New Year?s Eve, the London Science Museum has a new exhibit on hangover cures. It turns out that the headache and flu-like feelings are caused by dehydration, despite the fact that you?ve been drinking all night,... continued

Hidden Y2K Problems May Still Be With Us

December 29, 2000
Last year at this time, we were all waiting nervously to see if Y2K computer problems were going to cause our bank balances to disappear, our computers to self-destruct, and air planes to fall from the sky. We were afraid... continued

New Camarillo UFO Witness

December 28, 2000
Another Dreamland listener in Santa Barbara has seen the Camarillo UFO that Dr. Roger Leir reported about on the program December 17. This is the UFO that has been seen in the same area of California in late November or... continued

Stroke Destroys Man’s Ability to Feel Disgust

December 27, 2000
Science News - After a stroke, a 25 year old Englishman now has an odd symptom: he can no longer feel disgust. The specific areas in his brain that were damaged are the ones that process feelings of disgust when... continued

Starlink Corn Gene Found in Japanese Beer

December 27, 2000
Japan's Health and Welfare Ministry said Wednesday, Dec. 27 that it had confirmed that U.S.-grown genetically modified corn banned for consumption in Japan and elsewhere had been mixed with corn used for brewing beer and making processed foods. Of a... continued

Strange Sky Show Mystifies Australia

December 27, 2000
Now it's the Aussies. On October 13, 2000, a bizarre display of upper atmosphere pyrotechnics mystified the midwestern U.S. On Tuesday, December 26, a similar event took place over Queensland in Australia. As in the U.S., police were swamped with... continued