A four hour 2-week Dreamland extravaganza. The show is posted in full for both subscribers and non-subscribers. This is a huge program covering many topics. It is divided into two parts and all the guests appear at the times listed below.

If you are using a mobile device with 16GB or less, you may not be able to download or listen to the whole show without the stream stopping or the download freezing. If so, try downloading through an app such as Filer or go to our YouTube channel, Youtube.com/user/wstrieber and listen from there. On YouTube, the show is divided into 2 parts. Here it is presented as a single program.
Guest Start Times:

1ST HALF OF SHOW: 0:00:00

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Please note that the free stream on this week’s show is not working. The free version of the show can be downloaded. The subscriber versions are working normally.

This week we present a vintage Dreamland from 2002: William Henry on the Ark of the Christos–Prophecies of the Return of Planet X. Now that we know that there actually is a rogue planet out there somewhere beyond the edge of the solar system, this show has taken on new significance. So listen to what William Henry said in 2002, and speculate on what it might mean NOW.
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