The Observers is a powerful documentary featuring Whitley Strieber, Jimmy Church, William Henry, John Greenewald, Linda Moulton Howe, Richard Dolan, Jesse Ventura and Luis Elizondo. In this edition of Dreamland, Jimmy, William, John, Richard and Debbie all discuss their fears and hopes about 2021. It could be a year of powerful revelations, but there are also powerful forces who just DO NOT want that. Who will prevail, and if disclosure continues to win the battle, what more will be revealed? Listen as a group of highly informed and outspoken experts go beyond what they said in the Observers documentary and look to the future.

On our next show, starting on January 7, Whitley and Linda Moulton Howe talk about their expectations for the new year, and whether or not conflict over mankind may be at the core of the bizarre secrecy that has surrounded the UFO/close encounter phenomenon from the beginning.

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  1. There are several subjects you’ve brought up that don’t resonate with me at all. That’s kind of interesting. You all have your opinions, of course. They are just opinions.
    One thing, we don’t have much control over how disclosure takes place. It’s the others, the ETs, that will disclose when they feel it’s time. People play with these things, but it’s not ours to play with. If you want to create a paranoia around this subject, fine. It’s not my view, and I am an abductee and a contactee. Perhaps I’m attracting a different frequency of beings.

  2. Happy Holidays everyone! Wow! I have to listen to this again! I always feel that I’m not alone when I listen to your shows because of the unspoken nature of the phenomena we share. I need to make some notes because this is so rich. thank you!

  3. I think it is not government or science rather all of the above adding to the consciousness- hundredth monkey.

  4. Whitley- back to your “if we can take it” premise. Don’t you think that it has more to do with us than if “they let us” not that we understand this… And while I have your ear- thank you for so much effort on your site which has enriched my life during a moment of being stopped in many ways. Never doubt that you have a mission ongoing. Happy New Year!

    1. Author

      I don’t think we know enough about this to be certain of who is in control of any process of revelation. Obviously the visitors have not been willing to reveal themselves, if that is indeed even possible, anymore than they have so far. So I doubt that the government can do more than they can or are willing to. But the fact that the UFO phenomenon has become more concrete since 2017 does suggest to me that things may open up more. But I do AGREE that the ultimate decisions must be being made not by us but by them.

      1. Whitley, to me your observations have always been pretty spot on. In Communion, you had written… “Or maybe it was known even then that this rich treasure would eventually be open to me, because the whole experience had been designed in detail by insightful minds engaged in a slow process of acclimatizing humanity to their presence.”

        Perhaps we have yet to properly acclimatize.

        …:::tippin’ my hat:::…

  5. if you want to understand Revelations please know that one must study it in the origianl language. As a Buddhist, you need to know that compassion- boddhissatva is not synonomous with Buddhahood- that is chocolate which is not like an other food- Buddhahood is described by well, sweet like or salty like or important with protein like- but it is its own individual own- and I chant Nam MyoHo Renge Kyo to experience the language of Buddhas.

  6. What I mean is tha “Compassion is INFORMED by your Buddhahood! All life conditions are present in every other life condition.

  7. YOUR freedom, Mr. Dolan stops where your breath comes out- I see no pretext is needed to create
    oppression. Your full of BS here and you are restricting my freedom because I cannot move freely and safely due to Corona- well are you going to undo the rest of the vaccinations? this is the wrong view- glad to know where you stand and the security is awful and part of a horror work on that- they are not one and the same. Michael Moore has brought to light recently how much trust has been lost in the government due to 9/11 and this fuels the vaccine hesitancy. the trump admin let it run and applied no knowledge which was available to control a virus.- but we simply need to STOP transmission of the virus – it is infection control. I am currently poor and poor persons are suffering more in the pandemic and persons of means like your self are not. You are in a position to talk like this- I am not.

    1. I agree 100%. I don’t listen to him anymore because of his political opinions. What does this have to do with the alien/ufo phenomena? He’s downplayed Jan. 6th as a tiff and apparently thinks public health is optional. Just another idiot with a big mouth using this subject to spout opinion.

  8. During her near death experience ( ), Renee Pasarow was told, before she herself was a Bahá’í, that all around the world the Baha’is and others who are also working for world unity, peace and harmony are called “the people of the Just”… great show, you should make it a special feature on The Observers DVD! I think l the events in the book of Revelation might have all already happened by the end of the 1800s or even earlier, since the Christ returned in 1844 CE (just as the Millerites said He would but not in the place or way they thought He would). Instead it all began in 1844, but in Shiraz, Persia…).

  9. I agree with you. I don’t think under Dolan understands what freedom is. Without a basic respect for community, one person’s freedom is always going to be another person’s captivity.

    The anti-vaxxers restrict all freedom, including their own, by making the world more dangerous for us all.

    I have to say that I loved the way Whitley drew him out so that we could understand what he wanted to say. It was an expert job of revelation.

  10. Author

    Let’s not forget that Mr. Dolan is one of five people in that group and the rest of don’t talk politics. I wish he hadn’t either. I think that the people researching this material should keep their politics out of it because it has nothing to do with the research. So please don’t get stuck on just that one interview. There is gold in that show.

    1. Your right. Love the Jimmy Church segment. Always great info. when you guys talk. I look forward to the day when Lou comes on Dreamland. I think most everyone suspects that its not personal, and that its more the taboo subject of abduction that just can’t be discussed out loud yet. Maybe 2022 is the year that some faction of the government acknowledges the unmentionable. I also hope 22′ is when the other side of this mystery decides to open their part of the multi-key lock.

    2. yes, thank you and the exposure of this thinking is important because, for example, there would be no need of mandates if there was voluntary isolation like I have been doing and I am now so overwhelmed at the continuing of things. I do not think of it as losing freedom- I think of it as cooperation- a game we have forgotten how to play- and yes, Whitley there is gold in that interview- to bee sure! I must remove myself for a bit and delete some e-mail accdounts- get simpler- and I may have to pull off for a while- but I will soon be back and thank you for a wonderful year of work on behalf of humanity. You were very excellent how you did not react to Mr. Dolan and gave it a little redirect. I am always learning from you. What an amazing product is the whole result. I want to send you love, Whitley as I know you are missing your wife at this time- but please let your strong life force prevail. It is your mission to be here and the other will come soon enough- so take care and enjoy yourself as much as you can. Sending prayers for the entire Unknown Country Community and especially those who worked so hard to participate on “Observers”including Mr. Dolan, of course. We just need a strategy to follow and the pandemic can end much more quickly- It is teaching US THAT THINGS MUST CHANGE AND THE PARADIGM OF NON-COOPERATION AND NOT CARING FOR OTHERS MUST CHANGE FOR US TO SURVIVE. Through cooperation we can move quickly to a solution and if the Visitors care that we are say- non nuclear- surely they care that we cannot cooperate enough to get rid of a virus. Yah? We must do that human revolution which says- change your ways- think of others and the planet. Happy Holidays-enjoy the scent of a pine tree outside perhaps- if you are not in pine country- put on the snow jazz music on you tube. it is simple.

  11. Merry Christmas everyone from a little village deep in the English countryside.


  12. Much wisdom among the guests, especially William Henry and Richard Dolan and I enjoyed them all. Thank you, Whitley for the great program!

    1. Thank you for the link to this beautiful article, Carollee!! Amazing and wonderful truth, every word.

    1. I watched it over the weekend. A nice change being funny and poignant together. Everything seems entertainment based anymore whether its science, politics or religion. We have to get past being the viewing audience and realize we may be victims too if we don’t wake up.

  13. Its a public health issue- not an imposition on your freedoms. Get this f**king Dolan guy out of here.

    Revisit 1918 , the masks come off when the virus retreats.. simple.

    William Henry was great!

  14. Author

    I recently read The Great Influenza about the 1918 pandemic, and there were exactly the same sort of mask protests then as now. They made as little sense then as now, too.

    I agree with Richard that people should have all the freedom possible, as I say in the show, but not that we should be free to risk our own lives and the lives of others for no good reason.

    1. When I worked in public health, I gave a series of presentations to various fire departments/EMS in our county about immunizations for their people, and many were resistant—at first. Covering the big flu pandemic of 1918, in detail, turned many of them around, along with other facts about totally preventable, dangerous, contagious diseases such as measles. I also emphasized how they could also be compromising their children and other family members if they weren’t vigilant. Three of the fire departments implemented immunization policies thereafter. That was over 5 years ago, and in light of what’s going on now, of all the things I have done professionally (including as a professional banker), this was the most challenging and rewarding.

    2. Yes and I apologize for my F-note yesterday. I have PTSD from all our ER work during this pandemic, anger from selfish choices made by people for whom my colleagues have gotten very sick and some died.
      Apologies community!

      1. I have friends that are nurses, and my partner worked at a mental health facility, so I hear you. It’s really sad that so many are sacrificing so that others may be ‘free’. (At liberty?) But isn’t that the way of the world? It doesn’t have to be that way…

        For years we wondered why my grandfather had so few family members, until my aunt found some old letters after my grandfather died. They were between my great-grandmother and her in-laws, and they discussed something that was spreading like wildfire and killing people quickly in 1917. This was before soldiers began dying of influenza in Kansas in March, 1918. It has also been called the ‘Spanish Flu’, although they really don’t know where the virus originated. It killed millions. It was real, and it faded from memory rather quickly, except in public health, which is also chronically underfunded.

  15. Author

    One of the strangest things about that epidemic was the fact that it was so completely forgotten by the public. The death rate was so high that most people either lost family or friends. And yet, a year or so after it happened, it was as if it hadn’t even occurred.

    I guess it was trauma that caused people to just put it behind them.

  16. Richard Dolan is a truth teller of integrity, unbought, knows the deep state well enough to recognize it’s fingerprints, something sadly not enough people seem to be able to do of late.

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