Stewart Alexander is one of the most renowned physical mediums of our time. He is also a reclusive man and gives few interviews. Our mutual friend, Leslie Kean, has convinced him to appear here on Dreamland and on Jeffrey Mishlove’s New Thinking Allowed.

As a result, we have this marvelous discussion between Whitley and Stewart to enjoy. Whitley read Stewart’s book prior to publication and said of it, “Reading An Extraordinary Journey, one cannot fail to come to an awareness that there is another level to reality. This book is an inspiration and a joy.”

Leslie Kean in her epilogue says “I will never forget the I finished reading the first edition of An Extraordinary Journey, a book that changed my life.”

This interview explores the mystery of physical mediumship and the fact that we are finally approaching a point at which the denial that has so diminished the power of our civilization is being overwhelmed by an avalanche of evidence that we are not what science and the media tell us, meat puppets with no future beyond this brief life.

Listen and be inspired to insight and question. This is pure Dreamland gold.

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  1. How can I know this is real rather than have a belief? I was a big believer in the whole UFO stuff but when I asked for something to show up while holding a copy of your book The Key, an orb about half a size bigger than a tennis ball flew across my fence. It jittered very gracefully and dissapeared. I felt really suprised, it was as if part of me didn’t really believe it. I was fully awake on a cold night and it didn’t seem to come out of my expectations. I always imagined these sort of things would be like spaceships or UFOS in the distance.

    I wonder how I can have this sort of experience in this sort of area. As crazy as this sounds, if I can be helped along this path ,even if it terrifies me on some level I think it will give me peace at a deep level. Belief doesn’t really do this when you are challenged, at least that’s how it felt. Hook me up Mr Strieber, I’m open to Anne, too!. Haha.

  2. Author

    I think that orbs are souls. I have nothing to back that up, though. It’s a feeling.

    Glad for you to have an affirming experience like that!

    1. I’ve had blue orbs show up around me most of my life. They just sort of buzz around for perhaps at most 10 seconds and are then gone. I have had 2 pure white orbs, and both times I also sensed a deceased soul here. The first time, the white orb bobbed around the frame of the door into my bedroom, as if shy to enter. I invited it in, and it floated over to me and then vanished. Then later that night, I was awoken in a sudden start. The white orb was floating over my bare leg in bed. I was still semi-sleepy and calmly asked “What are you doing?” and got back what felt like a thought bubble. I mean that I knew the answer but it was an instant knowing, not a sequence of words. The thought bubble said in effect “I am storing some information temporarily in your knee cells”. For some reason, that seemed perfectly logical to me at the time and I fell asleep. This was not a dream and I often wonder if this so-called information is still there. It is strange being used as a filing cabinet for an orb. It almost felt like the orb was putting this information in a place where no one else in the orb world would ever find it.

    2. I believe orbs, in general, are different things depending on circumstances. But i do know from years of personal experience that some are highly aware and intelligent— they likely are souls.

  3. My friend had died in a car crash 2 weeks before, though it could be unrelated, I only found out after the experience. It could have been a hallucination, but I hope I can have more.experiences like this. I’m kind of obsessed with it now.

    i wonder who it was.

    1. I’ve had blue orbs show up around me most of my life. They just sort of buzz around for perhaps at most 10 seconds and are then gone. I have had 2 pure white orbs, and both times I also sensed a deceased soul here. The first time, the white orb bobbed around the frame of the door into my bedroom, as if shy to enter. I invited it in, and it floated over to me and then vanished. Then later that night, I was awoken in s sudden start. The white orb was floating over my leg. I was still semi-sleepy and asked “What are you doing?” and got back what felt like a thought bubble. I mean that I new the answer but it was an instant knowing, not a sequence of words. The thought bubble said in effect “I am storing some information temporarily in your knee cells”. For some reason, that seemed perfectly logical to me at the time and I fell asleep.

    2. I am very sorry about your friend’s death in a car crash only 2 weeks ago. That must be very hard to deal with. By your photo you seem to be a very young man. May I offer you some old man advice? Don’t let the theatrical effects of the paranormal dazzle you. While it may seem like fun to see orbs and you may wish to see and communicate with the dead, please be careful. Not everything out there has your best interest in mind, and the paranormal will not jump through hoops to entertain you. But it might seduce you and attach itself to you in detrimental ways. This isn’t all unicorns and pixie dust. There is some real negative stuff out there. I do not wish to taint your expectations, but please don’t go into this naively. Hopefully, if you have loving guides, they won’t let you experience anything that you can’t handle. But bear in mind that what matters in life is spiritual growth and development. None of that requires spiritual theatrics with orbs, spaceships or glowing figures. What matters most in life doesn’t make guest appearances. It is within you. When it is your turn to die, which must seem like a thousand years from now, you can’t take any of the theatrics with you. And they are basically irrelevant. But you can take your integrity and good character with you. Don’t waste your life on theatrics. and instead focus on what matters and lives on. (I can hear you saying “OK, Boomer”). LOL

  4. Author

    I am well aware of that obsessed feeling, believe me! Maybe it was your friend. There are lots of orb reports that seem related to the recently departed.

  5. Author

    Me, too, but Leslie Kean is convinced that he’s the real deal and he is certainly very well spoken. Reading his book, I asked myself if all these people would really be living lifetimes of lies? For what? As improbable as it seems and as much as all the business about lights out makes it appear to be fake, I think that they are sincere.

  6. I am so confused. I heard this interview on December 18th. When I went back to listen a second time I couldn’t find it. Now it is here again. Did this play once before or did I have a time slip? I wrote Whitley on Facebook about it on Dec 18th so I have proof that I am remembering this correctly.

    1. Author

      It was recorded on December 12. If it briefly played on the 18th, I was unaware of it or don’t recall this happening. I also don’t recall your FB message.
      Timeslip or not, take it from me, we’ll probably never know for sure.

      1. On the 18th and again now Stewart’s audio is unintelligible to me. I am sure some were able to listen with better equipment but on my iPhone 11, earbuds and head phones, I could only pick out a word here and there. Poor telephone service lines at his location or whatever his issue is, I am sorry I have missed this dreamland episode.

        1. I have noticed that too . Had great difficulty understanding what Mr Alexander was saying, while Mr Strieber’s voice was crystal clear. It happens with other guests sometimes, but this podcast was very hard to follow.
          Wish everyone a happy new year.

          1. Not to pile on but, rather, to validate your experience. I tried listening to the Dreamland podcast with Stewart Alexander, too. Whitley’s voice was perfectly clear, but Mr. Alexander’s was not.

            When I listened more closely, I heard distortion of his voice, as well as noise in the signal. I wonder what equipment he used at his end? It is always a disappointment to have to miss a Dreamland interview, for any reason.

          2. Author

            We have redone the file. Hopefully it sounds better. The original sounded fine for me and for our sound editor. What we did on this pass was to take out some of the low frequencies. Listen again and hopefully it’s easier to hear.

      2. I believe in time slips! I just had a major one that shook me to my core.

  7. I just wanted to express how grateful I am for learning about the Electromagnetic Brain. I believe it explains the idea of reincarnation best for me. I think the knowledge of a “past” life and even perhaps deja vous is like the bleed through on magnetic audio tape due to the strength of the signal recorded and the condition and quality of the tape coating. We just sometimes pick up the signals due to entanglement.

  8. I love hearing about the old stories of spiritualism and home circles here in the UK. Looking forward to reading the book.

    Thanks Whitley for the interview, great stuff.

  9. Several ancient traditions explain about the three worlds or three realms: The underworld of the dead (Dark Matter), the boundary of the living and what we refer to as the Universe, and the Celestial realm (Bright Energy).

    The dead, while having some perspective, do not really know much more than in their life. I am sure that Whitley’s Anne acting as a familiar spirit is a great blessing in his life. She was wise in life and can serve as a wise companion. There are also many evil predator beings in the underworld who are desperate and have no option to get a life. Life incarnate in this world is a divine blessing.

    I have known many good people who are spiritualists, but: Let us not lose sight of the Celestial realm. It is also fully populated with transcendental beings and also countless beings that have moved beyond reincarnation from countless worlds. Life is short: Contemplate deeply what you wish to seek and where you seek to explore.

    1. “Contemplate deeply what you wish to seek and where you seek to explore.” It seems that very few take the time to do this, even though each one of us has this ability. Our fast-paced, interconnected and virtual world has gotten the upper hand in capturing our minds and distracting us with constant stimuli. Consider the ever-present stream of national news: important, yes, but ultimately an emotionally manipulative black hole that can leave us unsettled, unfocused and anxious over things we can exert little or no control. Our iPhones were literally designed to keep us attached to their sensory output like a diver tethered to his oxygen tank. As a result, it feels like it takes more effort than ever before to rise above the short term distractions of daily life to connect with our silent selves. When I see some of our youth today, who dive into their phones or laptops at every turn, I become concerned that their minds are already conditioned for distraction, and, as a result, that they may struggle to soar in ways that previous generations did not have to contend with. Anyway, thank you, Sunbow, for an inspiring post.

  10. Author

    Lovely, wise words. Doing this site is so hard, but when I see a post like this, Sunbow, I am powerfully reminded of how very worthwhile it is. Thank you.

  11. Stewart Alexander is a lovely soul… he is not lying about anything.

  12. This is one of the most incredible shows I’ve ever heard. I lay in a hot salt bath listening & the fascinating discussion held my attention like a laser.

    Since just before Christmas I’ve been waking with a person standing by the bed which has been a little unsettling. That situation changed into hearing a faint voice telling me that there was someone kneeling by my bed.

    Now that I’ve returned to work after the holidays I haven’t experienced anything during the night but I can’t help but feel that something is changing in this world that brings them closer to us or us closer to them.


  13. Thank you for this interview Stewart Alexander, I totally believe.

    Just want to post a few things. When you said White Feather, this is the Native American Indian that comes to mind.

    “Hopi Native American Indian named White Feather of the Bear Clan (the most sacred of all the Hopi clans).”

    As I listened to this interview late (Sunday afternoon), I was reminded of a dream I woke up with on this Sunday as well. You both spoke of colors red/green/white. I had the most vivid color of YELLOW in this dream, unusual in that it stood out, and, in most dreams I do not always remember colors especially in such a vibrant way.

    I am walking across a wooden bridge; the bridge is not ancient. There is a metal bridge railing but not sufficient enough to keep people from walking close to the edge. I am an observer and now see a beautiful little girl around the age of 3 and she has gone under the rail and is standing on the very edge of this bridge. She has on a YELLOW dress so vibrant that it almost hurts my eyes to look at it. My heart is in my throat, she is in danger of falling into (?) I cannot see if there is water beneath us or land, we are up extremely high. A woman appears and pulls the little girl back to safety. I am assuming this is her mother, the mother is shaking but the little girl is NOT. She knew what she was about and knew she was not in any danger. She was in balance. 

    I start to walk off this bridge when the little girl does it again. Mom grabs her away from the edge of the bridge.

    I am now talking to what appears to be the manager of this place, probably a park and ask him to please install more protection on this bridge so people cannot get to the edge. He responds by saying, “we cannot do that, we cannot put up barriers, it is the responsibility of parents to keep their children safe.” I then ask him, “do people ever fall?” He replies with a, “YES.”

    Now I am in a room and sitting across from a man (?) To his right sits a teenage girl around 14 years of age. To her right is what looks like twin girls around the same age. All I remember at this point in the dream is saying, “he will have to come back and live at least 100 physical lives to overcome his karma. The girl with the dark hair gives me a blank look while the twins understand what I am saying. The girl with the dark dark hair asks me to repeat what I have said about karma, I do but she still has that blank look. She simply does not understand the word karma, does not understand the concept.

    This is all I can remember in regards to the dream. 

  14. Whitley is correct: buy the book. The history and stories are fascinating. Stewart’s writing skills are excellent. I was not at all familiar with physical mediumship and only wish I could sit in a circle once to have the experience.

  15. When I heard trumpets, pitch dark, ectoplasm, my first reaction was annoyed skepticism. I listened to the interview and found it interesting enough that I bought the book..half way through, now I’m not so sure…if this is true, this is pretty mind blowing stuff!, and certainly worth investigating.

  16. I find it very hard to accept that people can lead double lives like this and hide what they do from their own family. If my dad turned round to me and said here you go son this is a book about my other life, I’d end up in therapy.

  17. I wish this interview came out clearer on your guests side. It was very hard to understand him. But then again I could hear some of what he was saying and it was amazing. I hope you have him on again on dreamland Whitley, it sounds like he has a lot of great stories to listen to and to learn from!

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