In this episode, monthly guest host, Kelly Chase, sits down with an exciting new voice in the UFO/UAP world, Lester Nare. Lester is a political strategist and the founder of the UAP Caucus, which is an independent, community-driven platform for elevating UAP conversation.  They discuss the challenging landscape of UAPread more

In this episode, guest host Kelly Chase brings you a conversation with the brilliant UFO researcher, historian, author, and beloved member of UAP Media UK, Graeme Rendall. Graeme is the author of several books focused on historical UFO cases from the 1940s and 1950s including UFOs Before Roswell: European Fooread more

Experiencer and UFO videographer John Martin returns with his first book, The Universe Loves You. He goes more deeply than before into his relationship with Jimmy Carter and the president’s views on UFOs, then discusses the difficult time the military has had with contact compared with what is happening withread more