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Dynamite show with Dreamland favorite Nick Redfern! He and Whitley talk about all manner of conspiracy from the Mothman to who really owns this world with stops in between at the Bob Lazar controversy, the Kennedy assassination-UFO connection, men in black and the way that Alexa and smart TVs penetrate into our private lives!

Nick points out some very strange stuff about the connection between Whitley’s book Warday and the Mothman, and that’s just the beginning of this great interview.

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  1. hey folks!
    its good to be here. GRATS Whitley & Unknown Country for final success.
    Always cool to hear Nick Redfern.
    I’d like to pose a question:
    The story about the little blue guy living in the cave.
    i am under the impression, from the stories Ive heard, those guys are “soul mechanics” as such.
    What if ……
    that story is true. And they are here to work on the souls to elevate them to “ascension” so as to escape this world.
    Was it a mistake, if the story is true, to have captured this planet on the “ethereal” level and its how “they” are correcting that? …Or is it more of the “education” system to avoid releasing dangerous entities? an earthly time out. =)
    oh well, nice to see all is good.
    Grats Grats… and hello to all.

  2. Very enjoyable show. My aches and pains from a tough week were forgotten listening to the show.

    As usual, Dreamland grounded me and reminded me to breath again.


  3. Nick is one of your guests willing to make thoughts of why things are part of the talk. Most just go “Huh?” report the facts and let someone else take a guess what any of it means [ no need to look foolish if they are “wrong”] Who cares if they are right or wrong … it’s stimulates more like this show then any you have had in the past several months.

  4. Congrats, again on the new site Whitley. It’s always fun to listen to your interviews of Nick. The two of you never hesitate to venture what might await us beyond the edge.

  5. What makes Bob Lazar really interesting is what he’s doing now

  6. Hi, Whitley and Nick!
    Congratulations on the fresh new website! Looks GREAT! ALWAYS wonderful to hear/see Nick Redfern. His reports are very welcome as a beacon of light in a sea of lies and spin. He’s fun to listen to!
    Sadly, the tales of government deception seem to be the cost of living in this world at this time. Seems like we’re being constantly lied to, deceived, and confused. I am thoroughly ready for this human BS to end! Men, especially rich, old, white men, have made SUCH A MESS of things worldwide – I feel that it’s time to let women take the testosterone out of the equation.
    THANKS for letting my vent my utter frustration and disgust with ‘humanity’! -Dave

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