Dynamite show with Dreamland favorite Nick Redfern! He and Whitley talk about all manner of conspiracy from the Mothman to who really owns this world with stops in between at the Bob Lazar controversy, the Kennedy assassination-UFO connection, men in black and the way that Alexa and smart TVs penetrateread more

Whitley Strieber will interview Loren Coleman, author of ?Mothman and Other Curious Encounters,? on Dreamland this Saturday. He will also talk to Dan Drasin, an independent investigator of anomalies who investigated the Mothman with John Keel. Keel, author of ?The Mothman Prophecies? and the original investigator of the Mothman phenomenon, will be interviewed on Dreamland March 9.

Buck Wolf reports in abcnews.com that tourists are flocking to Point Pleasant, West Virginia, the home of the Mothman, since the opening of ?The Mothman Prophecies? movie, starring Richard Gere. ?He?s our monster, so we want to make money off him,? says Hilda Austin, executive director of the Point Pleasant Chamber of Commerce. ?We don?t want anyone stealing our thunder.?
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