Preston Dennett’s Wondrous is one of the most compelling and well-researched books about close encounters to have been published in a long, long time. With 35 years of research experience behind him, Preston brings true expertise to the work he does in this difficult field. Listen (and watch) as he touches on just a few of the compelling cases in this powerful book. You will hear about people who work WITH the visitors, some of them actually living with them, about a 14 year old boy who has an implant verified by dental records and the ultra-high strangeness connected with it, about a therapist who had strange symbols appearing on her skin–who didn’t understand what they were until she opened a book and found them there! That book was Budd Hopkins’ Intruders.

As the UFO phenomenon becomes more accepted, the fact that they are not simply objects floating around in the sky, but rather that they are here for us and are about us must be faced. The close encounter phenomenon, while still remaining very mysterious, has taken on a new significance. Why ARE they here? What is their interest in us?

Delve into the mystery with Preston and Whitley!

Whitley mentions an incredible interview he did  last year with close encounter witness “Dolly” who was introduced to him by Preston. Subscribers can listen to that stunner by clicking here.

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  1. Thank you Whitley and Preston for a show filled with many new stories of encounters. I loved the seriousness interwoven with humor. It made it easy to absorb the details.
    My aha moment came when Whitley spoke of missing time while in kitchen and loosing power. Two weeks ago I walked into the kitchen hungry for lunch. I opened the refrigerator and saw that power went out. I stood there for not sure how long, then walked into bedroom to check fan. It was on. I walked back to kitchen and power was back. It just felt really odd and everything had turned black for a bit,and it was a sunny day. I kept thinking something was off. I have no recollections of being abducted but I have seen UFO’s and also have had strange things happen. Just another weird thing lol.

  2. Preston is always one of my favourite guests.

    I had never heard before that children were ’employed’ as helpers…which I found interesting, as when I was given the chance to fly a UFO in a ‘dream’, I was surprised to see a young boy, maybe 11 or 12 sat on the floor at the back of the UFO, chilling out in silence.

  3. Are they taking memories or consuming them? I do not know, but I want to propose an alternative possibility: They are pulling a person through a ‘life review’ which they will face when they die and the book of thier life is opened in the light and when nothing can be hidden. In some cases this may be traumatic enough for a person to lose conscious access to some part of life filled with trauma or regret/guilt. The intent would seem to be to awaken the person and allow them to live going forward in a new way (with humility, compassion, and love).

    1. I think this is a very possible motive of some abductions. If it isn’t an outright motive, at least a beneficial and necessary side effect. It is an unavoidable part of real initiatic journey.
      Reminds me of Anne’s story on return from her NDE where she observed all the people coming and going from the buss station(?) carrying all the luggage/baggage with them.

    2. You know, Ive been mulling that subject over and over since I heard it mentioned. Taking little bits of your soul(figuratively) just to consume the “emotion.”
      And I figured old age would have something to do with it, but Ive got a swath of years that I have forgotten. A friend of mine asked me once if I even remember being a child. Only fragments. He would tell me he remembered being a child. Old age does that to ya… but now… After listening to Mike’s show, I started wondering…. did we make a deal to have low hanging emotional fruit? This reminds me of the crop formation….The warning about being deceived for “gifts.” I just dont know.
      3 card Monty

    3. Sunbow, I really appreciate your insight here…your perception resonates with the little crumbs of ‘facts’ scattered about in the realm of Contact phenomena. If you listen to some of Preston’s videos he discusses friends and family that after death are stuck in a sort of ‘holding’ place: being healed, assisted and worked on in that level of afterlife. I think there is a connection where some ET’s are assisting almost like midwives, for a Soul’s re-birth cycle.

  4. Greetings folks! Preston Dennett.. *2 thumbs up
    Firstly, wow.
    Nature spirits: YES.
    Time travel: YES
    Reality shifting: YES
    Sentient ships: YES
    Spirit transport & use: YES
    I had a thought, & I’ll try to keep it simple:
    The Procreation Room: WHAT IF…creating humans outside the influence of the Earth… can you keep the “container” spirit free to replace the little grey suit? Or…. maybe its a matter of creating seedlings to plant in a new bare patch. DNA manipulation? Cant talk about it? Hmmm.
    Gobekli Tepe

    1. Sounds silly, but its not cloning. I just had a thought…WHAT IF ….the procreation room, making children … its not about stealing memories, but getting in the clay jar and “experiencing” what has long been lost. They are us & we are them. WHAT IF …. “they” are humankind steps past the light body.
      Heres the plot hole: Higher self records this stuff… collects it, right? That creates NEW questions.
      Walk a mile in my shoes.

  5. I enjoy Preston Dennett’s Dreamland interviews.

    Several stories he tells are of an abductee waking up during the episode and the ensuing conversation between abductee and the others involved commonly includes the question “What are you all doing to or with us? What is all this about?”. The answer is “I’m not allowed to tell you.”

    I wonder who or what exactly is forbidding them from telling us what is going on?

  6. Fun and wondrous, indeed. A bit of kismet for me after a week dealing with a painful sinus infection and then there is mention of … sinus stuff and eye allergies!
    It is too bad that this phenomenon is not all lighthearted and amusing. There is a dark side to this and we must always remember that. ‘Some are helping us, some are using us.’ Tread carefully. Some folks aren’t so lucky to wake up next to an amorous intermediary.

  7. preston-i enjoy your work and buy your books but-for god’s sake man get a fucking editor! too many typos and ridiculously overlooked errors

  8. Still learning new things of all things extraterrestrial and mysterious. Thank you for such a great interview with Preston Dennett!

  9. Ok, I’m just listening to this now because I had a “dream” last night in which the name Preston Dennett kept coming up. The day before, I lost 22 minutes. I was waiting to take our daughter to play with friends, so I’m keeping an eye on the clock. I look down at my phone, look up and 22 minutes have passed. I don’t mind the lost time, I don’t think it’s lost, I just don’t remember it. I wonder what happened?

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