Hidden Y2K Problems May Still Be With Us

December 29, 2000
Last year at this time, we were all waiting nervously to see if Y2K computer problems were going to cause our bank balances to disappear, our computers to self-destruct, and air planes to fall from the sky. We were afraid... continued

New Camarillo UFO Witness

December 28, 2000
Another Dreamland listener in Santa Barbara has seen the Camarillo UFO that Dr. Roger Leir reported about on the program December 17. This is the UFO that has been seen in the same area of California in late November or... continued

Stroke Destroys Man’s Ability to Feel Disgust

December 27, 2000
Science News - After a stroke, a 25 year old Englishman now has an odd symptom: he can no longer feel disgust. The specific areas in his brain that were damaged are the ones that process feelings of disgust when... continued

Starlink Corn Gene Found in Japanese Beer

December 27, 2000
Japan's Health and Welfare Ministry said Wednesday, Dec. 27 that it had confirmed that U.S.-grown genetically modified corn banned for consumption in Japan and elsewhere had been mixed with corn used for brewing beer and making processed foods. Of a... continued

Strange Sky Show Mystifies Australia

December 27, 2000
Now it's the Aussies. On October 13, 2000, a bizarre display of upper atmosphere pyrotechnics mystified the midwestern U.S. On Tuesday, December 26, a similar event took place over Queensland in Australia. As in the U.S., police were swamped with... continued

Why Rudolph’s Nose is Radioactive

December 27, 2000
BBC News - Since the explosion of a reactor at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Russia 15 years ago, nearby Norway has been monitoring its plants, animals and people for radiation on a regular basis. One animal species still... continued

Foreign Press Questions U.S. Election

December 26, 2000
Please note that this is not a statement of opinion, but a news item that communicates the facts as they are being reported abroad. It does not necessarily reflect Whitley Strieber's personal views about the election. As unofficial recounts of... continued

Possible Reason for Nasca Lines Discovered

December 26, 2000
UFOnews1 - The Nasca lines are images made from lines of stones in Peru, some over a mile long, in the shapes of birds and mammals, including a hummingbird, a monkey and a man. There are also geometric shapes, such... continued

Gene Manipulation Doubles Life Span

December 25, 2000
Scientists have been able to double the life spans of fruit flies by manipulating one of their genes. Someday soon, they may be able to do it for us. Scientists have named the gene INDY for "I?m Not Dead Yet."... continued

Will the Internet Become Conscious?

December 25, 2000
A group of Silicon Valley scientists have met to discuss whether or not the internet is or could become a conscious entity. The astrophysicist Larry Smarr explained that the Internet is evolving into a single vast "planetary supercomputer," made up... continued