Rand Flem-Ath returns to Dreamland with a truly astonishing show—he believes that he has proof that Moses was murdered in his youth and replaced by another man. There follows one of the most incredible and important stories you will ever hear. The subtitle of the book is “How an Egyptian magician assassinated Moses, stole his identity and hijacked the Exodus.” And, above all, WHY??

We’re going down a long road today, from the beginning of this mystery in Heliopolis in Egypt where Moses’ mother was a priestess of the Aten, the god of Akenaten. By Moses’ time, worship of the Aten was forbidden in Egypt, but this gentle young man set out to restore it by converting a wandering tribe and leading them out of Egypt to a place where they could worship freely.

Enter ambitious rivals with magical skills of the type that we now take for granted in magic shows, but which then were regarded as real and thought of as supernatural. And in the end, the Hebrews are the Israelites and the gentle Aten is gone, replaced by the warlike Yahweh.

And then, in the new third half hour for subscribers, we discuss how this led to Jesus, who was part of the same bloodline, and to, in modern times, a secret religion of sublime beauty and power that is hidden in our world to this day.

Dreamland—there just isn’t any other show like it!

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