Whitley goes it alone on Dreamland this week, and this is just a beautiful, amazing show. He does this so that he can both talk about the May 17 congressional UFO briefing and then the incredible experiences he has had over the past three weeks, which include a bizarre intrusion into his home, a sophisticated attempt to hack Unknowncountry.com, his first UFO sighting in years that took place on the evening of Sunday, May 15, a strange telepathic conversation that took place afterward and a bizarre email that confirms that the conversation really happened.

It contains a description of one of the most chilling and yet beautiful dreams of the end-times that has probably ever been described by anybody–short, poetic, chilling and somehow inspiring.

This is a really extraordinary show. Just flat-out INCREDIBLE!

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  1. Whitley Strieber at his best! Whitley, you look great in the natural light. Your intrusions seem to be mere harassment. Maybe your website is used as a training exercise for government techno agents. “First one to bring it down gets an A in the class. Have at it!” I can see no other reason since this kind of information is available all over the internet now, so shutting down your site would have no impact on the plethora of information expanding each day online. This isn’t to detract from the uniqueness of the site, but if the intent was mindless repression of information, I think that battle is lost unless they (whoever they may be) take down the entire internet. For that reason, it seems like pure harassment just for the challenge of it. Or a group of people who are totally insane or hold a grudge. Were you ever rude to a waiter in West Hollywood? Trust me, they never forget!

    1. Actually, after some thought I can say that bartenders in West Hollywood are merciless when crossed.

    2. I wonder if many other UFO Sites like Earthfiles etc also got attacked recently? Otherwise, must be true what you said! P.S. Whitley, you said your UFO physical evidence is in your home. Maybe they were looking for that.

    3. I couldn’t agree more Will. Of course we enjoy the guests and the mix of ideas they bring but I miss the ‘talks’ Mr Strieber used to give as subscriber content. Small things like appreciating Saturday mornings, going for a walk, or even visiting new towns for the first time. I’d enjoy hearing Mr Strieber’s take on such things, even if it sounds a bit daft (do Americans even use that term?).

      1. I am American and use the word “daft”. But I watch a lot of BBC programs. LOL

    4. Wondering where Whitley is today!? I hope everything’s OK. I look forward to my Friday Whitley podcast drop! I’m a subscriber and I really enjoy this podcast. I hope you’re OK Whitley.

    5. I hope Whitley is OK no podcast drop for this Friday. Wheatley are you OK out there? Hang in there!

  2. Whitley, Thank you for this podcast!
    Yes, there is “a lot of good stuff here. A lot of good stuff.”
    So sorry that your home was invaded and system hacked.
    Why on earth are you so hated and maligned? You and Anne have such enormous valuable and even sacred knowledge and strength that are so coveted and feared by those others, they feel they have to attack to stop you from helping the rest of us grow and develop.

    Love your dreams. Mine have been muddled and murky for the past 2.5 years. Nothing prophetic or spectacular. However, I did have one beautifully lucid dream where I saw a deceased relative. I was so shocked and happy, all I could say was, ” Is that you? Are you here? Are you really here?” Then it was over and back to murky muddledom.

    Blessings, dear. And many thanks for your exceptional work.

  3. Author

    I often wonder why I’m hassled so much. I think it’s because I’m public and articulate.

    1. Yes Whitley you are public and articulate but also believable, credible and influencial among “searchers”. Perhaps I should quote my favourite one of Einstein’s, which is…….”great spirits often encounter violent opposition from mediocre minds”!!! That is what I think is happening here.

        1. William I had to check out Preston Dennett and as I’m sure you know, there is a heck of a lot to check!! I think I know what you meant…….I think I know??!!

    2. Maybe also because you come off as not-crazy and so may be taken more seriously than some?

  4. What happened to the Paul Sinclair Dreamland on weird phenomena in Yorkshire England. Listened to half the podcast and when I returned this podcast is now the May 20th offering for Dreamland.

    1. W..

      Get a safe deposit box for the bismuth magnesium piece..someone is after that and maybe more..you!

      1. A few years back I took a look at bismuth and was amazed. It looked like a crystal stairway. I immediately wanted to buy some but my guide said “Wait until it is given.” Fair enough, I thought. Still waiting, but that’s absolutely ok. Hearing the advice was perfect really, and imprisoning the bismuth in a drawer wouldn’t have been right anyway. A stairway to heaven deserves an open meadow.

  5. Wonderful show.
    I was kind of doubtful about the government saying anything new about UFOs. It was what I expected: more denials, more bullshit.
    I wonder if someone from our government is behind the attempted hack on your computer. I don’t see why any other group would care enough to pull off such a well coordinated attack.
    Well carry on Whitley. I’m rooting for you!

  6. I suspect major classified cases and information on intelligence positions were destroyed in that NARA fire “accidentally.” Researching my father’s and uncle’s service records, both destroyed in that fire. They were involved in classified positions and incidents.

  7. It was wonderful to see you in person and hear your presentation at UFOfest in McMinnville. I had tickets to see you there two years ago, but of course that didn’t pan out. I’m so grateful you rescheduled. And I think I managed to convince the person I was sitting next to at your talk to become a Dreamland subscriber (I tried hard, anyway).

  8. Hi whitley,

    You right about the importance of keeping your website and others like yours going I resubcribed to yours again. This time it was more of an urgency to do so. I believe you maybe right big changes could be coming.

  9. Wow. I wonder if they planted a physical or software keylogger? Reminds me of a Mr. Robot episode!
    Anyway, I am still a subscriber and will keep renewing.
    Thank you Whitley.

  10. About three weeks ago, some time after waking up, I had a sudden download, like you do with dreams, or after astral travel… only a fleeting memory… but in it, I was talking face to face with the person from the front cover of Communion. It was a calm exchange and quite at odds with my normal reaction to her face. I have to admit, even now, if I see that book cover, I turn it upside down, or put something over it! Anyway, try as I might, I couldn’t remember anything of what we had talked about…maybe it will come with time.

    1. Curious you should mention the cover of Communion. I used to have the same, negative response, but these days I find the image to be smiling and friendly. I don’t imagine the image has changed, which implies that I have.

      1. I wonder what your reaction would be, if she turned up at your front door and rang the door bell? Would you hide behind the sofa until she went away, or be brave enough to open the door?

        Me…probably the former, if I’m being completely honest!…but I’d probably regret it later, after I’d calmed down.

  11. Don’t let anything the New York Post puts out rattle your cage too much, Mr. Whitley. A good portion of the population considers them disreputable–especially those in the field of journalism. Hacker news.

  12. Hello Whitley, I have never written to you before but I feel that I really wanted to today. Thanks to Linda M.H. I had knowledge of what time and the YouTube address to be able to watch your Govt’s dept of defence (hope I have this correct) talking on UAPs, E.Ts etc the other day and immediately I had finished watching it I wrote to Linda to tell her that I was worried about her and people such as yourself Whitley, I felt strongly that what was said was a threat to everyone who is interested/believe in and talk publicly about these things ,the threat seemed to be very clear . I was really keen to listen to your show this morning and I was sad to hear what happened to you and it made me even more convinced that what I heard/felt was correct. I cannot remember who said it that day on the YouTube Congressional Hearing but there it was. I hope you stay safe and thank you for your show this morning. You appear very stoic after what you have just been through. I too feel deeply that changes are on the way. .Take care. Isabel

  13. “…but they’re comin’. Comin’ down the road right at us.” – yep.

        1. The circus / circus people have been known to be a screen memory for the Visitors…much like oversized owls, big rabbits and deer.

          The clown, has a jovial pretence, an outer mask…a facade hiding who knows what behind. Have you seen the cover to ‘Passport to Magonia’? The phenomena hides behind many masks…why not a clown? Ever wondered why so many people find clowns so unsettling?

          1. I always hated clowns, especially harlequins. When I was a teenager I had to leave a party that friends of my girlfriend’s family organised and where everyone was wearing masks. They were all cool artistic people and I was a native to the little village all these people came to live in. The masks weren’t even scary and it was daytime and I was so embarrassed that someone had to take me home because I was completely freaked out. Much later I came to realise that I was afraid of masks because you cannot deduce intention from a motionless face. But then again I had a perfectly happy childhood in a small village where bad things simply weren’t happening. Could you recommend something to read up on this mask aspect?Just yesterday I wrote down one of Whitley’s quotes: “Follow your curiosity rather than your fear”. So I guess I need to work on that because this is an ongoing thing. I can’t bring myself to watch “Joker” with Joaquin Phoenix although I even named my son after him.

          2. Ahh, I see your reference now. It was tough to glean from your reply. Thanks for the clarification.

  14. Hi Whitley,
    Great show, I always appreciate your insight. About Skinwalker Ranch I have read a couple books and watched the show on the History channel since the beginning. There is an UAP which appears whenever they start investigating an area called the Triangle on the Ranch. It seems to me it as though it is some kind of guardian because it appears when they get too close to something it does not want known. Aside from that, I have not read or seen anything of a positive nature coming from the Ranch. Visitors to the Ranch have had health issues, spirits following them home, and many negative incidents when and after they have been there. I don’t think it a good place for soul improvement!

    1. But the souvenir tee shirts at the skin walker gift shop are quite unique! I bought one with rhinestones around a portal from which emerged a Big Foot figure. I wear it to Mass on Sunday which prompts Father Buffy to give me 2 wafers instead of just one!

      1. Do you watch David Paulides YouTube videos Will? He’s very interesting.

  15. It was Gordon Cooper’s cinetheodolite crew, not Cooper himself, who witnessed and photographed a strange craft at Edwards. However, Cooper did view the negatives.

    Forgive me for nitpicking.

  16. My first thoughts about the intrusion into your property, was that they might be after that layered Bismuth / Magnesium piece…but I was wondering, why they riffled through draws, if it was just about inserting a key logger? Maybe just to let you know they’d been there?

  17. I ended up stranded at work and miles from home last night. Driving home this morning, thundering across the British landscape, I calmed my inner yeeow! and enjoyed listening to Mr Strieber just talk.

    Mind reading. I have come to accept that several groups have access to ‘mind reading’ tech. I don’t think that Human agencies have perfected it though. No, rather that they are currently using a primitive control level cypher-based system that allows snapshots, or ‘glimpses’ of thoughts. They aren’t currently masters of this insight-tech. I suspect that they have married this tech with predictive AI algorithms to project ‘best gain’ insight snapshots into an individual’s essential choice likelihood.

    Par for the course. Had my home entered many a time. If a book is disturbed it was left so deliberately. Just move on, let them get on with it.

    The time will come when we may very well by-pass all the channels they use to communicate. At that point, they cease to be relevant to us.

    One last thing. Your Roman self, I knew you, at least I think I see who you were. You were a young boy and you wore a short dark brown ‘skirt’ as we’d call it. You were fast, quick, a good runner. A good learner too. Good with Greek.

    You viewed ‘big-men’ as scary and dangerous. I see a name that reflects my own but I shan’t repeat it here. We’re bound, really, to life, both in memory and extant. It’s the same but of course it’s not fashionable to think that, yet it’s true, isn’t it?


  18. “You appear very stoic after what you have just been through. I too feel deeply that changes are on the way. .” ISAPAT

    I was thinking the very same thing. Mr. Strieber talks about the harassments and scariness with a lot of grace.

  19. As time goes by, the more things get weirder and weirder regarding this phenomenon. Perhaps by design. Humans will never be able to understand the visitors, or whoever’s behind the UFO experience, without taking their own leap in evolutionary consciousness. If those who are very deep in the experience can’t explain things like mysterious pregnancies, semen extraction, and presentations of hybrid children, then the general public will never be able to accept them for who they are. We will have to rise to the occasion to meet them face to face as equals.

    I don’t know what to make of the congressional hearings. I refer back to the notion that the visitors are in control of the entire process of disclosure. I see it more as a planting of seeds.

    The visitors will remain on the periphery of our awareness. If they were ever at the forefront without us being ready, our civilization will collapse. It’s better for them to be held within the mythological record. What we need now is a better narrative, as events continue to speed up toward a reckoning on our part. We desperately need to find a way to get past the silly, shallow folklore of the sterile aliens from Area 51 beaming up people and performing anal probe procedures that serves no real importance within our culture, like graffiti on a wall. What that new narrative will look like is anybody’s guess, but it will serve its purpose of keeping the visitors within our collective consciousness without disrupting our own evolutionary journey.

  20. Whitley is not alone in having his problems with his site, and the timing of the hearing on UFOs is rich! Mercury retrograde has been occurring, and will continue for several more days. I’m not big into astrology myself, but my partner is an astrologer, and the one thing I take seriously is the period about 4 times a year when this happens (I’ll leave it to you all to learn about it.)

    Mercury is also somewhat of a trickster…So also keep that in mind.

    Back in 2015 I put a small investment into the production of the documentary, ‘Ariel Phenomenon’, and have been following its production ups and downs ever since that time. It is about the experience of children at the Ariel School in Zimbabwe that had a very extraordinary experience with beings on the playground. All the children are adults now, and the late John Mack interviewed these children not long after it happened. I also gave some input, and I’m anxious to see if they followed up on some things I pointed out to them (One of which was the late Jim Marrs mentioning in one of his books, years ago, that the government’s remote viewing program included ‘seeing’ an underground UFO base—in Zimbabwe. The production team was not aware of that.)

    ‘Ariel Phenomenon’ was supposed to be released yesterday for viewing, but they encountered problems. Today : “Thank you for your patience as we experienced an unexpected crash of our server yesterday. Anyone who rents (or has rented) the film Friday, 5/27, will have a 72 hr rental period.” So…Hopefully, after all this time, I’ll be viewing it this afternoon.

    In general, odd things have picked up for me during the last month, but not so much the UFO kind—more like shifts in consciousness and awareness, that also includes those in my ‘circle’, and new people that have become a part of that circle, which is growing.

    Keep us apprised, Whitley (I know you will!)

  21. “Mercury is also somewhat of a trickster.”

    Gosh, I’ve had so many odd things happen to me just in the past week. Just to name a few, my seller account on Amazon was abruptly terminated because of a small technical error, then the spring on my garage door broke, forcing me to stay home-bound for a day (I guess that’s not such a bad thing). Then last night I got a flat tire.

    That’s just naming a few things. All week I’ve felt “held back” on the things I think I should be doing. Frustrating!

    1. Let it all unfold at its own pace. Make a pot of Yorkshire tea, sit back and relax. Peace.

  22. Do I recall Whitley mentioning damage to the myelin sheath? I remember talking to an occupational health nurse years ago about how that can be a cause of some cases of OCD, which I was suffering from at the time. Omega-3 fatty acids, which contain EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) are supposed to help repair it.

    1. I always wondered why I felt compelled to take Omega-3. I assumed it was because my Mum said I should and maybe that is why… 🙂

      1. Yes, the body does tend to telegraph what it needs. Most don’t bother listening.

  23. I love this image of a telepathic jellyfish. It fits so well with what you described as the “anamorphic”, “white thing”. I think I will have to meditate on that idea for a while.

    1. There is something known as the ‘Petrozavodsk phenomenon’ from 1977, where there were several reports of a jellyfish-like UFO over Russia and Finland. I seem to remember there being a spate of reports of jellyfish-like UFOs around the same time that the ‘Dragonfly drones’ were being reported (see Earthfiles for details). Also, there are reports of so-called ‘Angel hair’ being shed from UFOs in flight, which would probably look reminiscent of a jellyfish…and if the ship itself were sentient… there you have it… the next best thing to an actual telepathic jellyfish!

      A few more nuggets extracted fromt T’Interweb in general and UC…

      “… There is a God in Japan who, in myths, had no bones. His name was Ebisu, and he protects fishermen, bringing them good fortune. The Jellyfish is one of his sacred creatures. The beauty of Ebisu (and by extension the Jellyfish) is even with physical limitations, he was a humorous deity sometimes referred to as the Laughing God…”.

      “God laughs and plays” — Meister Eckhart.


      1. Hi Sherbet UFO. Thanks for the above reply. That line of thought didn’t have a reply button left so I do it here! Magonia is next on the list. I read Levenda’ s „Gods, Man and War“ at the moment. If our religions and our desire for science originate in some real events, it might be interesting to tackle the phenomenon from the side of „irrational fears“ that a lot of children have. There could be real events too. It might be an indication that „contact“ is pretty common. I guess we need more John Macks …

        1. The subconscious is extremely powerful. We have the illusion of control because we believe we have a conscious choice but mostly, it is the subconscious that dictates our actions. So maybe that is why experiences are purposefully hidden… to train our subconscious without the conscious mind getting in the way…or, as you suggested it could explain some ‘irrational’ fears… Essentially the subconsious reacting to a learned, or perceived threat, without being consciously aware of why.

  24. Finally got to see ‘Ariel Phenomenon’…I am really proud of this film, and after 7 years, it is an even better documentary than I felt it would be! My deep interest in what happened in Zimbabwe in 1994 was galvanized by the late Dr. John Mack and his exploration, at risk to his career, in attempting to help the traumatized children of the Ariel School. The key, that I realized years ago, is the setting and name of the school: ‘Ariel’ is the name of the Archangel of Nature. If ‘A Tear in the Sky’ is about the science and proof of a very real experience, ‘Ariel Phenomenon’ is about the heart and soul of the experience.

  25. So interesting Cosmic. I happened upon a book through Kindle Unlimited. What is Lightbody? Channeled by Tashira Tachi-ren. I don’t read a lot of channeled material but I trust that I’m drawn to what I need to be focusing on at any given time. I read it with interest as so much of it aligned with the internal dialogue that began back in the 1980’s for me. I decided to buy the hard copy through Thriftbooks. It arrived and I was surprised to see the being that’s channeled is Archangel Ariel! Somehow that had escaped my notice in the Kindle version. So, not knowing who Archangel Ariel is I did a bit of research. For me, archangels personify an archetypal connection to the heart of God. ‘Ariel Phenomenon’ indeed! I’ll be watching it tonight. Thank you!

    1. SZ, I wrote to one of the assistant producers of ‘Ariel Phenomenon’ in 2015 and she didn’t know about ‘Ariel’ and was surprised when I mentioned it. These are the little clues that so many are missing. If you ever look at a great painting as a whole, then break it down and really look at everything in the painting, brushstrokes, the use of color, subject/objects, a whole different picture/story may emerge, and this phenomenon is the same—we have to go deeper.

      1. Thanks for letting us now about the film being released. Its definately on my to watch list! The congress thing is just a bitty baby step, but at least its finally in the right direction. It’s frustrating nevertheless that their still clenching on to their secrets so hard…

  26. Maybe they are just interested in preserving the game. Perhaps past extinction events are just reboots. Like many gamers, they don’t want to start over. I think our souls are just fine. Some just play the game ruthlessly while others take a kindness approach, all working to the same end. Occasionally some become so damaging they must be removed from play to preserve the game for others. Just a thought. Also enjoyed your talk at festival. Did you know a jellyfish like thing has been spotted in the sky and in space on multiple occasions ?

  27. Listening to Whitley is like a deep breath of fresh air — such a treasure.

    As for jellyfish aliens — the only UFO I’ve clearly seen (and by “UFO” I do mean “unidentified” ) was a giant Jellyfish hovering above San Bruno Mt. near SF. I was driving on the 101 freeway and was more shocked that no one else noticed it. This was probably 25 years ago.

    Anyone else see UFO that looked like jellyfish?

      1. I hadn’t heard of jellyfish UFOs and will go look into this!

        This is all a serious matter– but I can’t help but think of the Flying Spaghetti Monster….

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