Dreamland this week: Dr. Irena McCammon Scott uses her great knowledge and expertise to explain to us the why of UFO secrecy dating back from 1947, then goes on to discuss the explosive reason that the recently released Threat Assessment happened now, and what it means for the future of disclosure, our understanding of the universe and mankind itself.

As a Defense Intelligence Agency photograph specialist with a GS-11 educational level and an above top secret coded security clearance, Dr. Scott has had access to many restricted areas and unusual information. In this interview, she tells us about the original reason that General Hoyt Vandenberg decided that the entire UFO matter should be kept secret, explains the “Pentacle Memo” and the hidden role of the Battelle Memorial Institute, and then goes into the WHY of the just-released Threat Assessment. Why is the word “threat” used? Is this really the beginning of more disclosure?

Listen as Irena offers much-needed insight into what is happening right now and why!

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  1. Is this “I. Chase Scott?” If so, I met her many, many years ago – back in the ’90s in either Cleveland or Columbus, Ohio – when I bought her book, God Is a Woman. I had forgotten all about it until I clicked on her website through the link provided above. Wow! How did I not notice her until now? I’m stunned!

  2. I just downloaded three other episodes of Dreamland with this guest (Irena McCammon Scott) and, as I’ve been doing for years, imported the MP3s into iTunes so that I can copy them to my iPod. Dr. Scott’s Feb. 1, 2019 episode is titled “䥲敮愠卣潴琠䅢潶攠呯瀠卥捲整⁉湳楤敲⁗敥欠” when it appears in my iTunes library. (I rename that field to reflect the guest’s name, date, and show title so that it looks like this: Irena McCammon Scott – Feb 01 2019 – Dreamland.) When I put those characters into Google Translate it indicates it is Chinese for “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

    1. Yeah, I’m sure I’d trust that, to be honest… For example, if you remove the last three characters, it translates as “Click here to download”.

  3. Oh my word, that was tedious to listen to…although I’m glad I made it through the first half hour, as Dr. Irena Scott’s experiences after that were very interesting.

    A couple of things came to mind. The first was the small tictac or losinge type object in her bedroom and its apparent small size, reminds of a description of what happens when an object in a higher dimension is projected into a lower dimension. For example, if you lived in a two dimensional flat-land and someone moved a sphere through your plane, you would perceive it as a small circle that grows in size, to a maximum, then diminishes until it disappears again. So, those in a higher dimension could choose when, and to what degree, they wanted to interjected into this reality…and with ease, I suspect.

    The second thing that came to mind was the poltergeist activity Dr. Scott reported…I wonder how easy it would be to convince someone of there being that kind of thing going on, if the perpetrator had in their possession an invisibility suit?

  4. Not my favorite quest. I couldn’t make it through. She just didn’t seem like she said much. I can believe she was a government employee that had a high security clearance

  5. SO, HERE IS CROP CIRCLE #11. When I looked at it I understood it as a watch/timepiece BUT WITH FOUR HANDS? Is anyone out there experiencing any sort of time related incidents that seem strange/OUT OF THE ORDINARY? I would love to hear about it on a post. IS THERE SOMETHING WE ARE SIMPLY NOT UNDERSTANDING ABOUT TIME?

    This crop circle is so simple yet I wept when I saw it.


    Crop Circle at Ridge Way, Nr Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire. Reported 5th July   2021 (cropcircleconnector.com)

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    1. I do not see a timepiece. I see the four directions, and more…They merge in the middle and go to infinity.

      1. That’s the first thing that came to my mind too.
        The circle cross as four directions. However, I couldn’t find anywhere in the link where they stated how it was actually oriented.

        1. Looking at the YouTube video, I’m pretty sure I have located exactly (the field) where that formation was located.

          Here are the coordinates: 51.4777476, -1.8112170

          It is not too far away (800 metres NE) from the Hackpen White Horse chalk formation.

          Regarding its orientation, it is not easy to be exact but it looks pretty close to N, E, S, W… Which by my estimation would make the South part of the formation point directly to Salisbury, Solihull directly to the North and London directly to the East.

          1. So, maybe the formation is indicating the direction and intersection of ley lines?

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