Experiencer and UFO videographer John Martin returns with his first book, The Universe Loves You. He goes more deeply than before into his relationship with Jimmy Carter and the president’s views on UFOs, then discusses the difficult time the military has had with contact compared with what is happening with people like him, who project love instead of hostility. At one point, Whitley puts it to John, “it’s one thing to be shooting at the visitors and another to be putting lovin’ on them.” Listen carefully to John’s wise response, because in those words lies the whole future of contact–if we can take it past the battle that the military is presently engaged in and into the heart. “They reflect back what we give to them.”

The interview amounts to a step by step description of how anybody can get into contact–not by simply sitting passively and looking for UFOs or shining lights into the sky or whatever, but by establishing a relationship. As John says, “it’s so easy. It doesn’t take hours of meditation or anything like that. They want to know who YOU are.”

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There has been a lot of controversy about John’s videos, with some claiming that they’re all satellites, birds, stars and other known phenomena. This is simply untrue. Numerous of his videos are unexplained objects. To experience them for yourself, go to his YouTube channel. Click here.


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  1. Thank-you, John! Listening to your voice is always a treat, especially the serenades you deliver to us in our weekly chats!

  2. I’m driving North to see my Mother this morning and shall listen as I drive along, enjoying this beautiful weather.

  3. Thank you both for such a beautiful, uplifting and helpful program!!

  4. I am wondering if it is possible to make connections during daytime? I can commit to evening hours but I live in the woods and daylight would be easier.

  5. I plan to watch this interview, hopefully, tomorrow. HOWEVER, after reading, ‘Whitley’s Journal,’ I want you to know Whitley there are so many people out there…GOOD PEOPLE…cheering you on. PLEASE, keep us updated and let us know if we can help???

  6. Wow, I really enjoyed this episode. John has such a gentle, warm energy. 🙂

  7. As a kid (And that was quite a while ago, and well before anyone had heard of climate change), I remember reading of an old discovery of a Woolly Mammoth that was determined to have been flash-frozen…with buttercups still in its mouth. I was maybe nine years old, but it made me realize that some of the things being told to us by science were really without a good explanation, and that things could flip on a dime. I understood the gravity attached to that, so climate change within my lifetime seemed like a real possibility, and it could come even quicker than was being predicted in the 80’s. Indeed it has, and no surprise, just disappointment that it has come to this and that the world, with the exception of a minority of the Earth’s population, truly cared enough to speak up and do their best to protect our home. When I was 17 I had a vivid dream that I never forgot. I had been rescued by beings from another world, and I watched from the haven of the spaceship window as my planet burned. At first relieved that I had been saved, it soon hit me that everything that I loved about my world was burning and dying, and I became profoundly sad. (When the movie,’Knowing’ came out, the posters of a boy looking out a porthole at a burning Earth was…so creepy to me). And, here we are.

    The discussion with John Martin was a reminder that we still have beauty and wonders to explore, and that nightmares should take a backseat to beautiful dreams that need nourishment from us. I had a great experience where I did make contact early one morning before the sun rose as I walked outside to retrieve my newspaper. Orion was still in the sky and I gave thanks for the beauty. Within moments, a perfectly round ball of light began dancing around in Orion’s torso, and I gave out another ‘thank you’ only verbally this time.

    Since my stroke things have been a lot different, and my mobility is not the best, but I’ll find a way to open the lines up for more loving communication.

    Whitley asked John what we could all try. I heard the word ‘try’ more than once. Well, the voice of a little fictional being popped into my head, with some odd wisdom:

    “Do or do not. There is no try.”

  8. I listened to this on youtube Friday night. I have played guitar for many years and decided to follow John Martin’s lead and simply do what he does on the back deck. I got my guitar and played a simple fingerstyle piece and projected my intention out to the stars above, like my heart and sound chamber of the guitar were one. I imagined the music floating through space for anyone or thing present to hear it. That alone was a beautiful peaceful practice.
    Then I noticed a very bright stationary star where there wasn’t before in the constellation Corvus. As I played and took notice, it got brighter for a moment then slowly moved up (?) then steadily away from me till it faded. It faded in plain sight in a clear sky.
    Did that really happen? I almost didn’t post this but…

    Thank you John and Whitley for a wonderful show. Such words peace and acceptance.
    I’ll be picking up your book and continuing the practice of serenading the stars.


  9. Thank you for this, Whitley and John!

    As a classical guitarist, I’m especially inspired by the idea of using music to connect to the universe, or whatever part of it wants to connect back.

    Re: climate doom, I’m persistently reminded of something a “dead” friend told me, when I asked what we could do to change our fate. I don’t usually get clear verbal messages, but this one was unmistakeable: “Your love of life must become greater than your love of death.”

    Something showed up yesterday that was very striking and relates peripherally to this episode. I think I told you a while back that the Scole Group in England, the project that successfully made contacts with the “dead,” including photos and videos, for many years, had been in touch with at least one of the Grays. It finally got through to me that one reason we may see them along with our own departed is that if Grays are alive, then they must also die.

    At any rate, here’s something from the Scole people about their nonhuman friend they called Blue, who was described as very loving.

  10. This is such a love-ly interview. In my life I have always felt as though, music IS A LANGUAGE. It speaks to all of our emotions in a way our heart understands.

  11. A thoroughly meaningful and relaxing interview. Bravo.


  12. Very epic as a pt musician for the past 25 years I will give this a try… a great podcast with “how To” advice!

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