A New World

Jeremy Vaeni returns to Unknowncountry, this time hosting Dreamland in order to discuss A New World with Whitley. And what a discussion it is! Jeremy brings his deep knowledge to what turns out to be one of the most powerful discussions either host has ever participated in. With all his years of experience as a close encounter witness and researcher, Jeremy knows the questions to ask that others don’t, with the result that this is among the most exciting and penetrating interviews we’ve ever posted on this site.

You may think that you’ve already heard everything Whitley has to say about A New World, but he hasn’t had to deal with too many questions this deep and this frank. Tremendously exciting stuff, and a real window into the meaning of the visitors and what conscious contact is likely to entail.

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Next week on Dreamland its our Christmas-New Year’s Special:  Scientists Deep Prasad and Ed Belbruno tell of their close encounter experiences and for subscriber Linda Moulton Howe reveals her findings after years of researching the mysterious bismuth-magnesium material that is now in the hands of TTSA. Then the first week of the new year brings John Hogue! Get set for a great 2020 on Dreamland and Unknowncountry.com!

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  1. I like the idea that Greys went extinct and we are seeing their nonphysical souls. Their ability to know everything about you reminds me of Michael Newton’s book Journey of Souls where people who have been hypnotically regressed to between lives describe how all the souls know everything about each other. Also the dead appear to also be out of time. Ann’s comment in Communion Letters that “this has something to do with the dead” rings more true with this hypothesis. The possibility for even human souls to temporarily materialize is seen with the individual who used to join Whitney when he meditated. Food for thought. The remaining question is are there also “alien” visitors other than the Greys who actually are extra terrestrials?

  2. Dear Jeremy,

    I hope you get physically abducted by a nuts and bolts flying saucer. And then safely returned to us.

    Yours truly,

    Lol but seriously. Nice show. Thanks Jeremy and Whitley. I am enjoying the new book.

    1. Author

      Haha, I do, too! That has only happened to me twice that I can remember. I wish I had a ticket to ride and could take a good camera!!

  3. It’s a bit off topic but I was listening today to your interview, Whitley, with Greg Bishop. During the interview there was a moment when you cried out “what was that?” It caught me by surprise because I had just placed my arm on a cat carrier that was sitting next to me, as I did, it made an unexpected clanking noise. The timing of this gave me a weird sense of cognitive dissonance, because it seemed like you were reacting to the sound I had just made. It didn’t help when you then told Greg that you had just heard a sound. I then listen to the episode again, a little later in the day, while I was working on an electric fence. I was attempting to attached a line insulator onto a t-post when it suddenly snapped in my hand. Once again the timing was perfect, because again, I heard you say “what was that?” To further the weirdness of this synchronicity, I’d also groaned because I had broken another line insulator, wich caused me to clear my throat, only to hear you say “it sounded like somebody was clearing their throat” immediately afterwards. Just thought I would share,


    1. Whoa Quantumus!
      That is some crazy sh##! The really maddening part is (from personal experience with pre-recorded media “interacting” with uncanny precision with real-life) , What do you do with it?

  4. A particularly thought provoking show. Consciousness unhindered with physical identity references seems to find a way to communicate that translates both into meaning and value.

    A direction forward into growth and increased potential seems to form at least part of the messages offered, often through a variety of degrees of shadow to assist perspective.


  5. Ok, hold up your hand if you have read or plan to read ‘ A New World’….hmmm…

    Excellent interview that took us down deeper into the realm of mystery, including the mystery of Whitley Strieber…I do have the book and more questions as well. That’s just the way it should be.

    My concepts of reality and ‘a new world’ were turned in profound ways beginning on May 4th of this year when I experienced a major stroke. I am still here, I am doing ok and improving daily, and I am reminded of what dearest Anne must have gone through with her stroke too. I was also reminded, in a big way, of how this human being that is ‘Me’ is really small potatoes compared to the real ‘Me’ and something much MUCH more than anyone knows. After 4 days of speaking in gobbledygook, I miraculously began speaking normally, with little to no trace that my speech had been affected at all, with my sister expressing amazement that even my enunciation was perfect. But…I still have much work to do as a result of my brain ‘attack’, and also in working on the strength of my soul. I have a good cry every now and then, but then I realize how much more there is to me and that I am also a Visitor to this reality, timeline, and ‘lifetime’.

    After a month in the hospital and rehab, and another month with my son and his wonderful family, I returned to my home and my sweetheart. Within a couple of days we were awakened by something that made a loud noise down the hallway from our bedroom. R, got up and found nothing amiss…As soon as he returned to the room, we could hear something coming down our chimney in the bedroom, and I told R. to make sure the flue was closed. The sound in the chimney abruptly stopped, but we were both shaken up a bit. The first sound definitely came from within the house, soon followed by the sounds in the chimney. We stayed up for a for a few minutes to calm down, and soon heard an owl hooting from the roof…And all was right with the world…

    1. Awesome!!

      Merry Christmas Cosmic, fabtabulous to see you back and in time for Christmas!!

      1. In case someone(s) is doing a vote tally: i vote aye for “a tsunami of confusion” period.

        Bringing shadow currents to light in such a stark and shockingly disruptive way helps to clear the air and inspire new creative fashioning of our culture.

        I think there are enough people around to help those who will freak out.

    2. Author

      I sure hear you loud and clear, Cosmic! I remember so well taking that journey with my Annie. It is a powerful part of the human experience, for sure! As far as the sounds are concerned, I come out just where you do: all is right with the world.

    3. Cosmic, I can hardly express how relieved and happy I am to hear you’ve come through your ordeal relatively unscathed. Have a wonderful Christmas.

    4. Cosmic, I’ve been reading here forever but only recently started commenting. Whenever I’d read a post, I’d glance through the comments. Anything by you I made sure to read closely. Your thoughtfulness and humor were always worth it.

      I’m shocked to hear you’ve been through such an ordeal. And I’m VERY happy to hear you are coming through it, as hard as it’s been. Your comment here is so beautiful.

    5. Many thanks and blessings for all of my friends at Unknown Country! You are loved and appreciated!

      1. I’ve missed you Cosmic and sending you tonglen with every meditation!

  6. Delightful interview. Touched on some difficult material, and clearly some very personal material. The interview, like the book: Courageous! Jeremy: I am looking forward to your return to unknown country. Happy holidays, and happy new year, to all.

  7. The visitors would be far less scary if they would just show up announced in the daylight.

  8. I think that anyone uninvited between my legs and clawing me would have elicited a fear response in me so I am questioning their motives from that display.

    1. Author

      The motive was very clear. It was to demonstrate to me that I was still capable of fearing them. It was not malicious at all. It was an act of teacherly support, and was followed by the years of education that resulted in A New World.

  9. Thank you for this interview. In the part where both of you discuss Jeffrey Kripal’s contact experience, characterized by a specific type of felt energy, my question is then, “Isn’t the sacred side as well as sexual energy both simply part of one’s own life force?” To COSMICLIBRARIAN and everyone, peace and blessings in this season of light. For Whitley, speaking of the blue color you saw during Anne’s exit, in case you hadn’t heard yet, the folks at Pantone just released their color of the year for 2020 … it is a mysterious shade of blue. Take a look: https://www.pantone.com/color-intelligence/color-of-the-year/color-of-the-year-2020

    1. Author

      The experience Jeff had is a fundamental challenge to being, I think. It threatens one’s place in the river of time. I suppose it’s how a fish feels when being yanked from the water. The sense is that one is in an untenable situation and that total annihilation is threatened. I went through it for years, then finally just got used to it. We’re perfectly capable of doing just fine out of the water. It doesn’t feel like that, though, not at first.

    2. Interesting that Pantone describe that blue as “timeless and enduring”… but may have been a better description for a certain shade of Gray 😉

  10. I agree with Whitley that we are in a goldfish bowl underneath a table in a cosmic bar of beings.
    I used to own fish and often thought how they are living in an alternate dimension to us separated by water.

    The only thing I want to add is that we are in the goldfish bowl but we are also in the cosmic bar. We have taken a piece of our reality to inspect and experience to add to our awareness in the bar by separating our being out to that bowl
    Whitley, I think you have a short story here.

  11. If we are the goldfish then I’d like to know who is the ravenous house cat staring at us through the bowl, chattering away and licking its fangs.

  12. Author

    Hopefully there’s a good householder behind the housecat who has no intention of letting tabby dine on us!

  13. Hello, Cosmic. So very HAPPY to see your post and glad you are improving daily. I have certainly missed your excellent comments.

    YOU ASKED…….
    Ok, hold up your hand if you have read or plan to read ‘A New World’.

    Well, it has been a struggle to get the paperback into my hands. There have been problems with AMAZON/Book Depository. Anyway, it finally looks as though the book is on the way and I expect it to arrive sometime this coming week. ACTUALLY, I CAN HARDLY WAIT TO GET MY HANDS ON IT.

  14. Getting back to the first comment from falconer, I also thought of Journey of Souls. How as souls we are laid bare to each other. I recently ran across a talk by Jim Sparks where he described technology that showed past, present and future in 3D that appeared to be “real”. This reminded me of when souls were reviewing their life, but mostly when they were planning the next. The book talks of how they could view and even temporarily enter lives for a preview before choosing. This all screams technology to me. Technology so advanced it can program conciousness with matter to form realities. I also think of the show Jeremy did with the guy that entered another reality for 8 years after doing a drug, only to have been gone maybe 3minutes here. The visitors have referred to themselves as the architects of this world. So what if they are “the spirit world”. On another line of thought, I worry that if science can create an opening to another realm, being we are humans, what might we do with it? Send our garbage? Anyway, I have ordered A New World and anxiously await it’s arrival.


  15. Piqued my interest enough to buy the book. Whitley you did not answer Jeremy’s question about using discredited authors in your books at least not that made sense to me.

  16. Author

    People who are discredited in Jeremy’s opinion may not be discredited in mine. I am myself a discredited author in the opinion of most people, and I have never told anything but the truth in all my life.

  17. Whitley, you may be considered a “discredited” author by people who don’t believe you. That’s not the same as having actually been discredited through evidence and witnesses. The fact of you is, you’ve NOT been discredited in any way like that. So please don’t put yourself in the same category as these people.

    It is a fact that Phil Imbrogno lied about his military record and education. That doesn’t mean the Hudson Valley sightings were bogus, but it needs to be noted if you’re going to reference his work. (Although in this case, I understand you didn’t know that about him.)

    It is a fact that David Jacobs abused his position and hypnosis and at least some of his subjects. It’s also a fact that they need not be referenced at all for you to make the points you did in your book.

    I get that you see some of your experiences being reflected in Jacobs’ work, but that could be because he’s using real experiences of people to impose his stories. Heck, he could be stealing from your own experiences. That doesn’t mean his stories are true. In fact, not opinion, they are demonstrably false. There’s audio and testimony telling the real story.

    I’m not trying to argue this into the ground, but I think all of our work in this field gets elevated when we stop referencing known liars and cheats as authorities.

    1. “It’s also a fact that they need not be referenced at all for you to make the points you did in your book.”

      Oops. Meant this about Imbrogno and Jacobs, not Jacobs’ subjects.

  18. Author

    I did not see the point is mentioning the imbroglio about Imbrogno’s bona fides because it was not relevant, but I did feel that I needed to reference the book.

    With regard to Jacobs, Anne and I had essentially all of the things he writes about happen to us. So, while he is not a disciplined researcher and his work is flawed, in my opinion the aspect of the experience that he brought forth in it is at its core real, and therefore his work has a basis of validity that has been overshadowed by his excesses and personal issues, but is nevertheless there.

    As we get on with this process of drawing closer to the visitors, the very darkest stuff is going to be dredged up and explored. That’s human nature. If I had not referenced Jacobs, there would have been no context for what I was saying and, when the media begins the process of building a terror tale, which is likely to happen, they would go directly to people like him. As matters stand, I am going to be in that mix with what I hope will be a balancing position.

    As to what the real story is regarding his subjects, I doubt that they know. From my own personal life experience, I know that a titanic inner effort is needed to face the darkest part of this stuff, and even after do so, if you get the opportunity, you are going to deny it. So what is true here, Jacobs’ stories or the denials? I don’t know and I don’t think anybody does.

    1. I agree with Whitley, any accusations against the people he quoted is immaterial to the points that he was making.

      I greatly dislike our society’s tendency to totally discredit someone and ALL of their work because they like most of us are flawed human beings who make mistakes.
      So because Phil Imbrogno lied about his military record and education then ALL of his work and information is to be totally discredited and discarded ?
      ALL of David Jacobs work goes in the trash ? NONE of his decades of research has any validity or truth in it ?
      There were accusations against Bud Hopkins, so is ALL of his work invalid ?
      If someone accuses Whitley of something (and I pray not), will that invalidate his decades of research and work ?

      I swear that our society is getting like the former Soviet Union where once someone is denounced then they cease to exist and all of their work is invalid and not to be spoken of again.
      So, Ok if a researcher is accused of something then keep that in mind while evaluating their work but that doesn’t mean it is all trash !

  19. I have seen the crystal blue. When I was in my 20’s I began to meditate. It must have been beginners luck, on the 3rd of 4th try I suddenly found myself a point of consciousness in an expanse of the most brilliant blue. This startled me and I was immediately back in body. I don’t know how I did it and have never been able to do it again. It was definitely a real place.

  20. “Consciousness unhindered with physical identity references seems to find a way to communicate that translates both into meaning and value.”

    Do the implants need to be physical? Is the smoking boy real or metaphorical or both? Why is it important to work on our unconscious material? The nakedness of the soul in the sight of this Presence. Sexuality and religious experience. Living, dead, machines, or memories?

    “A large complicated aspect of consciousness, of which we are also a part.”

    So many great questions and topics in this amazing interview.

    If it was revealed to anyone, at once, with unquestionable, unshakable clarity, that as they were walking through their lives, they were in fact walking through the mind of the One, every crazy question, every absurd but meaningful synchronicity, every confusion about “is this real or is it a metaphor? Or both?” – would be answered at once.

    Do I question all the crazy improbable stuff that happens in my dreams as too impossible to have happened?

    When all the seemingly impossible, or deeply improbable and sometimes miraculously meaningful, stuff happens in my life, I never cease to be delighted, stunned and humbled. But I know *how* it happened, fundamentally. Usually I also know why.

    Did the honey jar teleport? Or not? Do things teleport in dreams? Why do we resist, sooooo strongly, over and over, when the clues are constantly waved around right under our noses? Serious question there!

    We constantly want to define the physical universe as “real” in some way that draws a *very* firm boundary between “Real” and “Dreamlike”. We resist like *crazy* letting go of this idea of a firm boundary being there. Our debates and language show us this struggle, all the time. This interview is spilling over with it.

    As Von Hausenberg mentions, it is “Consciousness unhindered with physical identity references” and it “seems to find a way”.

    If our “personal way” within this Consciousness is hindered by shadowy unconscious material that we won’t accept as part of ourselves, then yes. It needs to be understood – and integrated – before we can see, move and communicate more freely within the field of Consciousness. Blindness right at home won’t do anything helpful for sight further abroad.

    Anyone (a visitor) who looks at our naked souls simply knows this as immediately obvious.

    “Find a way” – they ask of us. Joy definitely helps! Anything that frees us from our obsession with “physical identity references” helps. Tons!

    Joy, love, humility, compassion can ALL be awesome at this. Drugs can do this, too. But they can have some downsides, and they also have the main downside of perhaps feeling like another physical identity reference thing.

    The joy stuff seems more “built directly in” to Consciousness. It feels like more of a reliable path. Especially over the long run. And I firmly believe the visitors and the Presence behind them, and us, is only thinking of the long run here. Maybe only a few nice stones and beautiful shells left on the beach. But the stuff that endured.

  21. Author

    The boy and the two men who accompanied him were physically real. That said, they were not ordinary people because they could read minds and made no secret of it.

    My implant was a physical object. Although the metal is now gone, the calcium carbonate deposit that developed around it is still there, proving that it once was physically there.

    I have a friend who has also the slit with the words running through it in the field of vision of his right eye, but no evidence of an implant.

    So these are what I would describe as physical traces of an unknown reality.

    This thread is just wonderful. What comments! Dreamland has SUCH A GOOD AUDIENCE!!

  22. Here’s a thought and another serious question on the idea of “physically real” + “non-ordinary” – and what arises as consensus reality.

    I know for a fact it’s possible to “mess with things” in physical reality in truly radical ways. And of course Whitley, you mention this as a very serious subject in A New World, that there is the possible very real nature of “bad things” – stuff that is generally considered to be criminal – originating from the unknown reality, and leaving traces in physical reality.

    Sometimes even what humans would rightfully consider pretty freaking seriously awful “traces”. Meaning way more than “a trace” here.

    How is it possible to reconcile the existence of the visitors, our accepted idea of what “physical reality” is, and the existence of things like our law code and our criminal justice system?

    There are so many aspects of accepting a consensus reality that involves the visitors, and non-ordinary + physical reality, that seem to me to _totally_ explode the idea of even having a criminal justice system, at least on a level that humans understand and have worked out over centuries. Stuff that _never_ involves accepting the truly non-ordinary as even possible. (That’s a very long list).

    How do we possibly get into this aspect of communion, let alone find a way to accept something like this on any basis we can work with as a stable society?

    1. Author

      I have thought a lot of about the criminal aspects of the abductions, and what was said to me when I protested on December 26, 1985 that they had no right to do this to me. The reply was, “we do have a right.” So, why do they think that. Is it true that there was some kind of secret negotiation between them and some sort of hidden government entity? I have no way to tell. Or is it that they have a right for a larger reason of some kind, in the same sense that a doctor has a right to give a child an injection despite the child’s protests? Or do they simply consider themselves superior to us and claim the same right over us that we do over, say, chimpanzees? I wish I had the answer, but it is a very good and very serious question.

      1. I too have wondered on this and I have often thought that if the ancient texts are correct and they combined their dna with Neanderthals and created us then they are our creators and we are their children and perhaps see us as a part of them thus “they have the right”.
        We also don’t know what they are doing and why. What if there is a cataclysm coming on Earth and they were preserving as much dna of humans, plants and animals as they can so that once the cataclysm is over and the Earth heals they can reintroduce all of the life they took. What if someday clones of all of the abductees replenish a shattered world ?

  23. A New World is truly one of the most remarkable books I’ve ever read. Maybe second to Super Natural. A book I will revisit time and time again.

  24. Really fascinating interview and raises lots more questions. I’m still working on the book and I’m wondering how far to open the door. I wish I remembered more of my experiences but only have snippets instead. Cosmic, glad you’re pulling thru! I worked in a rehab hospital and that’s a very tough row to how! Good for you! Whitley, one question- if the visitors can manipulate atoms does that account for some people claiming to have been healed by them and then to go on to heal others???

    1. Thank you, Anna! “Pulling thru” is hard, but it gets easier when one finally lets go and realizes that they cannot allow these things to redefine them as a person— or the soul within. I still have a ways to go, but to stop growing to become the person I was meant to be? I am a work in progress no matter what…

  25. I am glad that I listened to this after having read the book. It added depth to the material and was a great interview actually.

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