Paul Sinclair is a well-known and well-respected researcher into unexplained phenomena, based in a fishing town on the East Yorkshire coast of England. Paul was inspired by his own inexplicable experiences to investigate further into the meaning behind them and why they seem to be concentrated in certain geographical areas. 

We welcome him back to Dreamland for another riveting discussion, this time about his newest book ‘Truthproof 4 – Beyond Reasonable Doubt’, and the incredible material Paul came across while conducting his research for it. Among other things, you are going to hear the weirdest and most convincing story of what might have been a werewolf that has perhaps ever been told–let alone experienced by two men trying to enjoy a peaceful camping trip!

Paul and Whitley’s discussion will take you on a journey through the world of the unknown, including a werewolf sighting in Broxa Forest, a huge flying pyramid in Wales that resulted in some sort of apparent extensive military action, the possible existence of a seventh sense, sheep mutilations that work just like US cattle mutilations, and a fisherman who had a time slip while fishing for cod.

Paul’s recounts may seem like a series of strange campfire horror stories, but they’re completely, terrifyingly and incredibly REAL!

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  1. this is dreamland! thanks whitley for such a fun listen-iam half welsh and lived in the uk for a long time-really enjoyed your discussion with paul!

  2. I suspect the one critical thread that connects all these seemingly disperate phenomena, is our own consciousness…and because we don’t really understand that, we can’t make headway into properly understanding unexplained experiences.

    I wonder, if there was no one there to experience it, would the UFO, the Grey, the Elf, the Ghost, the Werewolf etc., still exist? It’s like the only reason it is there, is so that we recognise it…but is that because the phenomena itself wants to be recognised, as some external needy force, desperate for attention…or it is our own consciousness projecting these phenomena into our awareness, because it needs us to trigger introspection, as a seed to waking up…a positive feedback loop initiated, to allow us to become more and more conscious?

    Or could it be the Earth herself, just cultivating her crop, as she has done for countless ages?

    1. I was also asking myself if it is possible that our (un)consciousness is capable of projecting the Phenomenon into our reality. The only thing that somehow “feels” wrong about that is the fact that it would place humans into the centre of everything. Like you stated below I also think that the Phenomenon exists in its own right. Maybe consciousness is more like a tool or technology that various “people” have access to. And when they meet, silence is a side effect.

      1. I like to think of consciousness as an ocean…it has depths, swells, waves, shallows, spray – each of which is conscious to a particular degree. A droplet of that ocean might see itself as just that, seperate… but it comes from the same source.

        So, in your comment “…it would place humans into the centre of everything…”, is like saying it would place the droplets from the ocean at the centre of everything. I suspect it is the water that is important, not the form it takes.

        Maybe the phenomenon we have been discussing, is like the ocean hearing the droplet… and then deciding to create a wave, to remind the droplet where it came from?

        1. That is a really nice poetic way to describe something that is hard to understand and it also reminds me of Star Treck’s Odo.

      2. I agree that I believe that the phenomena exists in its own right, and is not appearing simply because we have somehow projected it from our own minds as a catalyst for growth. If the latter were true, and we could manifest instruments for our own growth, I would suggest that the world would be full of such events and each would be unique to the individual instead of a global “ufo” phenomena. I recently reread Ingo Swann’s book PENETRATION. There was an incident where he was taken to some extremely remote area where a UFO routinely appeared over a lake to suck up water after sending out some sort of energy field to kill any living being within a certain radius. This was not a learning experience for humanity. This was a self-contained intelligent machine floating above the lake taking in water. It was not there to provoke catalyst. Instead, it worked violently to prevent detection. I think we exchange one unknown with another unknown when we posit the idea that ufo’s are the product of unproven human mental powers. Everyone uses Jung’s archetypes as an explanation for the unknown, even though Jung simply suggested archetypes as a possibility, not a proven fact. He had a couple anecdotes to support the theory, but what he called archetypes could simply be human instinct. All golden retrievers have basically similar qualities. So do humans, although to us that qualities are not seen as instinct but instead assigned to magical qualities like archetypes or mind power. I was a very serious New Age practitioner for 20 years. At the end of all the meditation and study, I still was not able to use my mind to even move a grain of sand a half an inch. So these posited grand mental powers that supposedly create ufo’s would have to operate from a very deep subconscious level. But if the subconscious really has this much power, why aren’t we seeing just about anything you can imagine in our skies, from the Pillsbury Dough Boy to flying motor homes, traditional witches on brooms, banshees and a host of other paranormal facades unique to each culture. I just don’t like explaining 1 unknown with another unknown. It is like medieval physicians explaining illness (in the absence of any knowledge of germs, bacteria or viruses) as a touch of the devil.

        1. I agree that we should not try to explain one unknown with another. That is like inventing a God or religion to end the discussion. On the other hand we are so clueless that we can only speculate and throw around ideas. I also don’t have any “spiritual powers” but there are some people who have. Just like I can’t do high level math or win a beauty contest there are some who can. I really wonder what the existence of these “magical” powers says about the nature of our reality. I follow Buddy Bolton’s channel. Although I have no way of deciding whether he is the real deal or not I think that the ideas he presents are really interesting to chew on. I noticed that he keeps getting thin and thinner. A couple of days ago I woke up thinking that the general public might not have these powers because we all have too much fat and sugar in our system. Maybe the fact that ascetic behaviour is a precondition for “supernatural” powers is a balancing or control mechanism to prevent things from getting too weird and out of hand. In the same way I assume that there can only be one “source”. Having two or more would destabilise reality itself. Of course this line of thought does not exclude the phenomenon existing in it’s own right. Whatever we will eventually find out about the nature of reality for now it seems that it is certainly bigger and more populated than we previously postulated.

          1. Yeah, same is true with John St. Julian who does a lot of water fasts (and meditation).

  3. I thought there was a long-standing link between UFOs and bigfoot type creatures. I’m not too sure about the Visitors projecting that as a form of disguise, although I’m sure they could if they wished but I get the impression that Bigfoot is a creature in its own right. From the stories I’ve heard, it is quite possible they can move effortlessly between dimensions / realities (or whatever you want to call wherever they dissappear to), which may be the same places the Visitors can move between. Also, are the bigfoot creatures helping the Visitors willingly and if so, to what end?

    Another question… I wonder when everything goes quiet, whether that’s because the local wildlife senses danger… Or perhaps the experiencer temporarily slips into the home reality of the cryptids, where things are naturally quieter?

    1. It used to get eerily quiet at the cabin when they were around.

      1. But is it the animals being quiet/hiding or due to the listener having shifted to a different dimension or level of awareness?

      2. Are you familiar with „Quantum Paranormal“ (2020) by a technical specialist called Patrick Jackson? I just read it and I think he could have figured out the whole thing, including the eerie silence (haunted houses, ghosts, orbs, mutilations..). At the very least is is an interesting hypothesis.

    2. Another possibility mentioned by some abductees is that the paranormal takes place outside of time. People report that the world suddenly stops. They are on a very busy road and suddenly there is no traffic. Or they drive into a village and everyone is gone and there is no movement. Some have suggested that the encounter happens between seconds, as if time is temporarily left behind.

      1. I was listening to an interview with Roger Penrose yesterday, where he was discussing that light, having no mass and travelling as it does, exists outside of time. He also mentioned how the effects of gravity can be nullified by just travelling with the flow, as in freefall. I wonder if it could be possible for a bubble of space to somehow ‘freeeeeeefalllllll’ through time, thereby nullifying its effects?

        1. “Eddies,” said Ford, “in the space-time continuum.”
          “Ah,” nodded Arthur, “is he. Is he.”

          1. 😂 I love that ‘trilogy’.

  4. I recently had an experience when I had taken my dogs outside just before bedtime. I noticed the complete silence right away, which was unusual. I then heard a clear wood knock, and I greeted my visitor telepathically. The forest people like to make themselves known sometimes.

  5. More fun: I took my visiting friends up to a well known and very familiar area called Clark’s Fork. I love the place because it’s so lovely, and there a big dramatic drop off on the river creating a deep hole and scary, noisy waterfall. I love to show people. This one day we got down to the river and it was not the Clark’s Fork that I knew. There was no waterfall or dropoff. The road was different and he river was flowing gently. I was pretty embarrassed because I had told them how cool the place was, but it was a different place altogether. I believe we had slipped into another dimension.

    1. If the road and everything was different, could you have possibly taken the wrong road? No offense.

  6. Such an enjoyable, excellent show! I always enjoy hearing Paul Sinclair. Top notch.



    The Manheim Effect was the term used by Lieutenant Commander Data. “SIMILAR TO A TIME SLIP?”

    The Manheim Effect was the term used by Lieutenant Commander Data to describe the temporal distortions created as a byproduct of Doctor Paul Manheim’s time/gravity experiments. The Effect, which was caused by Manheim opening a “window” into another dimension on Vandor IV, consisted of a specific moment of time which repeated itself.

    The effect was first felt in 2364 by the crew of the USS Enterprise, which was in close proximity to the Vandor system. Investigating, the crew experienced the effect again, and learned that it was also experienced on the USS Lalo, a colony on Coltar IV, and in the Ilecom system, thousands of light years away. Questioning Dr. Manheim, they learned that the effect would continue unless the window into another dimension were to be closed.

    As Commander Data seemed to have an easier time withstanding the effects of the time distortions, Captain Picard ordered him to beam down to Manheim’s laboratory alone to seal the breach. As Data prepared to close the window by adding a specific amount of antimatter, he experienced another distortion, wherein three versions of Data from different points along the time continuum appeared. Realizing that only one of them was in the correct time period for adding the antimatter, they merged as the antimatter was added at the correct time and the distortions ceased. Responding to Captain Picard, who asked if the breach was closed, Data stated that it was “well patched.” (TNG: “We’ll Always Have Paris”)

    According to the games Star Trek: Armada and Star Trek: Armada II, the temporal distortion of the Manheim Effect was later on weaponized by Starfleet as the Gemini Effect. Some Nebula-class starships were armed with the device. A localized temporal disturbance was used to create a duplicate of the starship. This is further seen in Star Trek Online where the “Manheim Device” can be used to create two duplicates of a Mobius class destroyer.

  8. Great show Whitley,
    I was wondering maybe, the reason we’re having such a hard time with the shift in dimensions is the more we separate ourselves from nature the harder it is for us to except or be more open to the experience. I think that experience becomes frightening and jarring to are senses instead of a smooth transition. I know Paul did not talk about Stonehenge but, I wanted to add this thought. I’m beginning to think that perhaps the people who built Stonehenge probably had a better understanding of the phenomena on a more natural and spiritual level and used this sacred sight for that purpose. We’ve lost our connection to nature and forgotten who we are spiritually. We need to get that part of ourselves back. Hopefully I wasn’t rambling on too much

  9. Thanks Whitley – your work is important, interesting and necessary. I am a subscriber and listen to your show every week even though I am not an ‘experiencer’ – indeed I look in to your world from the outside. I have never had any sort of unusual external experience. Nevertheless, the phenomena that you and others speak of is part of the reality we are here to experience. Science admits that 80% of our universe consists of dark matter – so of course anything is possible! The wonders I experience are internal, and your often venture into this area, which is heartening. This brings me to my reason for writing – a feeling of unease whenever I hear you (or anyone else) speak about evil. Over a lengthy period ‘the church’ has been responsible for instilling this viewpoint in western society, meaning most people label any unusual phenomena as evil because we are so entrenched in this very rigid point of view. As an example, you speak of animal mutilation as evil, but this is because of its unknown, bizarre, and terrible quality – according to us. But those carrying out these killings might have various very legitimate reasons for what they are doing. Is it not possible that they think these acts of mutilation will not upset us because they know we kill animals for food? They see us eating animals – is this not also very shocking from a certain point of view? How do we know what they are doing? We are not looking through their eyes. We humans apply this label of evil to many things when we could approach such acts as positive and negative. This is our world! It needs to be this way for us to learn and grow through experience. We have chosen to live in a world of duality for this very reason – to expand our experience till we eventually realise that the prime reason for playing this dangerous human game is to learn unconditional love.

    1. We do not eat food while the food is still alive. The cattle mutilations happen while the animal is still alive. This is incredibly cruel. Perhaps if the word evil does not please you, could we use the word cruel? And if you think there is no evil in reality, perhaps you need to read up on Hitler and now Putin? The very legitimate word evil is used to describe actions that are intentionally cruel and disregard the impacts on others. Hitler wanted to create a refined superior human race, but his goal required the horrendous death of millions. This is evil. Putin’s mad desire to recreate the Soviet Union is also cruel beyond imagining and involves mass murder. This is evil. Everyone who does evil thinks they have a valid reason for doing so, even if that reason is simply that maiming or killing someone is part of a twisted sexual high. If we throw out the word evil, then we must simply use another word to describe this very true reality. However, I do not believe in the Christian original sin idea that we are each born with evil in our hearts. Instead, we are born with an EGO that seeks its own gratification. This is why children must be “domesticated” to learn to share their toys and consider the impacts of their actions on others. Medical science has given us terms for some people who do evil, such as the psychopath or sociopath. But “evil” as a word is very appropriate for describing the actions of such people. Otherwise, (again) we have to just invent another word or use a euphemism instead because the harsh reality of the word evil makes us squeamish.

      1. “We do not eat food while the food is still alive. The cattle mutilations happen while the animal is still alive. This is incredibly cruel.”

        Is this ‘still alive’ idea mentioned in this episode of Dreamland, or somewhere else you’ve read, Will? I’ve only listened to a few short segments of this show so far. If you have some kind of reference for this idea, that would be appreciated.

        A surgeon could operate on me to remove a brain tumor, and I would still be alive, and the surgeon’s intention would be anything but cruel. Completely the opposite. With the animal mutilations, I’m thinking Lyn’s idea seems closer to the truth. We really have no idea what the purpose is, so labeling this as ‘evil’ or ‘cruel’ doesn’t make sense (in most cases, see below).

        And yes, evil is certainly real. I read M. Scott Peck’s “People of the Lie” years ago, for a very eye-opening view of this subject.

        One famous UFO case (that I can’t find a reference for atm) happened in Argentina or Brazil I think, where a young boy way out on a cattle ranch comes across a strange foggy area and walks in to investigate. Finding a landed craft, he actually goes on board, to find a single grey-type creature (IIRC) actually working in progress with a cattle mutilation. There is no mention (again IIRC) of the cow being either alive or in pain. (This is a fairly famous case, so someone please correct me if I’m wrong on any details).

        All that said, there are reported waves of *cat* mutilations that are really troubling and weird. I was living in Denver in 2002 and 2003 when two such waves hit the city. Dozens of cats were killed. And the wave then moved on to Utah, and the Salt Lake area. I could understand cattle or sheep mutilation as some kind of environmental monitoring, or (given the exsanguination and removal of copper from the liver) as related to food processing, or something similar. Or some kind of weird but (to the visitors) valuable science.

        I could also see it as a combination of these things, including conditioning us to both their presence and an aspect of their strangeness – where the ‘drop-offs’ are meant to test our resistance to seeing and acknowledging what is right in front of our eyes.

        But with the cats (and I read a whole bunch of local newspaper articles that were written, as the waves were unfolding) there seemed to be an actual element of malice involved. Some *deeply* cruel stuff, where the perpetrators actually seemed to be taunting the cat owners. And no, no humans were ever found or even seen – even for a fleeting second – as suspects. Or local predators (we had foxes that would come into the city occasionally).

        So, yeah. As usual with this subject, it doesn’t easily submit to simple explanations.

          1. Yes! Thank you, Sherbet. I knew it had been made into a documentary, and I was pretty sure Vallée was involved in that. Looks really good, too. I also noted the production studio: 1091 Pictures 😉

            At some point soon, I may set aside some time to watch this, and maybe a few related others. But I confess to being rather lazy with phenomenon-related movies and books. I’ve only fully read maybe half a dozen books in 30-plus years – mostly Whitley stuff – and have watched none of the recent docs. I’ve currently got a Kindle library with 8 recent purchases along these lines – none of which I’ve yet read. Oops.

            But something about this particular case, even in the few seconds of the trailer I just watched, looks especially interesting. Juan feels very compelling and sympathetic as a witness.

          2. yeah, just watched the full trailer. This one I am absolutely making time for. Wow.

          3. I loved it, DougNicola… it is an exceptional documentary…and such a heart rending story. I won’t say any more, as I don’t want to spoil it.

            And that production studio name 😂👍

          4. Quick report, Sherbet ~ purchased and watched a few nights ago, and YES, I totally loved it. I found myself replaying some parts several times, as I was so deeply enthralled with the details and feeling of the story.

            (correction of my earlier comment – 1091 was the distribution co, and Humano was the production studio. Credit where credit is due! What a film.)

    2. It makes me wonder why they even both returning the cows. It’s like us going into a butchers and dumping all the bits we didn’t eat back onto the counter. Perhaps the ones that end up back in the field are like the litter some people carelessly throw out of their car window? Maybe it is just too much trouble to send the carcases on a trajectory towards the Sun? If, not, I wonder if NORAD are tracking any?!

      1. Yes, that is a bit careless. Why not let the bodies burn up on atmospheric reentry? Or they want us to know who did it? Or so we don’t waste time looking for a disappeared animal?

  10. Whether something is internal or external is an interesting question. Certainly there is physical evidence of the unexplained but the human brain is capable of manufacturing a reality – it does it all the time, even though we are not aware of it.

    I saw a really interesting video recently that impresses this point… just watch it and you will see first hand how the brain fills in the gaps.

    So when someone says they saw a UFO or an angel but the person sitting next to them did not, was that an internal or external phenomena? When someone says they saw an alien out of the corner of their eye, what was there in reality? If the brain is filling in gaps, what is it capable of filling in, given a true unknown staring at them?

    1. …and if that unknown is capable of playing with your perception, then essentially all bets are off. All we can say then is what we perceived to be there. Was it a Werewolf in reality?…maybe…but whose reality? We generally make the assumption that our subjective reality is the same as objective reality… and if we throw into mix, the possibility of consciousness being able to alter objective reality, then even a bookmaker would hold there hands up in resignation.

      1. Love all your comments here, Sherbet.

        “…and if that unknown is capable of playing with your perception, then essentially all bets are off.”

        “God laughs and plays.” ~ as we like to quote Meister Eckhart around here.

        A marvelous site I came across a few days ago, after being inspired to do some googling based on a tweet from Diana Pasulka about the Kyoto School. I’ve been reading stuff off and on here since and found it all completely delightful and resonant.

        I’d recommend for sure the first three articles linked at the end of the Home page intro, but basically explore it all, if you like it ~

        1. Thanks for the link, that looks really interesting. I will hopefully get to look at it over the next few days.

      2. “and if we throw into mix, the possibility of consciousness being able to alter objective reality, then even a bookmaker would hold there hands up in resignation.”

        Another great find, also via twitter. This story is truly compelling, on multiple levels. Note the fact of *multiple* witnesses for many of these events.

        “Family and the Phenomenon”

        Consciousness meets objective reality.

        1. Oh seriously…talking about family and the phenomenon…

          Just before I read your message, I was just about to Google where the best place is to buy a Geneology DNA kit…

          And that story…my jaw was nearly on the floor at one point, as I have been seeing the number 109 regularly for months, with exactly the same home connection as in the story.

          Yeah, I’m scratching my head right now… I think the Universe just winked at me.

          1. I don’t live off Route 109 but the house number, yes. I always thought seeing the number 109 was like some kind of self-referencing fractal weirdness. I see it too often for it to be me just subconsciously looking out for it. It used to be 1111 but of late it has switched to 109. I have no idea what that is supposed to be telling me.

  11. What a treasure is Paul Sinclair! Thanks to Whitley bringing him on as guest a few years back, I have been following his writings and Podcast ever since. I truly believe Paul will have already made his mark in history as one of the greats in the cryptid/ufo arena. I cannot get enough of his accounts! The effect is like curling up to a cozy fire in a campsite with the greatest of story tellers Don’t miss an episode of Truthproof at our house.:)

  12. One day as I was turning in to the local cemetery I saw a man leaning against a tree starring out at the pond. I noticed that he was wearing old fashioned clothing and everything around him had a yellow tint to it. I drove past him and parked. When I walked over he was gone. There was no way for him to leave without my seeing him. The yellow tint was also gone. There’s more to the story, but suffice it to say I have seen changes in hue during other events. Perhaps this is part of temporal distortions?

  13. These big black cats are a curious thing. There’s one in the area

  14. These black panthers are a curious thing. There’s one on the prowl in my area. I live in the south of England and nowhere near Yorkshire. Plenty of local newspaper reports of sightings but with a twist.

    Some Glider pilots have reported seeing what looked like a mountain lion WITH cubs in a wheatfield near their airfield. I believe a policeman in a nearby town went on record to state that he was convinced that a mountain lion (or cougar) crossed the road as he drove his patrol car one evening.

    I found these reports interesting and was mindful of them as I used to cycle through to work along pitch dark country lanes a few years back. Well, one morning, April 2009, while driving along around 6am, a huge black panther (actually a black or melanistic leopard apparently) crossed the road in front of me. They are absolutely real and you do not imagine seeing such a huge graceful creatures in day light. It was gone in a second.

    Cycling in the dark after seeing the cat with my own eyes was a nerve racking experience after that, especially when deer came crashing of of hedgerows in the dark. Sound barrier almost broken peddling away after that, I can assure you. Didn’t look back once..

    One last thing that’s worth reflecting on is that often, not always, but often, there have been reports of mysterious big black dogs in many of the same areas where black panthers are seen but the black dog sightings go back hundreds of years. What’s that all about?

    Maybe those areas are crossing points between densities? No idea. Most of us find this fascinating and I thoroughly enjoyed Paul on the show.

    I’d love to hear how Mr Strieber’s trip to Yorkshire went. I was up that way with work last week and I was thinking about him as I went about my business. I hope he had a good time and had the sense to buy a few boxes of Yorkshire tea.


  15. All these beings have evolved to cross parallel worlds through a thin veiled membrane. That is why we will never find any of them.

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