If you were embarrassed by a hypnotist who told you to hop across the room like a rabbit, don’t blame yourself. If you’ve tried hypnosis and just can’t seem to go “under” far enough to remember those elusive UFO experiences, don ‘t you blame yourself, either. It turns out there is a gene for hypnotizability.

The gene was discovered by Dr. Pesach Lichtenberg and Professor Richard Ebstein of Herzog Memorial Hospital in Jerusalem, after studying 51 men and 59 women who had never been hypnotized before (if you’ve been hypnotizedonce, it’s easier to go under the next time). They found that people who had a specific gene were much easier to hypnotize.

They plan to analyze additional genes that may be involved in the process. Since hypnotizability is a such a complex trait, they feel it must be influenced by several genes.

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