Join Trish and Rob in the Mystical Underground time machine for a conversation with… Kathy Herman about the history of Cassadaga, FL, the setting for the TMU Halloween Special and Rob’s short story, “The Devil’s Chair,” from their short story collection “The Outliers.” *MacGregor, Rob; MacGregor, Trish. The Outliers. Crossroadread more

Stewart Alexander is one of the most renowned physical mediums of our time. He is also a reclusive man and gives few interviews. Our mutual friend, Leslie Kean, has convinced him to appear here on Dreamland and on Jeffrey Mishlove’s New Thinking Allowed. As a result, we have this marvelousread more

In this shocking and powerful edition of Dreamland, exogenetics expert Bruce Fenton deals what in our DNA leads him to believe that we have been genetically altered in the past, almost certainly by advanced races for unknown reasons. Then his wife Daniella tells us of her own life in closeread more