John Hogue has an enviable record as a prophet–and the criticism to prove it! Throughout history, prophets have been scorned when they were wrong and attacked when they were right, and John is no exception. So, as always, this is going to be an interesting and controversial show as John attempts to predict major events of 2020 and beyond, and comments on the past year and decade.

So, fasten your seatbelts for a hm–not a bumpy ride exactly. Fasten your seatbelts for a PECULIAR and STARTLING ride!

John will return in July to follow up.

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  1. Speaking of fires…I remember, very well, my vision of destructive, world-wide fires way back when I was 17 years old (a long time ago, by the way). So, this period that we are going through resonates for me, although, not with the level of fear that I had about it when I was 17…Something has shifted for me, and I have the same feeling of hope that John and Whitley share about it. I am surprised that neither Whitley or John broached the topic of the burning of Notre Dame, and that it may be beyond repair. I find this interesting in light of fires affecting the Natural World, which has a way of coming back, no matter what we do…Nature does find a way, and it adapts. As humans, we have that ability as well. Nature made us… There is hope in that too. I found this article to be bit of a shift too—It’s in the Financial Review, out of Australia…

    As Linda Mouton Howe is fond of saying, “Cheers!”.

    1. This is a subscriber only article.

      Probably refers to the practice of setting fire to grasslands to encourage new grass growth. New fodder for the macropods. Don’t reckon that would be wise in this climate. Other rather relevant point would be the parts of the country on fire, are on fire as they are the hilly-mountainous bits and are difficult to access by fire crews.

  2. As an Australian right in the middle of these fires I can safely say that the most productive and fertile parts of our country are burning/have burnt. The drought is unprecedented with record-breaking heat. The bloke in “charge” (I use that term advisedly) of our country is a pentecostal troglodyte in thrall to the fossil fuel industry. Australia exports massive amounts of coal and the current government wants to open up more coal mines. These mines use up large amounts of precious water in the driest inhabited continent on earth. There is such visceral anger here because the prime minister not only sat on his hands while Australia burned, HE WENT ON HOLIDAY TO HAWAII!!

    1. Thanks for posting this Mary. I was about to write my own post assuring Whitley that this PM would NOT be reelected as the amount of outrage against him and his government is palpable. Your description “pentecostal troglodyte” is the best I have seen.
      Other ministers in his cabinet are apparently STILL on vacation overseas whilst this is going down.
      I hope you and your family and homes are safe. This whole thing is terrifying.

  3. Author

    I doubt that many governments who deny climate change will be in power much longer. I think the official response in Australia is horrific and shocking and my heart goes out to all of you

    1. My reply to Mary above was written just as you posted yours!
      (I am safe in metro Melbourne but much of the country is not). Thanks for the kind words.

  4. I am not sure if I have heard the story of your asking the visitors what life would be like a million years into the future, but as you were telling it and announced the preying mantis being I was finishing the black-lining on the Ancient Egyptian preying mantis deity Abyt in a new painting!
    I had a friend over who was also doing art in my studio with me and I alerted him to this – we both reeled from the synchronicity of that.
    My first painting featuring Abyt was in last year’s “Hierophany”.

  5. John is definitely and interesting character. Before he said anything at end of podcast I knew he was going to say something about Mike Bloomberg and I have seen the same kind of visions about this years election. Unlike Trump this man has REAL material wealth and not bags of hot air. I pray for this vision to change our country’s path if not the worlds.

  6. Nice to hear optimistic discussion concerning climate change. Tech. breakthroughs are happening rapidly. The development of a solid state lithium battery will be a game changer for electric vehicles, its not that far off. There is so much the economy can reap from the transition away from fossils fuels. That old cash cow refuses to die, even though its profitability is sinking fast.

    On another note, I recently took my kids to a local Audubon meeting. A very old crowd was thrilled to see young people! For those who have kids get them involved they are incredible sponges. In fact climate change was being discussed in a very red state. Opportunities exist to educate and change our ways.

    1. sorry kids, the technology gods will NOT save us. Its akin to stopping a large barge from hitting the dock.

  7. I enjoyed this interview and am looking forward to the summer month when John will be reviewing his predictions. Certainly MUCH to think about in this interview.

    Whitley, the Mantis type entity, (the future US) a total WOW!

    Also, I too agree that if the time comes for survival, we will need to first begin with our own neighborhood then reach out to other communities who are also trying to survive this CHANGE, whatever form it might take or come from. Every person has a unique gift to bring to the table but It should start with trust, friendship and for the betterment of all humanity. CAN WE ALL DO THIS? Thinking it will be very difficult but certainly achievable.

    I have always felt a sense of community with this song……..

    1. Re: the Electoral College…John…the only way such a notion would work with regard to the philosophical concept of the Founders, these days, would be if the Supreme Court would recognize the very real imbalance in voting for the House of Representatives with regard to Republican gerrymandering of the electoral districts. The only way “fairness” works if is everything is, well, *fair.* It isn’t, right now.

      I love the astrological indicators for what is to come. More of this, please!

      @Carollee, I love your reference to music for this theme. Here’s one of my favorites for such as this:

  8. Reading unfolding signs to picture future conditions is a fascinating art but i am not personally confident of astrological signs being helpful or credible.  Nevertheless, Hogue i think discerns well what is a’coming: turmoil…the canvas goes blank and we draft out a new cultural order…..

    Re: Bloomberg rising to leadership:  we could use some of that moderate and calming energy with a clear focus and a proven track record.  

  9. I’d like to correct a misunderstanding you and John Hogue had about North America at minute 66.5 that the continent was relative unpopulated. Apparently the continent was heavily populated, possibly more than Europe at the time. The colonists, English and Spanish, inadvertently carried many diseases they had become immune to, plus brought in on rats and pigs, but spread to the native populations causing possibly as much as a 95% or greater loss of populations. Read “1491”. One diagram on page 147 in my copy shows a drop in population in central Mexico alone from over 25 million to less than 1 million from 1518 to 1623. I would include a scan of that if I could, but don’t see a way of doing it. The same devastation was described in New England and the Caribbean. And the diseases spread ahead of the colonists, carried by natives who moved ahead of the colonists from the shorelines to the interiors, so that colonists, as they moved inland often found deserted villages. And the book also describes how heavily the natives used fires to control the undergrowth so, for example, the colonists could ride at a gallop through forests because the natives kept them clear of undergrowth by frequent, constant, controlled fires throughout the land, making much of it more like a garden than a wilderness. I had no idea about all of this before I just recently completed reading “1491”.

  10. Ok the recession hits soon after the presidential election.
    ( John predicted the 2007 housing crash )
    So interest rates push to 0% or negative?
    Does this mean I should refinance in in 6 months?I wonder? Is now the time to purchase rental # 2?

    May & April strong indicators of a coming recession with our fiat economy. And then a bust after the election in fall. real crash in late 20-21…then in 22 fiat economy collapses and then we do the jubilee.

    Would like to apply some practical applications of this knowledge.. any one else considering a re-fi or home purchase?


  11. Author

    Personally, I wouldn’t act so decisively on prophecy. While John has an excellent record, he’d never advocate that you do so. However, if warning signs in the economy start offering confirmation, then maybe it’s time to seriously consider.

  12. Fascinating interview on very many levels! The vision of all the Earth burning must have been pretty scary at the time? Interesting the idea that another New Yorker may wind up being president and the idea of chaos fatigue. I follow John for a few decades now and I do think he has a pretty high success rate, so I’ll be curious to see how things go this next year. Because of my husband’s and my thinking outside of the box with income and how we spend money we survived the last recession relatively unscathed. I agree with Whitley that sometimes I died a thousand deaths looking at my two grandsons who are less than 4 years old and wondering what the planet will be like when they grow up. Or maybe the wind of growing up somewhere else? Fascinating stuff as always

  13. This show was like going back in time. I loved it!

    I wonder where the old Dreamland shows are in space? Someone, somewhere is listening.

  14. While I might kinda wish to see the justice John describes as happening to those people who think they will survive the upcoming geological changes that will climax what people are calling climate change by hiding inside the earth’s crust — I say DON’T WORRY — Underground will not be the place to be — aw contrare! SPLAT!

    But I think its worth thinking about when you want to make sense of the politicians (and others) that are enthralled by the oligarchs and selling out their countries, their religions, their families …. They think they are buying their survival. They don’t care about anyone else.

    They believe the worst is going to happen to the earth (well, actually not the worse — which is what they will be getting) — and in the words of John Lennon (instant karma’s gonna get you) — they will be the ones to experience the world they have created for themselves. Be careful what you wish for …

    Those of us in “communion” with each other and the earth united at the heart level — we can look forward to ascending into a higher vibratory earth. One’s vibratory level is key — and it is a level of vibration that cannot be “faked”.

  15. In light of all the divisiveness, anger, frustration, and the willingness of certain facets of this country’s populace to bury their collective heads in the sand, I found this interview to be one that offers hope and a wondrous future if we are strong enough to take, in stride, what could be in the offing. Kudos to John and Whitley for an always engaging program. Very interesting regarding Michael Bloomberg.

  16. I am re-listening to this today while under work from home orders with work and the state lockdown during this Coronavirus pandemic and I am floored at his prediction of at 42:13 as he talks about Jupiter and how economic upheaval will occur between end of January and middle of April. And his discussion of the beginning of a rebellion. A major recession, “but the good news is there is a lot more life boats available than during the 1930s.” Sounds like that is pretty spot on about what is going on now.

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