Everywhere you look in the general media, the mantra is the same: there is no such thing as a conspiracy and anything suggesting that the conventional explanation is not sufficient is a “crackpot conspiracy theory.” And yet, more than a few close encounter witnesses and UFO investigators have had directread more

Dynamite show with Dreamland favorite Nick Redfern! He and Whitley talk about all manner of conspiracy from the Mothman to who really owns this world with stops in between at the Bob Lazar controversy, the Kennedy assassination-UFO connection, men in black and the way that Alexa and smart TVs penetrateread more

As per a 1992 law placing a 25-year deadline on the release of classified CIA and FBI documents pertaining to the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the National Archives has released a set of 3,810 files that have kept historians and JFK assassination researchers busy, combing the documents for anything that might provide further insight into Kennedy’s death. Although the files that have been released (with another 3,100 due by October) have not provided any game-changing evidence in regards to a possible conspiracy connected to Kennedy’s murder, they do offer new insight into skepticism that developed within the CIA about how the official investigation was conducted — and their possible role in prompting Oswald to plot to kill the president.
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