Have you ever wondered if there is intelligent life beyond Earth? Do you want to communicate with beings from other realms and dimensions? Do you believe that the universe is a friendly and loving place that wants to help you grow and evolve?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this book is for you.
You will learn:
How to prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for contact with beings and energies beyond this realm.
How to use your own unique skills, gifts, and intuition, to tune into the cosmic frequency.
How to recognize and interpret the signs and messages from our Star Family.
How to find your place among a world of contactees and experiencers who share your vision and passion.

The universe loves you and wants you to know that you are not alone. You are part of a vast and diverse cosmic family that is waiting for you to reach out. This book will show you how to take the crucial first steps while embarking on your own amazing journey of discovery and transformation.

John Martin is a classically trained guitarist living in Sandy Springs, GA. From a lifetime of playing music, while making his way through this challenging world, he has performed for many thousands of people from all walks of life, while also sharing the great gift of music, positive thought, and love into the cosmos.

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