In January of 2021, Whitley interviewed famed medium Stewart Alexander. The first words of the first listener comment on the show were “how can I know this is real?” It was a good question, and Whitley did not forget it when he went to England where Stewart lives and conducts his seances. In this show, he tells the story of his personal visit to Stewart’s weekly seance. Then, Leslie Kean and Stewart join Whitley on Dreamland to discuss what the astonishing things Whitley witnessed mean.

Stewart runs a private group that has been meeting on Monday evenings for 40 years, with no money involved. He also offers occasional public events for a small charge. You can find out more on his website, He is a rare example of a medium who does what he does simply to give the “other side” a chance to speak, in an effort to spread the message that there is more to death than the end of life. Over the years, there have been many tests of the events that unfold in his seances. No trickery has ever been found. As you will hear, Whitley looked hard for some.

He joined Stewart and his home circle – of which Leslie Kean is a member – in England, for what he describes as one of the most remarkable events he has ever witnessed. This interview offers a window into a world most of us do not yet know or really believe exists. Incredible things happened in the seance–incredible to Whitley as a first-timer–but commonplace over the long history of Stewart’s amazing career. To get Extraordinary Journey, click here.

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For those of you who want to go a little deeper into the research that has been done on mediums and mediumship, Leslie Kean offers an excellent book and lecture. You can get the book, Surviving Death,  by clicking here. To watch the lecture she gave at Rice University, click here. To listen to her interview about Surviving Death on Dreamland, click here.

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  1. Author

    You’re guessing, Will, based on your own assumptions about how the world may or may not work. This man has lived this for 40 years. I saw what I saw, my friend, and I am no fool.

    And NO magician could duplicate what I personally witnessed, I’m sorry. And as far as dark and light are concerned, my own experiences are far more extensive in the dark than in the light of day, as they always have been. I don’t know why. I don’t think anybody does. But it is, quite simply, the fact.

    Your beloved Mr. Upton would say that this is because the manifestations are demonic and therefore cannot stand the light. I would differ in one important respect: the light of interest to and perceivable by those on the other side lives within us. I know enough about Stewart Alexander and, for that matter, Leslie Kean, to know that they are filled with it.

    I went all the way to Northern England and personally witnessed these events. This sort of one-dimensional skepticism is all you can bring to it? YOU come on, Will.

    1. Thank you Whitley for sharing this inspiring experience. I’m no medium however, it has been my experience that when a deceased loved one wishes to relay a message, a feeling or support, etc, they get through both in lighted places as well as dimly lit places, inside or outside… they get through when they need to and where they need to. I personally just go with the flow as I sense it is more challenging for them to come to this lower frequency plane. After my NDE in April 1992, I found it difficult to be back in the physical and it took about a month for me to feel normal walking again. After my NDE I felt like I was walking through an inground pool full of hardening cement. I believe it is easier for us to raise our frequency to merge with our deceased loved ones. Just my humble opinion and experience.

  2. Couple of thoughts, Will. Stewart Alexander isn’t really a ‘seer’ in these events, as you describe this ability with your hubby. He’s apparently allowing his own internal energy to be used as a medium to support various telekinetic processes. The beings interacting with him, in very specific ways, use this energy – “ectoplasm” – to achieve the telekinesis.

    Stewart specifically says this ectoplasmic interaction between his body and the beings has to be maintained – at the *request* of the beings – in darkness or low-light conditions. And if this process is suddenly interrupted, there is apparently a very serious risk of physical injury – even death – for Stewart (or any another medium operating this way).

    Two things, from direct personal experience:

    1. Telekinesis is quite real. I’ve done it myself, several times, at what could only be described as high-level physical, visible output. Instantaneous changes to what we all accept as physical reality. I totally accept the reality of this phenomenon.

    And I accept everything that implies – consciousness interacts with physical reality, without any apparent limits on how it can actually change said reality. The deeper implication is – take it seriously because it can have physical, and potentially harmful, consequences.

    2. If there is a connection between what is typically called kundalini, chi, or prana to what Stewart is calling ectoplasm, and these things (kundalini and ectoplasm) interact in a specific way to achieve the telekinesis that is occurring with Stewart, then…

    YES. You would very much want to work with the energy, EXACTLY as it is required – and clearly requested – by the non-physical beings. And you’d be an absolute fool not to do so.

    The real risk of injury, bad side effects, or even death is something I’d take Stewart’s word about, with exactly zero question.

    I absolutely do not f*Xk around with kundalini in ways that are potentially harmful – unless I myself am doing something that I’m simply totally clueless about. Then if I’m very lucky – or helped by others that are watching out for my stupid mistakes – I learn the proper procedures without coming to any harm.


    “A real Seer can do a seance in a moving car on the 405 freeway or in a hectic Walmart.”

    My other thought is related to this comment. Other ‘advanced’ beings out there can absolutely bend, break or manipulate our physical reality in any way you could imagine – and far beyond anything you or I could imagine – at any time they might want to.

    To them, our entire Universe – if they bothered to manifest themselves in it for whatever reason – would be as a perfectly lucid dream, where they could change anything and everything, on any scale anywhere, at any time.

    A mere wisp of a plaything, that really is nothing to them at all – in a physical sense.

    They don’t do these things. WE all generally experience ‘normal physical reality’, as it is intended for us to experience.

    Between us humans and the beings operating at the most advanced levels, there is of course a whole slew of other beings, who are doing their things with ‘reality’ as they wish, and are able.

    So your thought about ‘a real Seer’ could do this or that is basically nonsense. That’s not how the limits or capabilities work here. At all.

    A truly REAL being of any kind – the most advanced kind who understand and operate 24/7 out of love, joy and peace – flows with the harmony that comes from the highest place even beyond them. The place where the Easter Bunny is actually calling the shots.

    1. There are many aspects to the category of Physical Medium and many mediums do not need any conditions at all. Physical Mediumship is an interface with some enhanced aspects into what the medium brings forth and the environment. Some others are sort of reading a sumbol language in their experience and some hear a voice or see in the mind’s eye- so much variety and you might ask yourself- “how am I mediumistic?”. I will see a person’s smiling face or hear their voice in my head for a while and then finally- I go ” oh, HI! and I begin to tune in and pay attention.

      1. Thanks, Ruth, for this and your comments below. And yes agreed and understood about the variety of conditions with which mediums work.

        1. Including, of course not needing any conditions at all!

          One of the most ‘mediumistic’ experiences I ever had was hearing a female voice speak directly in my right ear, as crystal clear as imaginable. So close and clear it could be said the voice was pure telepathic language – just amazingly clear and heard as spoken words.

          It was eight words spoken in one sentence. I was sitting here at my computer desk, in the middle of the day, just working on some project. The voice was sudden, out of the blue, with no other signs or lead-up. Startled me like you would not imagine, and I think I must have jumped an inch out of my chair lol. 🤣

          It was a direct message. And it turned out to be a perfectly accurate, unambiguous, and totally unexpected description of an event that happened about two weeks later.

          My takeaway from the experience was yet another of the many things I’ve experienced along these paranormal lines – “Yes, this is possible, too!”

  3. I often wonder the accuracy of seer &sensitives and remote viewers and the like. I have stated that I wish they could look forward and see into 40 years. If such climate change is creating havoc and hell they would see it everywhere. Its not like we are asking for lotto picks.

    Seances and mediums are a different sensitivity. I love this. I have experienced more paranormal of the dead than any UAP paranormal incidents. I do think the veil is thinning- perhaps we are evolving and our technology is assisting the communications.

  4. Hello, yet again, Whitley. What a fascinating episode of “Dreamland” and how fortunate you are to have personally experienced that which you experienced in the seance. I do have a question or two, though, and I thought about them before they were mentioned (but not really answered, at least not fully or directly) in this episode. One is the question of whether these spirits (discarnates; call them what you will) reincarnate or not, and how long it has been since each physically died. I do understand the concept that time may flow or be perceived quite differently for the discarnate than for the biologically incarnate. Also, I know of the concept of (again, for lack of a better term here) “soul shards” which could possibly account for some or all of these apparently discarnate beings having reincarnated in other biololgical bodies but also, as the multi-dimensional beings that souls are said to be, still being able to manifest, during the seances, as the personalities that they once were in previous lives. Am I mistaken, Whitley, or did you previously say in another episode that while your late wife is sometimes in contact with you from the realm of the after-life, Anne has also been reincarnated as a child (a boy, did you say?) somewhere / somewhen else? Please do address these questions and aspects for me, if you would. Thank you, in advance.

  5. Author

    I wish I could provide definitive answers. Remember we have very little hard information about any of this. Do all souls reincarnate? If not then what happens to them? We just don’t have answers. I was convinced that Anne had indeed come back because I was told by two different psychics, both of whom I know well, but who do not know each other, that she had done this.

    1. Hiya folks.
      Here are my shiny coppers…..
      Why couldnt Higher Self have more than 1 access to this reality? Anne was a fragment of said Higher Soul and there are probably more here. SO, in essence, there were other “fragments” from where Anne came from. So, YES, she can still be communing with Whitley AND be reincarnated. MY real question is…
      Can you live a life, die leaving your energy here….then later, come across that spirit in a NEW life? Im leaning toward YES. Its still kookie.
      Im of the opinion that Higher Self reaches into this reality multiple times at the same moment. Even crazier, multiple times across history. But we, as a physical beings, experience the length thru time.
      Looking thru the end of the straw vs looking along the length on the outside of the straw.
      ‘Nuff said.
      Gobekli Tepe

  6. Author

    I recalled something she said right after she passed which was, “I’m not Anne anymore but I will always be Anne for you.” And indeed this is the case, and not just for me but for many people. I think that souls are a lot bigger than we have imagined and that they project bodies into this world but remain apart from it. I have even thought that souls might have more than one body going at a time, although I have no evidence of this of course.

    1. Subjectively, a soul having more than one body makes sense for me. I have often felt that this body that I have is not my only one.

    2. Based on my studies, and my own communications with those who have passed, I can’t say anything with absolute certainty, however…

      I recommend that everyone interested in this study the Binary Soul Doctrine, or division theory. It really goes deep into the beginnings of humanity’s relationship with life, living—and death., and what follows. It also explains differences in communication with our other ‘selves’ in this life, past ‘lives’, and possibly those being lived in the ‘future’, and all in the eternal ‘now’. Incorporated in each human being are aspects of the soul, the spirit, and also the personality. Two books that gave me lots of insight about all this, including reincarnation, were Peter Novak’s ‘The Lost Secret of Death’, and ‘The Search for Omm Sety’ by Jonathon Cott. These differences between the soul, the spirit, and the personality would also explain Anne’s words to Whitley, “I’m not Anne anymore but I will always be Anne for you.”

      1. Cosmic, if you are taking the Binary Soul Doctrine as the ba and ka, and the possibility they can become separated at death (in some kind of permanent sense) I’ve never seen any evidence for this, in any personal experience, nor in any of the hundreds of NDE accounts I’ve read, or any of the modern literature (e.g. Journey of Souls and similar) covering afterlife matters.

        Not even a tiny bit of evidence from any of these sources.

        There can be a *temporary* separation of the different holographic conscious energy forms we use (incarnated physically here behind the wall of amnesia; left behind in the spirit world; more directly connected to Source, etc) but nothing I’ve seen – and I’ve looked at and experienced this matter from many angles, some about as extreme as they can get – ever demonstrates anything about a permanent separation.

        My initial impression is the Binary Soul Doctrine (skimming through Peter Novak’s long PDF on the subject) seems like just another of the ignorance or fear-based ideas from our earliest past.

        What is totally apparent is that the soul (let’s just use that word for our total, individual, immortal identity) can temporarily – usually intentionally – divide itself in a holographic sense. This is actually a deeply important feature of our immortal energetic nature. And it arises in us because at the most essential level that is exactly what Source is doing, through us.

        My experience is that our souls are holographic fractals of the Whole, each fractal-bit containing an essential fragment of the One. The One being quite able to keep track of Itself, we cannot ever really be lost to ourselves, in any permanent way.

        I’ll take a much deeper look through Peter Novak’s PDF. It does look very interesting.

        1. Doug, it actually is beyond ‘ba’ and ‘ka’, and more complex. To give just one example from my own experience (and there are several), years ago a friend and co-worker committed suicide, leaving behind many friends, associates, a wife, and two very young sons, and utter devastation for all who knew him. There were two distinct beings after he died. One of them was the guy we all knew who loved golf, and took to leaving golf balls in the strangest places in the days after he died. One day I was taking a walk in my neighborhood when I happened across a golf ball on the sidewalk. I picked it up and placed it in my pocket, kept walking and soon found a second one in the middle of the sidewalk.Out loud, I said, “Got it! Message received!”. The next morning I presented my boss with a small paper bag and said,” I was told to give these to you.” My boss opened the bag and said, “I guess we know who these are from!”.
          The other being was the one that I worked with for about year to help him heal from what he had done. This being had no joy and had confined himself to a personal hell. It was awful, and took a lot of work and patience from me to get this aspect of him to reconcile with what he had done and move on. Many that have passed into this state may have this aspect, without healing—for an incredibly long period of time. Yet a third aspect is the ‘soul’.

          Those who have passed often help us, but sometimes they need help from the living. There is so much more to it, but I prefer to guide the living on helping others that have passed, (which in turn helps them). I’m just not cut out to be a professional medium, although I have the ability to be one.

          Beyond the pdf, Novak also wrote “The Lost Secret of Death”, which goes into more detail. Learning as much as possible about as many spiritual and religious belief systems is helpful too, especially in finding the common threads between them all. While I’m not sure about any of it, all I really can go by is my experiences in this life, as well as memories of ‘other’ lives.

          1. Yes, I totally agree that the different ‘beings’ you are describing here – two or more divisions exactly as you say – can indeed be possible. No doubt at all this kind of thing happens.

            My comment was focused on the the idea of a permanent separation between the divisions. This I have never seen. It’s always temporary, even if the duration may seem very long (from our perspective). I will read more of Novak’s work to see how he describes this idea.

          2. As to permanency, eons of time may seem permanent if trying to heal—and it also explains ‘ghosts’. There could even be an aspect of yourself living an existence, as a ghost, from some past life, affecting the person/personality you are ‘now’. This is why healing is so important, for the living, and those that have passed, even thousands of years ago. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that some of Stewart’s connections in his ‘group’ are other aspects of his soul. Interesting to ponder!

          3. Yeah… hmm. As I’m reading more in-depth on Novak’s PDF, he is making the classic mistake of taking a preconceived idea – the Binary Soul Doctrine as a clean division of our conscious and unconscious selves – and then trying to shoehorn it into all kinds of other ideas.

            For one example, he uses Yin and Yang as exemplars of how this ‘conscious/unconscious’ division is reflected in the larger world. And this is absolutely not what Yin and Yang are all about. Not even remotely.

            He also tries to twist and turn many aspects of NDE reports to fit this notion. Again – not working for me as a sound analysis.
            The basic mistake – obviously not original with Novak himself, but embedded in human misconception for eons – is not getting how Consciousness divides *itself*, into fractal offshoots – each offshoot being fully conscious on its own, within its own context. And each offshoot still maintaining a smaller fractal part of the Whole – the holographic aspect.

            One offshoot – for example my own division of conscious energy I have here within my current human incarnation – can have levels of conscious, subconscious, and unconcious energy all in play. All within a particular ‘being’ that I experience as ‘human me’.

            It gets even more complex, as this ‘human me’ energy is looped around all over the place into ever smaller fractals, within my being. My kidneys have their own little loops of conscious energy. My heart, brain, stomach, fingers, and countless other loops. Stuff even loops down to cellular levels and then components within cells.

            Massive complexity. And it works like this in all animals, plants, larger natural systems, and who knows what else out there – conscious energy loops for stars, galaxies, interstellar EM fields, and on and on.

            We recognize some of these loops as “alive beings” and some of them as inanimate. The difference between throwing a puppy or a pebble off of a cliff – and why one is acceptable behavior, and one is not.

            Larger systems like the consciousness of Earth may however object to us blowing up islands or deep interior places with nukes. The Earth consciousness feels that such places are indeed alive, on very real levels, and feels that unnaturally vaporizing lots of ‘dead rock’ with nuclear explosions is actually totally unacceptable behavior. Just as we would feel it unacceptable if someone vaporized one of our kidneys.

            The Binary Soul Doctrine is simply not how it works. The true division of conscious energy – back to using myself as an example – means that aside from my total energy packet here as ‘human me’ I also have a larger part of my conscious energy left ‘divided off’ back home, and an even larger part left united back with Source. Each part – again to emphasize – is conscious within its *own context*, and also has subconscious and unconscious features, and all kinds of other smaller loops, as described above.

            It’s totally understandable how this real complexity is misconceived in our earlier human spiritual notions. But just like the geocentric idea of our physical existence in the Universe is a natural misconception – that is in fact greatly wrong – so is the Binary Soul Doctrine as Novak is describing.

            The truth – no surprise – is much more sane, and free of our human-centric bias.

          4. Just saw your earlier reply after I posted my longer comment. “As to permanency… Interesting to ponder!”

            I agree with all of this. But I think the mechanism is totally different than the Binary Soul Doctrine, as it is taken as a clean division of conscious and unconscious selves. Radically different mechanism – but still the outcomes you describe I think are all very possible.

            Ultimately, of course, all of Stewart’s team are aspects of himself! This is true for all beings – everywhere. We are all connected, through the One. As the One.

            The details of exactly ‘who is what’ at any time are excruciatingly hard to pin down, of course. White Feather *might* be Stewart’s own oversoul, or he might be a guide, teacher-friend, or someone who just was perfectly suited for this role, at this time. I haven’t read Stewart’s book, and he certainly would be the best source of information on ‘who’ White Feather really is. But I’m just playing with this particular idea an an example, as you brought it up as a possibility.

    3. “I’m not Anne anymore but I will always be Anne for you.” That’s the finest and clearest description of the next-world experience I’ve ever heard.

      And I’m so glad that for you, she can still be Anne.

    4. “I’m not Anne anymore but I will always be Anne for you” is the best and most succinct statement of this concept I have ever encountered. Perfect.

      For whatever it’s worth, the Seth entity talked a lot about multiple selves/incarnations being able to exist in the same time period.

  7. William, have you considered investing in mental health? I hear it works wonders.

      1. The posts mentioning the name are in reference to a now-deleted post that was a bit overzealously critical of the experience detailed in this week’s episode and more generally insulting to the listeners.

  8. I’m surprised the visitors didn’t show up. !every time I’ve been to a physic the visitors nudge in and confuse the people I go to. Never been to a physical medium before. There was a documentary about the Shole experiments. That was about this kind of thing. Amazing show! Loved it.

    1. I was wondering if the “children” they felt were actually visitors/greys.

  9. Now, take this experience of incarnate and discarnate beings working together to manipulate and change physical matter and energy, in very controlled, limited, specific conditions – but with highly ethical motivations, and within an atmosphere of love, harmony and trust, guided by the ‘other side’ itself – and then … expand your imagination out a few thousand, a few hundred thousand, a few million, a few hundred million years…

    Of course, the many ideas presented across the history of Dreamland, and books like Michael Talbot’s The Holographic Universe – and so many other things!! ~ Are all pointing in one direction.

    We are at the barest beginning of what is possible with our consciousness, and our direct interaction with the structure of the Universe. The absolute bare beginning. There is an infinite road ahead of us, stretching off into the farthest possible horizon.

    Just gotta get past this little blip about killing ourselves off with our own ignorance, and destroying our planet as a livable habitat we can thrive within.

    1. Thank you. It’s so important to realize this infinity of possibilities, especially at times like right now when we feel boxed in by so many things going wrong and can make the mistake of thinking we are powerless.

      1. You’re welcome.
        “Don’t aim at success. The more you aim at it and make it a target, the more you are going to miss it. For success, like happiness, cannot be pursued; it must ensue, and it only does so as the unintended side effect of one’s personal dedication to a cause greater than oneself or as the by-product of one’s surrender to a person other than oneself. Happiness must happen, and the same holds for success: you have to let it happen by not caring about it. I want you to listen to what your conscience commands you to do and go on to carry it out to the best of your knowledge. Then you will live to see that in the long-run—in the long-run, I say!—success will follow you precisely because you had forgotten to think about it.”
        ~ Viktor E. Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning
        ~ ~ ~

          1. So much agreed. For me, it feels like one of the most powerful books on the planet. This book has shaped my life in the most personal ways possible – and quite possibly saved my life, as I’ve worked my way out of some very dark times.

  10. Anne’s difficulty communicating with you verbally might make more sense when compared with the very rare cases in which poltergeists were heard to speak out of thin air. The people involved usually (maybe always) first report hearing guttural, animal-like noises followed by vocalizations resembling those made by infants just before they begin to speak before hearing any actual words spoken. Apparently speech is a tricky business for those without vocal cords.

    1. Very interesting. There was a suggestion during the discussion that ectoplasm is required to form vocal cords, before this can happen…so I wonder if there was a Medium present when those vocalisations occurred?

      If not, perhaps the ectoplasm was extracted unwittingly from those present but I get the impression that it normally requires the cooperation from a Medium…perhaps I am wrong?

  11. Author

    How interesting. Stewart makes precisely those noises prior to when an entity starts to speak through him.

  12. Words fail me.

    What an absolutely stunning show. I waited on every single word with baited breath as if transfixed. Good Lord.. Bravo.

    One quick offering with regard to the large hands of Dr Barnett; I seem to recall some of the ‘stick figure’ videos of strange forms with oversized limbs walking awkwardly having huge hands. It’s as if the memory or perception of the organ is either out of kilter or distorted as a result perhaps, of shifts in phase energy.

    Quite fascinating. I’ve been touched on the head many a time, & was touched gently on the shoulder as I drove back from the funeral of a beloved Aunt. I tapped my heart gently, to show I was aware and quietly drove home, crying for a good while.

    Funnily enough a recent article on Kate Bush the singer mentioned her belief in Orgone and how Orgonon is released during Human orgasm (Wilhelm Reich’s theory I believe). So many paranormal phenomena seem to occur around people with an excess of Chi energy?? Consider & discuss please?


    1. As an acupuncturist of 28 years clinical experience, energy healer, and minor psychic, I can’t say I’ve ever seen anyone with an excess of Qi. That is, there can certainly be imbalances and relative excesses in some areas, but an overall “excess of Chi energy” isn’t a condition I’ve ever even heard of. Lots and lots of Qi would just make for a powerful, vibrant person, generally.

      I’d be interested in anyone else’s thoughts or experiences related to this matter, too.

  13. When I was a teenager my mother would have a monthly séance with three other ladies. One day a small gray appeared. What a surprise!

  14. My other question is: “Did the ancient (possibly Roman) man who manifested at the foot of your bed a long time ago do that with your ectoplasm or independent of you, do you think?

  15. Reality is key—and the one that we as physical beings perceive in THIS reality, on THIS Earth, is one of duality. What we perceive is the one that we also may die into. That’s where healing and tapping into who and what we really are are big goals. It doesn’t have to be this way. A few have met the goal, and also shown that it can be done.

  16. In response to the now deleted critical comments – I don’t think the trappings of early 20th century seances are necessarily useless nonsense or silly vestiges of the past. I look at it like ceremonial magick where the ceremony is meant to engender a mental state conducive to the task at hand. It is not necessarily that it has any intrinsic bearing or influence on the proceedings per se – only that it puts the participant in the right frame of mind to become more receptive.

  17. I wish Stewart had detailed what the irreparable damage to the body is and the process by which it happens by the means of light .

    1. In his book Journeys Out of the Body, Robert Monroe tells the story about one of his OBEs where he visited a friend of his. She couldn’t see him, and he was unable to get her attention, so he decided to try giving her a small pinch to see if that would get her attention.

      It absolutely did. And much more than Monroe intended. She yelped in pain. Later on, when he visited her in person, he mentioned the incident. Astonished, the woman said, “That was you? That hurt!” (or words to that effect) and she showed him the bruise his pinch had left.

      What is our astral body? What is the physical mechanism by which such an event (physical bruising) is possible? We have no real idea. And this is the case with all of this stuff – astral body, ectoplasm, kundalini, chi, etc.

      The ‘details’ then are impossible to pin down because we don’t know the mechanism. Or how to predict exactly what happens, and how. It is however well known that this stuff can be dangerous. Some damage may heal (like a bruise) and some certainly could be far worse – on much deeper physical and ‘unknown’ astral/energy levels.

      I think of the necessity for darkness, low-light, or red-light conditions, as mentioned in this form of mediumship, as sort of like taking necessary precautions when doing chemistry. Certain volatile reactions are possible in certain conditions. Proceed accordingly, with safety in mind.

      In a less volatile sense, when developing film (old school style!) you’d have to keep similar conditions in place. Nothing terrible would happen if you didn’t, except ruining your pictures. The idea here is there is nothing either demonic or merely ‘proper mental state’ when developing film like this. It’s just *known* chemistry. I’m sure we’ll eventually figure a lot of this out with things like mediumship, telekinesis, and so on.

  18. I come from a “mediumistic family”. Due to my own nature of being a seeker and having the many diverse conversations in the family, I have studied the work of various mediums and yes, there are definitely those who do the same type of work that Stewart does and they do it in the cabinet in the dark- But others, who have different gift and impulse, mission perhaps-don’t work in the light, such as Amy Allan- Travel Channel -she is also a physical medium but her work is quite different and she says the dark is not needed for her work- which IS DIFFERENT. But, the network wants her to visit the homes and locations in the dark- LOL- She also has had some health consequences and has had to exert some effort to control her experience. In addition to various times another has read for me and bought in friends or family- once shortly before her death, my Mother awoke to see my Grandmothers face in a little cloud smiling down upon her bed. Also, my father appeared to Cousin Jeanne on her birthday , driving down the road with a song they ( my mother, my father, and Jeanne were close friends in their youth), had loved ad her popped in and said “Happy Birthday , Jeannie” and she saw him in the seat for a few seconds and pulled off the road to cry. I think her state of mind with the relaxed openness permitted the visit.
    Recently I lost my kitty, Gracie and the second day, she- well a little swirl of energy I think was her- came in close to the floor and it made me sit up in bed and look. Then it swirled about into her bed for a few moments and the strange thing I observed was that as the energy was in front of a thing , it seemed the thing morphed as well. this was only a few moments and over this month and the last I feel her energy less. My sweetheart- I love her like Linda loves Chocolate and Fluffy. We build the wall unintentionally through negativity and worry. thank you for another enjoyable adventure.

    1. I watched this episode and I read all the comments and this one sentence of yours made me cry. “We build the wall unintentionally through negativity (I would replace this with fear although I’m certainly guilty of “negating” that this is real) and worry”. In the last two years I had to make the decision to put down my horse, my dog and two cats. Because of covid my mom had to fight leukemia alone in the hospital and the doctors only involved me when it was time for her to give up. So I had to make that decision too and I was there when she died. I did not hear a voice or saw a light or felt anything that any of you are reporting here. On the contrary it was simply a matter of fact and we were both a nuisance to the indifferent hospital surrounding. My grandmother had promised to give my dad a sign but she never did and none of the “people” that I had to take care of and who died on me ever came back in any way. Now this sentence makes me think that I am the problem here because the “unintentional wall of fear and worry” sounds very much like me.

      1. I feel for you. So sorry that you had to deal with so many deaths and that you didn’t get any signs to comfort you.

        I hope you won’t keep feeling that something is wrong with you or that you are a problem. Everyone is different. With your mom, the “indifferent” pandemic experience in the hospital probably made it that much harder for any contact to come through.

        It may be that you’ll still feel some kind of contact with your dear departeds, but if not, please take comfort knowing that they’re OK. I wish you the best and hope for happier times for you.

        I’ve had both the experience of close spiritual communion with a dying person and of having them just blink out like a light and that was that. I don’t know what determined that in either case…..

  19. LOL Leslie’s input just made me flash on a sweet song by a southern singer from my home state of AR- Iris DeMent-“Let the Mystery Be”. You all shoud give a listen- it is light and humourous and very country and lovely.

    1. Thank you, Ruth, I found her on youtube and I love the song. Her voice is beautiful and I listened to her singing the song several times before I clicked out.

  20. Our fears and negativity are the veil that separates us from the infinite ULTRAREALITY!

  21. its rare that i will turn off any episode of dreamland, but something in this interview gave me a nasty feeling.

  22. Being from Hull myself, I was startled to hear the city name coming from the mouth of Whitley Strieber.
    I never thought that would happen.

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