One of the great secrets of the whole UFO/UAP phenomenon is the effect that it has on military personnel who are involved in sightings and close encounters. If they become interested in what they have encountered and start to inquire about it and do research, then it will often become interested in them. Matthew Roberts was a cryptographer aboard the USS Roosevelt when the “Gimbal” incident took place in 2015. While this led to the first-ever declassified footage of a UAP, it also led Matthew on an extraordinary journey. His book “Initiated” is a chronicle of that journey.

It delves deep into Greek myth and the ancient meaning of initiation as an overturning of a person’s whole understanding of life. In this interview, Whitley, having been initiated himself, compares noted with Matthew as no other interviewer can. For example, when Matthew says that he feels that the incident was somehow intended for him specifically, Whitley understand exactly what he means and offers unique insight.

There is no other program in the world like Dreamland, and this show is a perfect example of it’s absolute uniqueness. Listen and Whitley, Matthew and long-standing close encounter witness Terry Lovelace get together to compare notes. You will not hear anything even remotely like this anywhere else.

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  1. Beyond brilliant and amazing show. Start to finish. Easily one of the best Dreamlands, ever.
    About a half dozen major synchronicities in my life, since about November of last year, relating to this show, and the previous one about the Trinity crash. I mention just one over on the message board. The Kybalion.
    Thank you so much, Matthew, Terry, and Whitley.

  2. This interview went in the right direction…

    A few days ago, I met a young woman who was new to me. I may never see her again, but she now knows how to reach me in the future. Our conversation took an interesting turn, and soon she was telling me things that had happened to her that were what we talk about here. By the time she left, she told me, “I can’t believe that I just told you things that have happened to me that I have never told anyone!”.

    She wasn’t the first who had told me the same. Now she feels a lot less crazy, and also empowered to know that there are others out there like herself. There are so, so many people who stay closed off about these things, and the more people share, the better. That’s what ‘they’ want. In my head a few days ago I heard the words, “We want to help you, so that you can also help us.”

    It’ about communication and sharing. It’s about ‘Communion’.

    1. Greetings again, Cosmic.
      I havent listened yet, but was reading the comments. So…WHAT IF …experiencers on some level recognize each other. Synchronicity 2. First green tablets, now a stranger tells you her stories and says I dont know why Im telling you.
      I was at the dentist several weeks ago. Had a new hygenist.(sp). We were working on rapport. Next thing I know, Im telling her MY stories. AND, I actually said, I dont know why Im telling you these things. She was just listing off my “gifts” as I explained each story. So weird… so comfortable.
      Meh. Thought I’d share… maybe a pattern will form.
      gobekli tepe

  3. “I am nothing save a fragment to be burned and consumed. I alone am as nothing.” This sounds absolutely alchemical. Look up the terms “caput mortuum” and “nigredo”. Pay particular attention to the Jungian interpretation of nigredo.

  4. The start of my sightings made me Cry well I wept. I’ve become a vegetarian probably on my way to veganism and become more conscientious. I have a respect for all living things because of my experiences . Incidentally I’ve not listened to this interview yet so it will be interesting to hear the similarities if any. Thanks ❤

  5. Sorry to have to point out an issue with syntax, “A intelligence officer…” correct usage “An intelligence officer”

  6. Did anyone make a note of the books/book authors mentioned? Cabalerean or something? Yogi publishing or something?

    1. Actually, I think it was “Kolyabahaion” 🙂

      Seriously though, it is The Kybalion. Mentioned it in my first comment here, and also made a thread for it over on the message board.

    2. The Kybalion by The Three Initiates
      Cold Play — something about ‘Week-end’ (mentions Angels)
      Cia – Titanium
      Imagine Dragon – Whatever It Takes

      This is what I heard – maybe someone has already sent you the right info. But, this should be close enough to find.

        1. That Alan Watts video is so lovely. Thanks for that link, Cosmic. (The official video for Sia – Titanium is really good, too)

          I’d also highly recommend checking out the full version of Rilke’s Second Elegy, which Whitley reads from at the end of the interview ~

          “Lovers might, if they only understood, speak awe-inspiring
          words to the night air. For it seems that everything wants
          to hide us away. Look around, the trees exist, the houses
          we inhabit are still standing firm. It’s only we
          who let it all go by like some weightless exchange of breath.
          And everything agrees not to speak of us, half out
          of shame, maybe, and half out of ineffable hope.”

          And for sure, check out the nigredo reference Vinny mentions above.

          I definitely will be buying Matthew’s book.

  7. Author

    We were unable to provide video last week or this week. We should return to regular video next week.

  8. This was such a fascinating show. Thank you so much to Matthew, Terry and Whitley! One of Matthew’s comments made me laugh because I have the very same opinion as he does about more introverted types of people having these kinds of experiences/initiations and more extroverted types perhaps not even believing in such things!

    Something that I found a bit disturbing about this audio is that on at least 2 occasions while Matthew was speaking, the audio surged forward and there was a high-pitched male voice speaking very loud and rapidly over what Matthew was saying. It was unintelligible and I wonder if anyone else heard it? It’s really clear and unmistakable. I want to listen to the program in its entirety again, because I want to see if it was before or after Matthew mentioned the little bearded man. It sounds like it could be his voice. There were other very loud background noises too that were out of the ordinary. Just curious to know if anyone else heard any or all of this?

    Also, I’d love to read some of the books Matthew mentioned. In the future, it might be really helpful if you could include those book titles and authors mentioned by the guest(s) in links for us Whitley. Again, thank you so much!

    1. Author

      The video did not work and we are very lucky to have any audio at all. It took a sound editor two weeks to reconstitute the audio. We couldn’t do anything with the video. The show was somehow interfered with, pure and simple.

  9. Channeled messages are not all about giving information. There is a lot of figure it out yourself, use your intuition, and do the work.

  10. The Sighting opened him up. Synchronicity is a natural part of our spiritual beings. The only connection is the release of an outdated world view potentiated by the sighting. The ‘visitors’ should not be confused with the workings of the Sentient Universe, the Spirit Source, which is our birthright. The human form is very ancient and powerful, even when conditioned by the false religion of philosophical materialism, the true nature of our beings is innate. Some people wake up from a NDE or OBE or other ‘mind blowing’ experience. Being open is the key, but the trigger that opens is not creating everything paranormal after that – we are by nature super-para-normal luminous beings.

  11. Coldplay lyrics telling you what to do. Come on people, step outside the bubble for a minute, you can do better than this.

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