Dynamite show with Dreamland favorite Nick Redfern! He and Whitley talk about all manner of conspiracy from the Mothman to who really owns this world with stops in between at the Bob Lazar controversy, the Kennedy assassination-UFO connection, men in black and the way that Alexa and smart TVs penetrateread more

This week on Dreamland we look into a dark corner of reality, led by the ever-interesting Nick Redfern.

Listen in the car, listen on the beach, listen at home…but maybe not at night.

Executive Director for the New Energy Movement and experiencer, Susan Kornacki, joins us to talk about her time behind the scenes with John Mack and his group, PEER. She also brings us back, back, way back to the moment before she was born and then shuttles us forward for a peek into the rare-but-there darker side of her experiences with a recounting of her encounter from grade school with someone fitting the description of a Man In Black. This one jumps all over the space-time continuum–and it’s just the beginning!

Marie D. Jones has been a Dreamland guest and host for many years. A while back, she decided to form a UFO investigation group. Little did she know that the Men in Black phenomenon would come roaring into her life, leaving her in a state of sheer dread so great that she closed down the group. Listen as she tells us one of the most chilling stories in Nick Redfern’s "The Real Men in Black"–her own! Plus, Whitley Strieber relates his terrifying MIB experience.

Deeper than ever insight from two of the world’s best researchers–both with powerful firsthand MIB experiences.