This year, Dreamland’s annual year-end special presents interviews with Dr. Ed Belbruno and Deep Prasad discussing their close encounter experiences and the effect they have had on their lives and work. It marks the first time that a close encounter witness has interviewed scientists about their own close encounter experiences.

Dr. Belbruno is a 2018 winner of the prestigious Humboldt Prize. When the award was presented to him, it was said, “Edward Belbruno was once called in the New Scientist ‘one of the top 10 most influential space thinkers. Indeed, Edward Belbruno is a man who has revolutionized and is still revolutionizing our understanding of space travel.” In 2009, Whitley met Ed and he agreed to appear on Dreamland anonymously. The success of this program led him to go public with the story of his close encounter and what it has meant to him. His story figures prominently in Whitley’s book A New World. Subscribers can listen to the 2009 Dreamland by clicking here.

Deep Prasad works at the absolute cutting edge of the development of quantum computing and artificial intelligence applications. He had a daylight encounter with a number of apparent nonhuman entities in his office, which has revolutionized his approach to the meaning of life and the world, and has energized him to tell his story. His company, ReactiveQ’s mission statement says, “Quantum computers let us calculate the previously impossible math to predict how a material will behave under different conditions and in combinations with other materials. We will eventually remove the need for humans to wait around for discovery to happen through the slow and blind process of current materials design. As Quantum Computers become more powerful, our simulations will become hyper realistic to the point where our system provides reactive feedback to the designer and guides them to the real world steps in improving the material they’re interested in.”

Whitley says, “It is my hope that the fact that such prominent members of the scientific community are coming forward will encourage more scientists and academics who have had close encounters to do the same, and for both of those communities to change their current attitude of denial into a more open approach.”

At the end of the show, Whitley offers an audio surprise for subscribers. While he has never gotten any video of encounters, it seems that some audio has been obtained. The audio presented records a brief exchange that took place on October 16, 2019. It is the first of a number of such posts, the bulk of which will appear in Whitley’s Room.

As the close encounter experience comes more and more into focus, Dreamland and will be playing an ever more important role. Don’t miss out on history in the making, subscribe today! Click here to see our inexpensive plans and sign up.

Dreamland resumes on January 3, 2020 with John Hogue, then on January 10 Linda Moulton Howe returns with an incredible discussion of how the coming of the visitors is going to change what the universe means to us and even how we see it.

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  1. You said Happy Thanksgiving? Is this something you waited till now to release? why?

    1. Author

      Oh my God, I made a mistake. I am sure this means that the galloping senility you have referenced in the past is galloping ever faster!

      1. You are so funny! Think of it this way — there is only so much room in our brains and we have so much knowledge in ours, some of it is bound to fall out the other side. 🙂

        Merry Christmas Whitley

        (from an almost-kidnapped couldabeen-MK-Ultra victim 1952)

        1. Author

          This sort of thing is so different from everything I have ever known of the visitors–an ex cathedra statement in a slightly distorted human voice, a pronouncement from on high, the statement supposedly from a galactic federation that has never, in any way, manifested itself except through the claims of human observers. I take this with a big grain of salt, personally.

          1. I feel the same as you about it. That’s why I wrote “(in symbolic language)”, meaning “It’s not to be taken literally.” As this is a virtual reality like dream, in a way every form and sign is a reference to, pointer at, and reflection of a spiritual reality. Like words are not themselves what they signify. (Except maybe the word “word.” ; ) We can’t see thoughts and ideas, and as you know, the reality beyond this one is so vastly different that at a certain point it can’t be described. That’s why you are often about lost for words. And you know even the best chosen words don’t do it justice. It can only be experienced. And only those of us who have at least experienced a fraction of that infinity have an inkling of it. But that is enough to be completely sure of its existence. Even though according to the logic of this world based on the five senses it makes no sense. I guess that is meant by “Let no one deceive himself. If any of you thinks he is wise in this age, he should become a fool, so that he may become wise. For the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God’s sight.”

    2. Speaking of Thanksgiving: we may indeed be thankful for Who we really are, thank-God.

      Some food -even medicine- for the heart and brain:

      Can an innately morally imperfect being, never having experienced moral perfection, know what moral perfection is? Or can only an innately morally perfect being know what perfection is?

      Would an morally imperfect being that does not experience being morally perfect suffer guilt for being morally imperfect? Or would only a morally perfect being that is under the impression of appearances and the belief that it is morally imperfect suffer guilt?

      Would an innately morally imperfect being miss being morally perfect, and desire to be morally perfect if it were under the impression that it is morally imperfect?
      Or would only a morally perfect being miss being morally perfect and desire to be morally perfect under those conditions?

      Only a being that is innately morally perfect in its love and perfectly happy with itself would desire to share its happiness with others, and for that make itself experience being those others, even thought experience being other that who and how it is would subconsciously or consciously make it suffer guilt and long for being perfect for as long as it would identify with the being other than who and how it is. But it would be willing to experience it all no matter how unpleasant until as the others it would begin to remember who and how it really is, and what out of pure charity it was willing to suffer for and as the others. Then it would recuperate its perfect happiness, and have again what it had given up for those others. Now also enjoying itself in and as the others. Entirely to their eternal benefit.

      Yet although I know that is true from experiences that are memories now, that does not mean that subconsciously there are no doubts about it.
      The idea that so many of us have that there is either no God, or if there is, He is no good. That He is selfish and a hypocrite.

      That was the negative part of the doubt.

      The positive side was that not only is there a God, He is infinitely good, and His only will is that all of us also enjoy what He enjoys.

      Those two contradictory hypothesis caused a conflict, resulting in both views being manifested in this virtual reality dream world.

      It seems that the part in us that still believes the negative view -interpretation- needs to see evidence to be convinced of the positive interpretation. So that skeptical or even negative part of us, symbolized by the visitors who perform all kinds of test on the humans, are learning by our responses whether our love is conditional -interested- or unconditional, disinterested.

      Would we wish beings well who make us suffer regardless of that anyway? Or would we hate them and wish they would go to hell?
      It looks like that is what those who we come in contact with want to find out. That way gathering evidence of whether God the Creator in us is altruistic or selfish.
      And by “those we come in contact with” I also mean our human neighbors.

      That part of us that subconsciously or consciously still holds the fearful interpretation makes us feel fear. So it might be needed for us to willingly undergo fear, no matter how unpleasant experiencing fear is, with the intent that the negative part becomes convinced that, to make others happy, the Creator in us would indeed be willing to undergo suffering fear.
      And suffering in general, which happens when we sit in meditation and even more in contemplation, when all kinds of disliked thoughts, memories and imaginations appear, unpleasant feeling and sensations, boredom, and dozing off, the latter two being least unpleasant compared to the other.

      To choose to fully experience all of that, instead of choosing distractions so as not to experience that.

      For some of us this short clip might serve as a reminder:
      “ET 101”

      Much divine love indeed.

      1. Reading it now I noticed a typo: “Would an morally imperfect being…” That’s the human condition: experiencing making mistakes, and then feel stupid about it. As if we were these human body-minds, instead of Who we really are. To my happy surprise today this was shown on my 3D virtual reality screen, something a mystic wrote: “The true self is God, since He is more completely the life of the soul than the soul is the life of the body. God created us for Himself alone; let us think then of Him, and He will think of us, and provide for us much better than we can for ourselves. When we fall, let us humble ourselves, and rise again, and go on our way in peace, and think always of our true self which is God, in whom we should lose ourselves and be engulfed, in the way in which we shall find ourselves absorbed and engulfed in Heaven during the infinite duration of the great day of eternity. Amen! Amen!”

        ~Jean-Pierre de Caussade, Abandonment to Divine Providence, Letter XVIII.
        To Mother Marie-Anne-Sophie de Rottenbourg. On the fruit of complete death to self. 1739.

        (At the end of his letter to that Mother Superior)

  2. Where is the surprise audio? I am logged in as a subscriber but it never appear, certainly not at 1:38.

    1. Author

      This has been fixed. It is now present in the streamer and both downloadable files. Thank you so much for pointing this out!

  3. Author

    The sleep app recordings are definitely on the show now. I am curious about your thoughts. I have no memory at all of the first exchange where I am talking to someone I call “Mature”, whom I obviously know and think of as a teacher. The second exchange, where I am wishing that somebody didn’t leave so quickly I do sort of remember, but not clearly enough to describe the event, only the sense of somebody there.

    Does anybody have conscious awareness of encounters with the same sort of tone, by which I mean no fear at all, familiarity and love?

    In the first recording, you hear me being startled awake, then recognizing the person I call Mature and consider a teacher, then settling into some sort of lesson with obvious pleasure. It’s not a dream or normal sleep-vocalizations and it’s not non-physical, I don’t think. It sounds exactly like a person reacting to being waked up.

    There are other recordings that also suggest that somebody physical is coming in here in the night. So where do they come from? As there is only one door and it’s in the living room, why don’t they ever show up on the surveillance camera? It was definitely on some nights that they were here.

    I have known for a long time that there was a level of me that was much more comfortable with all this than the outer Whitley that is my normal consciousness. It’s a relief, I guess, to know that this inner Whitley is also having a great time with the experience and welcomes it.

    1. You clearly have the voice of someone who woke up and are reacting to someone.
      In the second tape, it seemed noisy at the end, with maybe a door closing, and i think i heard the last thing you say was oh or okay.

    2. “Does anybody have conscious awareness of encounters with the same sort of tone, by which I mean no fear at all, familiarity and love?”

      Yes, definitely.

      I think perhaps it gets down to different levels of consciousness being more or less close to the Real. The closer to the Real, the more apparent Love is.

    3. Occasionally I am touched firmly by “invisible hands” usually during the near vibrational state. It is always loving, and sometimes familiar. This same presence has taken me out of body at least once, accompanied by the sense that it was humoring me.

      I tried a sleep app for 6 months. Never once yielded anything. So I find your recordings quite remarkable.

  4. I salute your drive to continue to be Our teacher with many many topics under that title teacher. Ive been a follower without reading your books because I’m afraid to. I believe but not quite ready to receive so so much proof!! May I say Happy New Year! Let us all continue to excel, as you continue reveal our Unknowncountry. How fortunate we are.
    Sincerely Lovey

  5. Author

    Don’t be afraid! If there was reason to be afraid of whomever I am involved with, I would have been a side-dish long ago. (Probably in the salad…)

    As I post more of the night talk, you’re going to hear a lot of laughter and fun. Whatever is happening, I clearly welcome it and enjoy it. I just wish I remembered more about it. What do they look like? How is it that I seem to know them so well? It’s like peeking into a hidden life that is unfolding right in my own home!!

    1. It sounds to me, that right at the beginning of the first recording, rather than it being “What was that?” as Whitley suggested, it could actually be “Why do you hide?”.

  6. This was the most amazing Dreamland yet! So excited to realize there are leading edge scientists who are going “there”. Thank you Whitley for being a pioneer and going where few have gone before. Much love

  7. Just wonderful. Thoughts & details yet simple to process.
    You mention ladder, Jacob’s ladder always felt to me explanation of double helix of DNA when unravelled is a simple ladder to climb into our co creative consciousness.

    Deep such a lovely human soul,

    Thank you Whitley
    Happy holiday & May 2020, bring 20/20 vision clarity *

  8. Happy Holidays Whitley and gang!

    I wanted to comment on a very small aspect of Deep’s encounter. That was the technology of the symbols he reported observing while gazing at the being in his room. I found it intriguing that interspersed within the stream of hieroglyphs was the word DNA. Was his Visitor trying to impress him that the encounter was ‘all about’ DNA in general?

    Actually no; I can speculate there might be a more deeply significant reason why the term DNA appeared in the data stream. In computer hardware there is a signal known as a ‘strobe’. Data moves from registers and memory locations into CPUs, etc. and is synchronized by this strobe signal. Apologies for waxing pedantic, but the concept is fascinating and the correlation very spooky!

    Deep is describing a ‘download’ into his DNA happening at that very moment and I think he gave us a major clue as to how it worked. The symbols were, as Linda Moulton Howe puts it “self-activating software” -operating at an unknown level in his physical existence.

    The letters DNA were a strobe signal to his conscious brain that the data were buffered into his brain and were ready to be processed into his DNA sequences. That explains why the word DNA was being flashed in English.

    Thanks for the great show, keep ’em coming…

    P.S. – Whitley, could the name ‘Mature’ actually be a reference to ‘Mother’?

    1. Talking about the name Mature, just in case there was something in the definition I wasn’t of, I looked it up. To be honest, I would have mainly associated that word with a physical state but the second more general adjective definition caught my eye… “having reached the most advanced stage in a process”…the name sounds perfectly apt to me, given the context.

      I have to say though, that word has always made me feel a bit strange… a weird mixture of all sorts of things…but definitely related to the feminine…at least in my mind.

  9. Loved this show! Deep was fascinating. You will have to interview him again.

  10. That was quite a driving story from Ed.

    Whatever the phenomena actually is, it certainly has a flair for theatre and the show opened right on time according to Ed’s account. What a shame there were only two seats in the house, even if they were right on stage with the action.

    The question I mainly have, is ‘Why?’.

    Why go to all the trouble? Unless it’s as easy for them as sticking on a DVD.
    Why then? Was it just to force Ed to wonder where that trajectory solution came from?
    Why was no one else there on the road. Was this show just for Ed and his passenger was just, literally, along for the ride? Or was this also intended to blow open her mind?
    Why don’t they do this to more people? Unless this was tailor made, maybe?

    1. Oh yes Sherbet, it is ALL about the theatrics! Folks like Jacques Vallee, John Keel, and (dare I say it?), Whitley Strieber have always recognized the theatrics involved with this.

      As Marshall McLuhan famously said, ‘The medium is the message’. There may be no final answer, but the game is afoot, and our Visitors are doing their darnedest to keep it interesting.

      Imagine if you are trying to play chess with a chimp. He keeps eating the pieces. Are you going to give up on the degenerate, or wait a week until he poops them out?

      I applaud these other beings because their patience shows they are ‘Kind and Compassionate’ with these primative creatures (us).

      1. Hi Cyan, I’m not sure I would class it as patience…persistence maybe.

        Patience requires a perception of and an acceptance of the passing of time but if your experience is timeless, what does that make it?

        Another way to express what I’m suggesting… if an artist has a desire, an imperative to complete their work and as a result, works tirelessly to complete it… is that patience?

        Maybe they are required to fashion strong souls, to perfect their own? I’m sure I remember Whitley writing that was the reason the MoTK was there.

  11. Whitley, that is not you sighing! That is definitely a female. I have woken myself most of my whole life saying things like this. My sisters, who I slept with growing up, and later roommates and my husband, said I was talking in my sleep, but saying weird stuff like “Who are you?” and “”Let’s go there tomorrow,” but in a strange, robotic voice. Last summer a strange clicking sound woke me up. It frightened me badly and I sensed a mantid, and … my late mother, both tiny-sized and down by my side of the bed! I couldn’t open my eyes but suddenly got angry and told them I was not impressed. At my age (64), I was ready for a more mature relationship! I also often wake up humming or mumbling or saying strange nonsense syllables after dreaming of the Visitors, usually Grays in a hospital setting where I am young again and happily pregnant. I love my “dream” life but not the waking part when they “leave,” because I want to stay with them. I get no sympathy or patience for my whining. Sound familiar? My dead mother is now almost always with them, but is still angry and abusive as she was in life. Anne wasn’t kidding about the dead!

    1. I thought the same thing as I listened to the audio. It is certainly female. But Whitley’s contacts have always had a feminine aspect. It’s amazing to me that no one has picked up on this before.

      The erotic element in all of his work and experiences seems apparent.

      His wife Anne, must have been a really hot chick! 😉

  12. Amazing! This show will need to replayed a few time for me to even begin to fathom all it is leaking into my view of reality. WOW! After this things can’t ever be the same. Keep on keeping on my friend!

  13. Wow. This show was perfect. I’ve only listened to a small handful of Dreamlands and most just in the last couple of months, but this is my absolute fave so far. There are things in here that are exquisitely beautiful.

    Whitley mentions with Deep the idea of a “Gap in reality. They’re on the other side of the gap, we’re on this one.”

    What if there is actually a very _smooth_ Reality frequency range between what we normally see in our living room, and seeing two or three beings appear in our living room out of nowhere?

    What if buried deep inside our Beings there is a super important agreement? Call it the Human Contract: “While I’m human, I’m only going to perceive the Reality frequency spectrum in this one narrow frequency range.”

    (Michael Newton talks about these kinds of Agreements in his Souls books.)

    Deep mentions, “’Eventually we will be able to interface directly with the information that reality presents to us, and make sense of it.”

    Grokking the Galactic Database, all at once! Interestingly, humans already know this is possible from the many examples of our genius and inspiration moments. Mozart’s experience of an entire symphony arriving at once fully finished in his head is one of the great examples here.

    What if buried in our Human core we instinctively remember how we controlled our original acceptance of the Human Contract? We had free will then, like we always do.

    This instinct prods us now, “Well if we want to access the Galactic Database, can’t we just brain-interface with it eventually using advanced tech, and get what we want? We can choose and control what information we are getting out of this Reality spectrum, right?”

    But perhaps the essence of the agreement we made with the Human Contract was not about _information_. What if the essence of that agreement was actually all about Truth? Seeing *some* of the Truth. Not all of it. Definitely not all the really big gigantic chunks at once.

    I think Deep’s feelings during contact about Universal Awareness and Oneness were a strong hint about the question of Truth vs Information.

    Do we get a New World by inventing new Human experiences, and devices, and finding new physics? And then getting goodies like our own Tic Tacs and dimensional doorways? Or do we get a New World by changing our Agreements about what we are willing to actually look at, and experience, in Reality? Or both, but way more of one than the other?

    To get to a New World – to live in a wider Reality on what is simply a smooth spectrum in the Super Natural – I think we may need to get really quite comfortable with a far larger Truth. A Truth that is hard. Very hard. The kind of hard truth Whitley is getting at repeatedly.

    What if Deep was told, during his contact experiences, “Great! You’re on the path! Now that you’re Activated, we need to teach you more about Quantum Reality, and also more about how to Live in the Truth of your Entire, complete Being. The Quantum Reality of Dimensional Gateways and the information of the Galactic Database are both together just slightly outside your current Human Agreement. They are sitting together right there on the Server of your Entire Being. Learning this stuff is so fun!! And it will only take a million years to get comfortable with it. Let’s get started!”

    I think Deep has exactly the right idea, when he said, “We are all sort of enjoying our own game here. This is level one, there’s probably an infinite number of levels.”

    1. “Mozart’s experience of an entire symphony arriving at once fully finished in his head is one of the great examples here.”

      Clarifying this – as the process Mozart used was much more complex, iterative and involved plenty of work as well as inspiration. The idea of ‘all at once’ in this example is likely not correct. A combination of inspiration and perspiration seems to be far more true for his overall process.

      A far more relevant example is right in this interview of course. With what Dr. Belbruno experienced during his trajectory calculation inspiration, and everything discussed between 42:30 and 49:50.

      Years of work, desperation, an inner call for help, letting go, flash of inspiration… and the ultimate synchronicity on top.

      What the heck?

      “Posing ourselves as available for the input of information” – or putting out the call for help in this case – certainly looked to be key. But what is all the rest? Why?

      The deeper aspect does seem to involve us being actively encouraged to change our agreements, in all kinds of ways, both about how reality works, and what our more deeply True position is in this reality. My personal feeling here is this is about agreeing – and praying, asking, looking – to be a willing, active, part of a larger Mind, and its greater process.
      “Even if the only difference between us and visitors from another world was that they possessed a technology that could control gravity, the gap between us would be very great. But there could be other things that would make it even greater.” – from The Key
      The “other things” spoken of here. If we thought that losing a human couple in the Holocaust truly condemned us to be prisoners on a dying Earth, that could feel like quite the horror, and a brutally unfair punishment in some way.
      Why would the MOTK communicate such a terrible truth? There is definitely a common, deeper thread here, it feels like.

  14. Absolutely fascinating interviews Whitley. While Deep Prasad was describing his experience of paralysis while viewing three dimensional hieroglyphs, my body was tingling with goosebumps and hair standing on end. The description of the euphoria he was experiencing at the same moment three dimensional hieroglyphics were visibly shown is very familiar to me. After my interview with Linda Moulton Howe in October 2018, I’ve been researching online and in literature without success to find if there was anyone out there who had a similar experience as the one I described to her. Thank you Whitley for having Mr Prasad on your show! I look forward to hearing more about his research and experiences.

  15. HO HO HO what an amazing show! It will continue to inform me for quite sometime.

    PS There are many people that I would love to share this one with, who might just open their minds as a result of listening to it who are not subscribers. Any chance you could open this one up to everyone Whitley?

  16. Author

    Everything is there in the free show except the sleep app stuff at the end. I agree that both interviews should be widely available. Since the sleep app stuff is mostly for other close encounter witnesses and people with a serious enough interest to subscribe, I didn’t see the need to include it.

  17. This is an absolutely incredible show! Thanks so much for putting it together. I just ordered and downloaded A New World on Audible and am really looking forward to listening to it.

    Happy Holidays!

  18. Fantastic show that once again re”minds” that know it or not we are involved in much more than earthly biology. Recently I have been listening to Joe Dispensa who does his own version of consciousness raising and in at least one video of many talks about the presence of other beings and his experience relating to geometric patterns of information. At any rate more confirmation that you Whitely are on the beam. Much love and light happy holidays from NC.

  19. Thank you Whitley for these MAGNIFICENT interviews with Dr. Ed Belbruno and Deep Prasad AND thank you Dr. Ed Belbruno and Deep Prasad for these MAGNIFICENT interviews as well. “A NEW WORLD.” INDEED. Bright new thinkers/doers who will along with others, change our perception of the world. I am looking forward to other interviews with both of you on ‘DREAMLAND’ in the future.

  20. I think it’s not “speeding up” – rather – that we are integrating many levels of being. We have “written off” so much that “didn’t fit the standard picture”. Whitley, I think your work has helped all of us- to be able to “see” or in some way function at a level which sure isn’t mundane!

    How many had dreams or experiences as children… which were teaching them? We are just waking from a nap… rubbing our eyes… and looking around… wondering if we are still dreaming. Or… remembering what we were given so long ago… Maybe our brains consider life experiences as “self-activating software”. and there are more becoming aware, or remembering.

    Thanks Whitley. Your shows are so well done. You may not get a lot of kudos for being in the “center of the front line” but there are a lot who appreciate what you do. Thank you to you, Anne, the listeners, your guests…. it’s been REAL. and really good.

  21. Bravo! Thank you Whitley for taking us to the cutting edge. Blessings to you and all in the new year.

  22. So much has changed in a year.

    We continue to look ahead and toward new vistas of possibility and learning.

    Merry Christmas everyone from a sleepy little village deep in the English countryside.


  23. Wonderful! Thank you Whitley for making these two interviews accessible to everyone.
    I bought and read New World last week and these fascinating, frank and open testaments from Dr Belbruno and Deep were the icing on the top. Aghhhh! So many questions, my mind feels like it’s had a huge rush by being stretched and pulled into a place I know exists but struggle to see in the mundane of everyday life!!!

    Wishing you and your team another productive and expansive 2020!

  24. I had to listen twice; there is so much in this Dreamland. Nothing comes close to your writing and broadcasts, thank you.

  25. Finished New World. Like any good back left me with more questions than answers but a lot of good ideas too. Thanks Whitley!

  26. Wonderful show! Whitley thank you for sharing the recordings, from your nighttime adventures. Extremely personal stuff! So brave!

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