Experiencer and UFO videographer John Martin returns with his first book, The Universe Loves You. He goes more deeply than before into his relationship with Jimmy Carter and the president’s views on UFOs, then discusses the difficult time the military has had with contact compared with what is happening withread more

Now that the fact that the US government has been studying intact UFOs and materials for 80 years has been revealed, what happens next? There is a gigantic social issue involved: they have been lying to everybody, including our most distinguished academics and scientists, our allies, religious leaders and theread more

Dr Garry Nolan is an immunologist, researcher and inventor, and a professor at Stanford University of Medicine. He is best known within the close encounter community for his work researching the brain structure of experiencers. In this breakthrough interview, he talks in depth for the first time about his ownread more

Charles Upton joins Whitley on Dreamland to discuss his latest book, Alien Disclosure Deception: the Metaphysics of Social Engineering. He is a Sufi Muslim, poet and long-term student of metaphysics, who is not afraid to dive deep into an exploration of the origin of the close encounter phenomena, which hasread more