With over 3 decades of experience in the film industry, Randall Nickerson is a true creative expert who spent 14 of those years forging a documentary about what is arguably the most amazing group close encounter ever recorded, titled ‘Ariel Phenomenon’.
In this film, he tracks down the original witnesses of the1994  Ariel School UFO sighting to interview them about what they saw then, and how those astonishing events have impacted the way they see the world today, almost 30 years’ on. For the first time, in this documentary, the fact that the Ariel School was in the middle of ancient Zimbabwean sacred sites and burial grounds is also discussed. There is a connection between the phenomenon and the dead, but what is it? Listen as Whitley and Randall explore this and so many other of the burning questions that Ariel Phenomenon raises.
In this groundbreaking interview,  Whitley takes listeners on an adventure back to the incredible close encounter over 60 students experienced in Zimbabwe in 1994. The message this documentary and the witnesses bring is of overwhelming importance, more so every day. Not only is there the classic visitor warning about how we are treating our environment, but there is another warning, not much noticed in 1994, but that is now becoming crucial.

This documentary may reflect on the past, but it holds a precious message about Earth’s future and the fate of mankind that must not be ignored.

It is vitally important that Ariel Phenomenon reach the streaming services. Whether or not that happens depends on US. We need to rent it from their website right now to watch it on our computers or ‘cast it from them to our TVs via Chromecast or Apple. So go to ArielPhenomenon.com right now and rent the film!

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  1. I’ll be listening to this interview later, but…

    I became involved with ‘Ariel Phenomenon’ years ago by following it (and contributing towards it) several years ago…all due to the involvement of Dr. John Mack. That sealed it for me! The documentary turned out even better than I hoped, and I was able to see it a few weeks ago. You all should too.

    1. Cosmic is correct, it’s a terrific documentary and many of us have waited years for this to be released.

    2. I fell in love with John Mack listening to the audiobook of The Believer by Ralph Blumenthal.

      What a beautiful story.

  2. The link to the film does not work for me. I am able to access the site by typing out the URL.

    1. Author

      This should be working now. There was a glitch over at YouTube.

  3. African shaman Credo Mutwa could have added a lot about the relationship to the dead.

  4. Agreed SYZYGY, the link is wrong… It has a forward slash, instead of a full stop (period) after the www

    Obviously it needs to be:

    I haven’t seen the the film yet but I’m really looking forward to it, although to be honest $20 to rent for 48 hours does seem a bit steep. I know that is helping to support it but I would’ve hoped to have bought it for that. I will probably be waiting for the Download / DVD release phase.

  5. The Ariel School case witnesses described the Alien moving back and forth in slow motion. When I was a young physics student, I wrote a paper on Time Dilation! That is the whole message that is so so clear at the end: they move trough Time. If you really understand Time, we do not see the real time universe because the speed of light is not instant. Everything we see is in Time, and therefore not reality. Out time and their timelines do not match!

    1. Time is cycles in cycles.

      There are no constants in nature. Constants, like Euclidean Geometry, are man made constructs with approximations that have limited application.

  6. This is a great interview and guest, and I wish he would have spoken more about his own personal experiences (I know you tried Whitley).

    Might I suggest that the bookstore attendant who sneered at you is a troglodyte and has no business working in a bookshop.

    1. I suspect that half the bookstore employees nowadays have not actually read a book themselves since high school.

      1. Likely the case indeed. At least the initial one was polite and gave Whitley his due.

  7. Hi there. It appears that there’s a few problems with the subscriber high quality edition of the podcast. First, the initial hour or so repeats, then the show goes on to its conclusion, and ends with half an hour to go. Then the last half hour repeats. Unfortunately, I don’t have time-stamps for this. I don’t know if the lower quality one has this either. However, the length of the file is 2:45:20, longer than most Dreamlands, so it’s possible that the whole thing is there, despite the repeats.

      1. I have this issue, I downloaded it around 11am GMT so I don’t know it’s it’s been corrected yet, I’m posting at 20:34 GMT

    1. I stand corrected, around 49m it jumped back to the start, sorry for contradicting you, you were right.

      1. Author

        I just listened on my Mac and had no problem with the files.

        Al Harlow is not around, but from experience I would guess that you are using Apple products (iPhone/iPad) and they are reaching the end of their memory. As they don’t come with a native filing system, this is what happens when a stream uses all the memory it can be allocated by the device.

        Try using a filing app like Filer and downloading through the app and you will not have this problem. It can also help if you close apps you have running that are memory intensive.

    2. I think this has been fixed, cause the Subscriber Youtube video link worked fine for me. Or cause i’m using an Android communicator rather than apple. P.S. great interview! Like breath of fresh air compared to last week’s guest!

    3. The same jump back to the start happened with me too. I downloaded it Sat morning and at 47:44 you hear the start of the show again. It’s as if that section was pasted into the file. The whole show is there but quite confusing to listen to.

      I deleted the download and then re-downloaded the show Sunday morning and, unfortunately, the jumping segments are still there. I was surprised to see the bitrate varying so much during playback.

      I am a dedicated Linux user and the stability of Linux puts Windows and Apple to shame yet, this download does indeed have an issue.

      It’s a terrific show btw, loaded with extra background information on the event.

      One last thing, I could clearly hear that background interference distinctly say ‘You’re watching us connect to the brain’ when Mr Strieber says ‘give this thing the boost that it needs’. It’s so clear I’m amazed no one else seems to have heard it??

      I would have said that Mr Strieber is channeling someone else’s voice or his implant is facilitating something along those lines. Once you get used to listening to shared sounds you can get surprising results.

      On occasion, when relaxed and in a clear state of mind, I can hear what sounds like birds talking in English. I’ve always found this a curious phenomenon, especially when I can clearly hear one bird telling another that ‘he’s listening to us!’. Aye, I am aware that this sounds a bit odd. A bird that lives near my garden often announces that ‘we’re your neighbours in consciousness’.

      Hmm… Maybe other intelligence is using the birds chatter as a transport for its own communication. A divine bridge?

      Anyway, moving on..


      1. Konstantin Raudive jumps to mind.

        Didn’t Mr Strieber comment a few months back that Konstantin Raudive is ‘continuing his work on the other side?’

      2. Author

        This is so bizarre. On our end, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the file structure, there is only the issue of the interference.

        1. It gets weirder; I’ve listened to the show 5 times since Saturday and it seems evident that the man’s voice in the interference is slightly easier to understand in the repeated segments.

          I changed my mind on what I thought he was saying, I now think he says “you’re watching God connect to the brain”. Sounds like a British accent, home counties or middle class Londoner.

          After some thought on this audio anomaly, I have to wonder if this has been done deliberately by, perhaps, the ,other side’. They’ve given us two chances to listen to their bridge.

          Absolutely fascinating.

  8. …Ariel “the school”…’Ariel’, the Archangel of Nature…
    Back in 2015, I corresponded with Anne Krzanowski, an associate producer of the film, and pointed out to her how important this was, symbolically, to what what happened at Ariel School. I also mentioned to her that they might want to contact Jim Marrs. Jim had written about the U.S.government’s remote viewing program, and how remote viewers reported seeing an alien base—in Zimbabwe. Jim passed soon after my correspondence, so I do not know if that information was followed up on, or relevant, to the film they were making. In any case, it would appear to be more than a coincidence.

    Nickerson is laid back and with an open mind that this movie required. He made the film just as it was meant to be made, and I look forward to the director’s cut in the future. I have followed this for so long, and I have personally thought of that day at Ariel School to be one of the most important mass sightings in the modern age.

    And David Brian, Time is very important, and I agree with you! And I would not be surprised to discover that the ‘beings’ are, in fact, us.

    1. Can’t wait for the director’s cut. Thoroughly enjoyed this fascinating documentary and was left open mouthed at all the extra information this week’s show opened up.

    2. Us? Souls visiting form? Indeed, who we are is an essential question to ask if we ask, who ‘they’ are.

  9. The audio problems on your podcast are hilarious.

    As a musician who has recorded, edited, produced in a digital medium, I will double down and state they are clearly unconventional, they do not detract from the quality of your output, in fact they add to your credibility.

    If anything, listening on noise cancelling headphones it sounds like someone translating your words into a foreign or alien language.

    I had a period of 12 months of continual electronic sabotage from the phenomenon before they manifested physically in my life.

    This is double the reason to renew my subscription.

    You’re the best.

    1. I thought maybe your voice was going from his speakers back into his microphone and then out your speakers making a time delay echo… wasn’t too bad in any case.

      1. That was my immediate thought as an engineer/producer, but it wasn’t that at all.

        The voice in the background was something different altogether.

        It was not a product of the primary audio, it was something else, something subliminal.

        You need to to isolate that track and listen to it, serious. It could be an important message.

  10. Maybe an audio technician could isolate the “noise” and work on it. Wasn’t Jimmy Blanchette told to slow the recording down? In this particular episode it really seems like someone wants to say something.
    This is a great interview between two kind and thoughtful people and it is a shame that you are being sneered at (still). I guess people have been lied to for too long.
    Please consider doing interviews with people from the First Nations or any other indigenous culture who are willing to share knowledge about the Phenomenon.
    The tree thing really resonates with me. As a kid I had nightmares about the trees in front of my bedroom window bending in a nuclear blast. When I was fighting cancer in 2015 I suddenly realised that I might be forced to not only leave my kids behind but that I also couldn’t protect “my” trees anymore, which sent me on one of the many crying fits.

  11. I agree with Mr. Nickerson that the visitors are outside of ‘our’ religious sphere. Although many experiencers have gone through ‘trauma’ Whitley and all of us who follow his journey, have been made to evolve to a higher level of consciousness through contact.
    Mr Upton and many who identify so completely with an organized religion have difficulty expanding their perspective.

  12. John Mack needs to find the aspect of Anne still anchored in the so-called After Life and let her relay messages. Perhaps there are classes there such as TALKING TO THE LIVING 101.

    1. This has nothing directly related to the interview, but I am perpetually amazed by the deep emotional reactions that the average person has from simply seeing a UFO. Like just seeing one can cause trauma to the average person who never stepped outside the mainstream meme. I have seen several and tend to respond in a nonchalant manner, such as “Oh, hi”

      1. I’ve only seen one and my colleague saw it too. Silver disc in sky that folded in half and disappeared. I sensed it was a living being, mostly female, communicating with me. That was a time of great change for me and the sighting followed several nights of troubled dreaming, leaving me shattered the following days.

  13. With this episode, my mind went back to the late 1950’s or early 60’s when Art Linkletter (day time TV celebrity) had a show where he would interview kids. He authored a number of books around the theme that KIDS SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS. Art was ultra-conservative and mainstream. I just wonder what he would have done interviewing kids on live TV if they all started talking about the space man they all saw on the play ground. He would probably have turned them all over to the FBI for interrogation with rubber hoses.

  14. I confess I’ve had a glass and a half of red wine with and after dinner. So maybe that explains my soppy remark to follow. Whitley, seeing you on YOUTUBE each week is very comforting. You have a very peaceful presence.

  15. Author

    Peace of being. You go there when there is no place else to go. It turns out that’s the one place where there was always room for you.

  16. I never seem to have the technical issues that others experience with ‘Dreamland’…but then I have a an actual desktop Mac.🙂

    As for the glitches on the sound—I’ve been talking to Dr. Mack for years. Whitley, you can too. (You speak with Anne, so if you need a ‘relay’ maybe she can assist). The garbled message is for the listeners—for those who are still learning. One thing I’ve learned from friends and acquaintances is that they express that they wish they could talk to those that have passed, while also expressing the fear of doing so. But…getting a sound engineer to work on isolating the ‘message’ might be the way to go, for those that may need something more ‘real’ to them.

  17. Whitley, Do you think your implant could be causing the interference since it seems to only be around you? On Skinwalker Ranch there is a continuous interference signal at around 1.6 ghz. Anyone interested in this phenomenon should watch this show.
    Also saw you in McMinnville, good talk.

  18. Author

    There is a continuous signal in my apartment at 144.1 MHz. Normally it does not interfere.

    1. Try putting a bowl of water or a tray of sand in a spot that feels right Mr Strieber. May not work but worth a try.

  19. Personally, from where I’m sitting, the biggest trauma comes not from the experience with a cosmic cousin in and of itself but, rather, from the alienation our fellow humans extend to experiencers.

    The being said, has anybody else had a few mental things to say to the bookstore employee who actually sneered at Whitley? Maybe it’s the Mamma Bear in me or maybe it’s the ex-actress in me who’s used to practicing monologues, but if that little fellow picked up at all on my mental telepathy, he’s had a head full of, “Wake up you little booger. Snap out of it! Open your mind and heart or you’re destined to live a very small life, indeed. And that would be a shame.”

  20. Whitley and Randall Nickerson, this event that just happened is, (I promise absolutely true). The full meaning, I do not totally understand but here it is:

    At 11:49 into the video interview I had these powerful thoughts pass through my mind/consciousness:

    1. Whitley, your ear implant is sending messages by way of the GREEN LANGUAGE. “It is a language that carries a meaning beyond its literal connotation and it has been called Green language or “language of the birds.” It has been passed on by way of legends, fairy tales, the songs of troubadours, engravings in cathedrals, through teachings on alchemy, astrology, qabalah and magic.” Then at 105:06 and going forward I kept hearing someone saying, ‘HELLO.’ It felt urgent and the interference seemed to change at this point. THE VOICE SEEMED CLEARER.

    2. At the very same time, inside my head, I understand this sentence, ‘We are sending increments.’ I believe this is referring to the GREEN LANGUAGE as well as helping us to accept their presence slowly; by degrees.

    3 THEN, at 11:49 while watching the interview, I receive this incoming article from my niece.


    Whitley, do you have a sense that you could be understanding the GREEN LANGUAGE?

  21. The initial most important case was Betty and Barney Hill = an inter-racial couple! Here is the next most significant case: a group of children of mixed genetics lines, mixed cultures, mixed religions (and I might assume most of the children played together without racism or religious bigotry)! The message sent clearly: ACCEPT DIVERSITY as a treasure!

    1. Too true! As the Glory of the Unknowable Essence (Bahá’u’lláh) taught between 1863 and 1892CE: “The Earth is one country and humanity its citizens” and “Ye are the leaves of one branch, the fruits of one tree.”

  22. Too true! As the Glory of the Unknowable Essence (Bahá’u’lláh) taught between 1863 and 1892CE: “The Earth is one country and humanity its citizens” and “Ye are the leaves of one branch, the fruits of one tree.”

  23. “I think it very likely – in fact inevitable – that biological intelligence is only a transitory phenomenon, a fleeting phase in the evolution of the universe,” says Paul Davies, a British-born theoretical physicist, cosmologist, astrobiologist and Director of the Beyond Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science and Co-Director of the Cosmology Initiative at Arizona State University. “If we ever encounter extraterrestrial intelligence, I believe it is overwhelmingly likely to be post-biological in nature.”

    Lets say for the sake of discussion he is right. Might not such societys take pity on biological sentients like us, and give us a fish, while they try and teach us to fish ?

    By that i mean upload our experience sets at death, until such stage as we have the technology to do so for ourselves ? “We recycle souls……”

    The guest mentions a quote, we thought they were gods until we recognised they were using technology.

    We are working on the technology to do this very thing, once we have it we will be on parity with them.

    But many people find the idea of a technological mechanism for post biological continuance very scary.

    Is this the “secret” that would cause mass panic

    One experiencer on remarking they looked ugly, was told dont say that one day you will look like this. Was that “you” a personal reference rather than a general reference to our species ? they can be disturbingly literal sometimes cant they ? An almost aspergers honesty in whats said.

    If Davies is right, then that might be the answer


      The second least understood term in the Drake equation is the last: L, the longevity of a civilization. Sagan fretted that L might be rather short if alien civilizations mirrored human, with our known warlike tendencies. There is a strong case that emotion-bound biological intelligence is likely to be short-lived, not only for Sagan’s reason (nuclear annihilation), but also because biological intelligence is surely but a transitory phase in the evolution of intelligence in the universe. Already on Earth much intellectual heavy-lifting is being done by computers, and we can foresee a time when designed artificial systems will outsmart humans in almost every capacity. An extraterrestrial civilization of, say, ten million years duration is most unlikely to be dominated by flesh-and-blood sentient beings, but by complex designed and manufactured systems of the nth iteration. Looking for techno-signatures of post-biological systems is a huge challenge given that futurists tend to extrapolate from human civilization, which is shaped by mainly biological factors. Given the unknowns, it makes sense to be alert to the possibility (however remote) of alien techno-signatures in any observational database to which we have ready access, including of course SETI data, but also data from any astronomical, biological, geological and planetary databases https://meetings.seti.org/Search_Extraterrestrial_Life_Post_Biological_Intelligence.html

  24. oh indeed a glitch- you need to get someone to sort out the audio and try to isolate a voice- this time it is a bit “spooky”

  25. Am so the only one who downloaded the HQ audio file and found that if starts over from the beginning @ 47:01? Right after Whitley announces the trailer…..

  26. Author

    You’re almost certainly using an Apple product like an iPhone or an iPad. These products do not have file management and when they run out of memory they revert back to the beginning. To correct this, download the Filer app and run the program through the app. Either that or try the low rez version.

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