The human journey is meant to be one of awakening. But we are drawn off the true path by the constant noise of the world around us. Or are we? Perhaps we can find the path if we trust it to find us. This program marks one of the few times that two people deeply engaged in inner search based on the principles established by G.I.Gurdjieff have spoken together in a public forum about the process of engaging in what he called "work."

In a world awash in ways, truths and directions, what might such people consider to be a true path?

Listen and Whitley Strieber asks Fran Shaw how we might begin to engage in real inner work given that, as Gurdjieff said, "man cannot do?"

What else is there but doing?

There is something else, and if you listen, you will hear it slipping between these lines like a flash of sunlight that opens a door for us by unexpectedly gleaming upon a spoon.

Lord Have Murphy is a funny, punny, brilliantly attentive doorway into the incredible richness of real connection with higher self and the immense world around us, of which we normally see so little.

Do not miss this delightful doorway into deeper search. "God laughs and plays," was one of the greatest insights of the 14th Century spiritual master Meister Eckhart. In "Lord Have Murphy" we have the chance to laugh and play back!

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In the second half of Dreamland, Whitley Strieber asks Fran Shaw about her extraordinary journal of a time spent with Gurdjieff master Dr. Michel de Salzmann (1923-2001). She offers ideas, based on Dr. deSalzmann's lectures and approach to the Work, about what it means to wake up, and experience the subtle energy of attention that is all around us. There is a great difference between what one 'does' with attention and what one can receive from another, greater attention that has the power to transform.

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