Last week, we listened as Preston Dennett described his new book Onboard UFO Encounters. Two of the most extraordinary cases were those of Dolly and Lynette. So, this week Whitley interviews them both in this special 2 hour edition of Dreamland, and it is riveting, unforgettable stuff. Anybody who could come away from this thinking for one second that Dolly and Lynette are either delusional or making their stories up has a tin ear when it comes to knowing whether or not a person is telling the truth.

For this special event, Dreamland’s free listeners get the full show.

First up is Dolly, who, like Whitley and so many other close encounter witnesses, had a relative in the military. Not only that, around age 8, she also began having Secret School experiences. Her contacts continued into adulthood, and her story, told here very frankly, is powerful listening indeed.

Like so many witnesses, our next interviewee, Lynette, also had encounters from an early age. She experienced a disappearing pregnancy, and in this haunting interview, she and Whitley go very deep into how they miss the children they feel have been taken from them.

This whole show is unforgettable–by turns fascinating, uplifting and heartbreaking. Don’t miss a single word of the powerful testaments of these two close encounter witnesses.

Read Onboard UFO Encounters now–click here to order. Visit Preston Dennett on his website. Click here.

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  1. What is with the static interruptions, sound quality had declined for the last month

    1. Author

      There is nothing wrong with our files, but we are hearing glitches, too. I think it is either our audio service provider or problems due high internet traffic.

  2. Would love to read or listen to more knowledge and words by Dolly! Does she have a website? Or other interviews, in addition to the book?

  3. Author

    I will ask her. I’ve invited them both to join us in chat on Wednesday.

  4. What perfect timing from my perspective, as Preston’s book was delivered today. I’m only three quarters the way through the interviews but my word, they are fascinating. I wonder whether Dolly has written down what she has learned? If she has, I would love to read it…and if she hasn’t, I wonder whether that knowledge was only meant for her. I loved the bit were she was talking about asking Source a question… I need to start doing that again. And Lynette just mentioned in passing, that the friends of her children would come round to watch her bend spoons… oh my word. Please have them both back on again, as I think this has only slightly scratched the surface of their experience and knowledge. I thought it best to stop listening just after the owl stuff, as I don’t want to be going to bed thinking about the less pleasant sides of this!

  5. Great pair of interviews. So much information to digest. It also reaffirms my suspicion that the CE experience is so complex and deep that much if not most of it cannot be adequately articulated. The phenomena of pregnancies and children is such a disturbing element to all this that it makes me shudder. How can we put faith into their motives when such an insidious thing occurs? I can’t imagine going through such a traumatic experience, yet it appears to me that the visitors see it in a different light. Then again, I could imagine what could go through the conscious minds of other animals when they see us humans conducting atrocities in their eyes.

  6. I feel compelled to say – even though this is a very public place to post it – that i had a similar experience; a child that was taken, when I was 36 years old. I heard and felt both your tears at the end there. I cried too remembering what happened to me. I have one daughter and when she was nearly two, I was pregnant for a little over three months and then the fetus disappeared! GONE. Yes, possibly my body absorbed it, but even my doctor seemed rattled about it, she said that it was unusual. I hadn’t miscarried. There was no bleeding at all. I went in for an ultrasound check, my body was still technically pregnant and I still had the placenta, etc but the baby was simply gone. I had to have a DNC surgery to remove the placenta. I had no idea at the time what had happened, it was only later upon reflection that I realized the baby had been taken. I have another incident which is even more difficult to share publicly but I share it in the hopes that it brings light to those who may have gone through a similar experience. When I was in my mid twenties, impoverished, and in a precarious situation in my life, I became pregnant and I had an abortion at 7 weeks of pregnancy. I had a dream the week of the abortion while I was still pregnant that I saw this baby, it was a boy and he spoke to me and said he forgave me and I said goodbye to him. The whole thing left me heart broken and full of regrets for years. Well, when my daughter was 11 years old, we moved from Missouri to Oregon and in Oregon we met this boy who was the same age as my daughter. It was him! I had been an atheist for years and years and didn’t believe in anything; certainly not reincarnation. This boy in Oregon was my son that I had aborted. The timeline; I had that abortion when I was 25 years old, I gave birth to my daughter when I was 35 and the missing baby was when I was 36. This was the baby from the abortion, not the missing baby and he had been born to another family in Oregon the same year that my daughter was born. He became and still is a brother to my daughter. He thinks of me as his mom and I was able to help him through his teenage years. This really did my head in as had a lot of regrets about the abortion and if I could go back to my younger self I would have had the child. But the spirit that was going to be my child was born to someone else and then we met again and I was able to be a mom to him when he needed me. As for my missing child from when I was 35, I think he is still out there somewhere. After I listened to Dreamland I came across this video and it just kind of summed it all up for me.–wYVwSQtxJf1vDEigS_dK65T5eyHJYbxwOVnV-DLkJNJnTRa_Eruo

    1. Irish, your heartfelt comments warm me, and the video is one I’ll return to often. I’m grateful for your decision to open this part of your life to us. I wept at the end of the interview along with those two – and unknowingly with you and no doubt others. I did not feel sad, but it came from a very deep place. A long time ago, as a married woman of 36 with a son 3 ½ and a daughter age 1, I found myself pregnant, when abortions had just been legalized. I earnestly believe they must be a woman’s choice, but I also would have given a lot if they had been illegal just then. I was so wretched over making that choice. I desperately wanted to keep the baby, yet also desperately feared for whatever well-being might still be possible for our dysfunctional family if we had one more child. I considered abortion very different from murder, but I also didn’t hide from the fact that it was killing. Knowing only what I knew then, not now, I struggled mightily for the short time available before the decision-time vanished, taking care to get adequate nutrition for the unborn one (is that irony or not), and wept all the way through the procedure. My husband was very patient and considerate, but also grateful not to have another child. During the days of grief directly afterwards, I was deeply moved and comforted by the tangible sense that the baby was now like a parent watching over me, our roles reversed. I didn’t argue pros and cons as to whether that was possible. It wasn’t part of my beliefs then. I just accepted it gratefully, knowing that he was all right. I’ve always somehow hung on to that, and never questioned it. Like it was off limits. And I thought maybe he had come to help me, as I had forgotten all about having a purpose of any kind. This event marked a clear turning point in my life direction, that continues to unfold in its effect. Your meeting your son – born to other parents – totally surprised me. I’d never thought of it. Now I am thinking of it. I am so moved that you loved enough that you found him and could be a mom to him when he needed you. I can’t even imagine the other experience, of having a fetus being taken from you. Thanks again for sharing and for your special, strong, loving nature.

  7. Author

    We’ve restored the file and it’s running again. If this happens again, we’ll move it to another server.

  8. Since a theme of this talk is the virtue of truthfulness, here’s my favorite quote about that: “Truthfulness is the foundation of all human virtues. Without truthfulness, progress and success, in all the worlds of God, are impossible for any soul. When this holy attribute is established in man, all the divine qualities will also be acquired” (‘Abdu’l-Bahá).

  9. I listened to Dolly and still listening to Lynette. Dolly gave an earth changes reason for our warming planet. Of course you say the visitors acknowledge that climate change is real and I assumed that we are the cause.

    This drives me mad. Can it be both? especially while one says the other, anthropogenic isn’t real. I followed and was involved with Zeta Talk for a while and of course nothing ever happened and frankly Nancy was just dead wrong on some things. She also advocated earth changes induced climate change. Any idea how to reconcile this? Is this just another enigma we can’t understand?

    1. While given just the basic facts, one might assume that there could be multiple causes behind global warming, however the concept of this being a natural phenomenon falls through as none of these proposed alternative causes is either occurring, or could happen in the first place.

      I do not say this dismissively either: as the story editor for this website and a lifelong UFO enthusiast, I’m loath to simply dismiss any concept out of hand, so when I see an alternative explanation being presented, I see it as a question, and research it as such.

      I won’t get into the myriad alternatives that have been presented over the years, but suffice it to say that my investigation of them has consistently reinforced, at least to me, the fact that an anthropocentric cause behind global warming is the only scenario that fits the present facts.

      In my experience, I’ve found that some experiencers, regardless of stripe, get a little full of themselves and start to impose their own beliefs on the phenomenon that’s part of their lives, or in more advanced cases the phenomenon starts feeding them false information altogether, in an attempt to provoke a bit of humility in them. I haven’t had a chance to listen to the interview yet, but on the surface it sounds like Dolly’s fallen victim to the former.

      But also beware of throwing the baby out with the bathwater: simply because a given source might be wrong about one thing doesn’t mean that there’s no value in other insights that they have to offer.

  10. Thanks, well thought out response Matthew. I don’t want to be critical but I’m also a little skeptical of experiencers who seem to have definite answers. Nobody really know whats going on.

    I always suspected Nancy of Zetalk was influenced by the government/military abductors and was funneled specific information to disseminate. She also said that earth changes/mantle heating up was the cause of climate change.

    1. Thanks Stan, and I get what you mean regarding the offering of definite answers. For me, preachyness in particular is a red flag; sermonizing, even if it’s about something that I agree with, tends to be a turn-off for me.

      If someone confronts you with the idea that global warming’s excess heat is coming from the Earth’s interior, you can explain it to them this way (from a response I posted addressing the topic from a few months ago):

      The interior of the planet is not heating up; it is, in fact, slowly cooling, and there is no known mechanism for extra energy of that magnitude to be introduced into the Earth’s interior without that energy having to first pass through the atmosphere–meaning the atmosphere (and the hydrosphere) would be boiled away long before the ground could impart any meaningful amount of heat back into the air.

      The Earth’s interior only accounts for 0.03% of the planet’s energy budget at the surface, with the other 99.97% coming almost entirely from the Sun. Geothermal heat would have to have increased by roughly 2,000% over the last few decades for it to account for the 1°C increase that’s currently being observed, and you can bet your bippy that geologists would be screaming blue bloody murder if something that drastic were to be happening to the planet.

      1. Listening to this podcast made me think of my favorite X-files episode. It was Jose Chung from Outer Space. It starred Charles Nelson Riley, Jesse Ventura and Alex Trebek. It kinda wraps up this whole mysterious phenomena for me, as it explores the multiple layers to this thing! If you haven’t seen please do, I think it was fantastic.

  11. As a therapist, I listen to all the messages contactees offer through humanistic ears. I am impressed and sorrowed by the trauma both these women have experienced even to this day. I’ve listened to experiencers reporting that the extraterestrials tell us how badly we are doing, that we’re destructive, selfish etc. I don’t recall a message when the et’s reported that we are doing anything right at all, ever. We are always heading for a brick wall and it’s our fault. We’re ruining the environment, we’re spiritually deficit, we’re good brood mares, etc. We live in a shame based society and see ourselves through that lense. We are almost constantly shamed by the et’s, informed that unless we create some truthfully impossible miracle we will destroy everything. I can’t remember a story where a visitor said, ” you did well, there.” Maybe this is the nature of how we hear things because we are shame-based. But, it’s hard to respond from love and positivity when you’re told you never do anything right. I wonder if this is supposed to be helpful or if there’s an agenda to hold us down? After all, we know children flourish with positive parenting. These women seemed to have dark messages and to Whitley’s credit, he seemed to gently shut them down before they fully passed these on. What we need is support, hope, love and positive motivation, just like the children we obviously are. I love my planet, animals and innocence. Which of these et’s have recognized this positive factor in our nature? While I find these contactees interesting, I have to distance myself from the nuclear winter they assure us will happen because we are what we can’t not be. If we are that immature it seems irresponsible that the visitors should leave us to our own devices to ruin everything.

    1. Last night, my mind would not shut off… I found myself going through scenarios, where I was talking to a previous teacher from school that I really disliked. I was trying to make him understand that his approach of ‘all stick and no carrot’ was counterproductive. I have no idea why my mind chose that to chew on but I would absolutely agree that just focusing on how badly we are doing, does not seem to be the best way to engender a positive attitude, or to nurture a love for our planet and each other. Are we doing so badly that tough-love is the only approach?

    2. Author

      One of the characteristics of close encounter is coming away with dire predictions. This happened to me at first. I saw the moon exploding, the world going up in flames and a number of other things similarly dire.

      As I have learned more about the experience, I have come to think that the fundamental mismatch between us and the visitors might have something to do with the way our nervous systems process the perception of time. It took me many years to reach a point that I did not feel a sort of implosion of self when they came near me, as if I was being drawn out of my place in reality. But I couldn’t actually understand what was happening. Literally, when they came near, reality ceased to make sense.

      This causes devastating fear, and the mind immediately begins to construct reasons for the fear, but because it doesn’t understand, I think that it draws forth things from the imagination–but also perhaps from their minds, insofar as it perceives what they are trying to communicate–and forms these as what seem to the perceiver to be memories of the communication.

      What we are hearing, then, is not what they may or may not be saying, but our perceptions as altered by the sense of annihilating terror we are experiencing. Basically, it is a type of fear so great that we have no descriptions of it in the science of the mind, as we never experience it among ourselves.

      It is not possible to “get past” this fear. You have to live with it and accept it as part of you. But once you live with it, things do change.

      For example, I know, now, that the visitors think we have design problems that have led us to over-populate the planet. If they had a hand in our design, and I think that’s possible, they are probably trying to correct it, and I would not be surprised that, seeing their mistake, they might have a whole range of emotions in response. They might seek to blame us in order not to have to blame themselves. But deep down, they would feel regret and possibly also compassion, and that might make them even more negative, as it can do in the human psyche.

      If they are not responsible for us but find themselves watching us falter and being unable to get through to us because of the disconnects I mention above, then they are going to be frustrated, and that frustration is going to appear much as it does.

      I have become very close to them, to be perfectly frank. Although I still cannot say with certainty what they are, they are certainly here and if they are an aspect of us, then we have no idea what WE are, that’s for sure!

      For example, when I read you message, Miastella, there was an immediate reaction. The implant turned on. Words began racing through it. I sensed urgency. But I let it all settle in before I put pen to paper.

      During my three o’clock meditation, what I have written here became organized. Then, at six, they wanted to communicate again. They wanted to be sure this would come out right. I did not arise from the bed, but I did take my attention out of my mind with the sensing exercise, in order to let them organize their thoughts within me.

      Notice that I didn’t get certain questions answered: who are they, are they indeed responsible for our design, etc. For the reasons I point out in A New World, this is about us carrying out our journey, not them ending it by closing the questions that we must address inside ourselves individually and as a species if we are going to have a fruitful relationship with them.

      So this if from me, and also from them, and thank you for a very provocative and helpful comment. It is only by exploring this material frankly and deeply that we are going to get anywhere.

      1. What a fabulous response to Miastella’s comment.

        I just wanted to say one thing… that in my early twenties one night, when I was experimenting for the first time with projecting my sense of self outside my body, I felt full of energy… so what did I do out there? I went to the moon, sat down for a bit and then exploded it into dust. I seem to remember getting quite a bit of negative feedback for that(!) but I have no clue where the idea came from to do that in the first place.

      2. Whitley, your response only posed more questions for me. Do the visitors have egos, thus creating the transference of responsibility on to us? Do they believe they create their own reality? Do they have a connection to Source and the Oneness of all? I’m sure it varies across the spectrum just like everything else I read. Some appear they do, some don’t. Personally, I think we give them way too much credit since they can do things we think we cannot. But I do think you are correct, it’s a personal journey and the answers lie within ourselves. It’s learning our own truth and what may be true for me is not true for others.

      3. i disagree with your supposition that the dire predictions are our minds fear response. thats too easy. this cyclic reset prediction has many sources throughout history and is encoded in many sacred texts. our ancestors are screaming from the grave at us to pay attention. the micro novas are how the physical universe renews itself. they keep the universe going. its a necessary and natural thing. the civilizations that arrive at the correct understanding of how the universe works can save themselves by creating a pocket dimension with the help of the universal operating system that they can use to ride out the 1000’s of years of reset. either that or you must be a fully space faring civ. our current civ is corrupt and decadent and selfish. it also has the wrong model of what the universe is. so it wont meet the deadline. the ET’s will have to come in and restart things and hopefully the next batch will be alot less stubborn.

      4. Wow, Lynette….”threats were made, and carried out”…. meaning someone unleashed the virus? Hmmm …..what does she know. Things seem to be ramping up now….what’s next, hurricane season? Then what?

  12. Whitley, can you please get the link to my Vanishing Twins webpage to these women.

    It will help them to understand their pregnancies and themselves in a totally new way – Especially Dolly.
    Thanks, Caryl Dennis

  13. Terrific show, as was last week’s with Preston.

    Listening to the comment about Nuclear threat/blinding flash, I wondered if that might also suggest a massive solar flare?

    Seems more likely right now than Nukes being thrown around.


  14. Thank you so much for these interviews. So much of what was shared resonated in my soul. There were truths that I could feel. To my knowledge, I am not an experiencer, but I heard things that have happened to me.

  15. bought the book. cant wait to read it. you really aught to look at douglas vogts diehold foundation and his “greatest secret of the united states series. its scientific chapter and verse on the planet reset and why it happens and how. est time yr 2046. not far off by et lifespan standards at all, or even human at this point. share this widely people. time is getting short. noticing headlines blaming china for the virus. yeah they are getting ready for another war. using this virus false flag to do it its starting to look like. god help us all these are strange days.
    Causes of the Ice Ages and the Greatest Secret of the US, Series 4, part 1B
    and before you go for any vaccine:
    one of fauci’s cohorts who was ruined by him over finding out what shady work hes done speaks. its devastating.

  16. What an outstanding episode of Dreamland Whitley, my mind is officially expanded, many thanks! I must say I´ve felt Dreamland has been on fire all year, its never been better. Greetings from the fjords of Norway!

  17. Dolly, you are absolutely right – Mitakuye Oyasin – which means we are related. The Lakota Oyate teaches this to all of us. I am brought to tears since I had a dream about a wave that hit us.

  18. SARS COVID 2 Pre Cog..
    “Threats were made and then carried out”
    “Who they think did it -did not”

    My conjecture is such: Someone, not a natural spillover event, placed the virus in China to make it look like it originated in China. Who? Who would benefit?
    RNA sequencing claims its not a bio weapon…
    Who would benefit? Why unleash a horror on humanity?
    1. USA?
    2. Russia?
    3. Terrorist group?
    4. Hostile Alien?

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