Are you a psychic? Do you go to psychics? Would you like to but don’t know quite how to find the right one? Or are you thinking that you might BE a psychic? If so, this warm and wisdom-filled edition of Dreamland is for YOU! William Stillman has been a practicing psychic since 2004, and during his long career has gained great renown. He is the real deal, all the way, and in this heartfelt and deeply moving discussion with Whitley, he tells us what it means to be an honest, effective and honorable practitioner of this controversial craft.

It is also a deeply personal show, so much so that at one point in the first hour, Whitley breaks down in tears. You will not forget that moment, or, for that matter, anything about this rich and insightful discussion.

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(His YouTube channel contains some of the videos covering his amazing visits to the Gettysburg battlefield. And don’t miss the discussion in this show about how Bill discovered the role dogs played in the battle!)

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  1. I enjoyed every moment of our time together on this interview, Whitley. Thank you for having me back on Dreamland. I’m looking forward to our December 18 psychic gallery event. Blessings to all!

    1. I was about to go to visit your website, and I will, but since you have left a comment here, I think I *should* say that you and I have *got to* talk. Yes, I’m interested in a reading, but there are things I’d like to talk with you about when you are “off” as well. And hopefully, for a reading, I can just give you a nickname or something, to eliminate the possibility of research using my full name online.


    2. William! Energetic hygiene is SUCH important and under disseminated! Most don’t realize we swim in a dense stew of thought forms and debris, and just as we wash our hands often, brush our teeth, we need processes to maintain our clarity. I love what you say about transparency being a kind of antiseptic, you’re so right. The darkness hates the light and curdles even upon being viewed. Kudos!

  2. What a wonderful show. William generates such kindness, felt wrapped up in a protective cocoon.
    My heart broke to see how upset you were Whitely. Being on this earthly plane can wear you down. Please know that you are doing such good work here and I would be lost without unknown country. You are trusted by so many and are still needed. Sending many blessings your way. Marie

    1. Thanks for your kind comments, Marie. And I agree; too many people need and rely upon Whitley’s wisdom and insights (though I do understand the feeling of being overwhelmed and worn out). Thanks for listening!

  3. Great interview but it reminded me that Whitley and so many voices in the paranormal field are getting older or have passed and there is no one younger “picking up the torch”.
    In the last few years we have lost Anne, Bud Hopkins, Stanton Friedman, Paul Hellyer, Dr Leir, Angelia Sheer, Jim Marrs, Ann Druffel, and others.

    I pray that soon some younger people start carrying on the search that these amazing people started.

  4. Author

    This worries me a lot.

    The whole field simply doesn’t matter as much to young people. One reason is that they are preoccupied with other issues. For example, most of the teens I know are mainly worried about whether or not they have a future. They see the way the climate is deteriorating and they are afraid. They are intensely interested in my environmental books, but not in the UFO related ones. They don’t really doubt this material, but they also don’t see it as being relevant to their concerns.

    I would agree with them. If the visitors don’t take some action on our behalf, then it’s logical to ask what use is the whole experience. Of course, as many of us know, it is among the most valuable spiritual journeys you can take, no matter if they help us with our environmental issues or not. But what kind of spiritual journey matters to someone who fears dying before they’re 30 because of famine or some other climate change related catastrophe?

    1. “If the visitors don’t take some action on our behalf, then it’s logical to ask what use is the whole experience.”

      It is about the experience and soul growth. Either we will save ourselves and as much of this beautiful planet as possible, or we won’t. The Visitors, whoever or whatever they are, are our teachers, not our saviors.

      As a very small child growing up in the 60’s, I remember fears of atomic warfare, knowing full-well that the bombing ‘duck and cover’ drills in school were a waste of time. In my teens I watched the evening news with the horrors of the war in Viet Nam, not to mention violent demonstrations right on our shores. My parents had The Depression AND WWII. In 1918, there was the Great Pandemic and the end of WW1— and the average life expectancy was 39.1 years.

      There are young people, even today, that care about our world, becoming better human beings, and learning more about the mysteries of the universe,(and exploring it too.) They might not totally understand that they are also on a spiritual journey, but with time and experience many will.

      I am not ready to give up on them. If we truly believe that we must be the change we wish to see in the world (and we must believe it, as difficult as it appears), we will influence some young people about the truth of it through the way that we lead by example.

      1. I share those experiences with you. The nuclear terror and Cold War experience left a deep hole of anxiety for me, with recurring nightmares until I was almost 30. I also experienced quite a bit of negative, wild behavior because I adopted a Carpe Diem attitude. I didn’t plan to see the age of 30 and frankly was a little surprised when it happened and realized I needed to actually start planning a future. So, I agree and was about to write the same response when I saw yours.

    2. Whitley, I discovered your YouTube channel after my 6 year old nephew asked about aliens, so they are out there. His desire to learn sent me on a surprising journey and I learn something new with each show. I have smelled my late fathers cologne at times when I have needed comforting. I suspected it was him after hearing about Anne and the white moth, now I know that scent is also a sign. Thank you so much.

      1. Author

        Scents are much more common as a sign than symbolic things like the white moth. As a typical example, for years after her passing in 1947, my great grandmother’s favorite lavender scent would fill her house from time to time.

    3. Whitley, respectfully I take issue with this. I don’t think it’s climate worries that has young people apathetic but their being under the spell of screens and the vast mk ultra like hypnotic state of tribalism and image preening. (I have kids and grandkids too and almost fell into it myself.)

      The sky has ALWAYS been falling. Check headlines going back 150 years plus. True it IS 10pm on the Titanic on April 12 1914 so to speak, but Earth is resilient and she will go on fine without us, if she needs to. No big loss.

      Anne told you the same thing basically didn’t she? Enjoy your time left here and thank you so much for what you do and this critically important interview. If more people understood these principles – believe me we would be in a utopia right now.

      Barbara Grace

      1. ..can’t seem to login as usual..get an error msg..changed my password..still can’t..I’m auto-renewed since!!

  5. …you’re a bit of shelter from the storm, Whitley…a talking signpost pointing the way deeply valued for offering direction.

    Thanks for all you do.

  6. We are building a new home on an old family site where my wife of 47 years’ mother and father passed away, in that home 8 years apart. It hurt that the house had to be torn down from structural issues and we are trying to honor the many blessings they gave to us while still alive.

    The people who work with us in construction are all in their 30’s, have had terrible youth issues with drugs through jail and divorce with kids and still fighting their demons. They do good work here.

    I’ve wondered if we should interject our ancient (to them) wisdom of life’s perspective. So we’ve started buying and serving their lunch and having chats with them. It’s surprising but common as William Stillman said no one wants to talk about the dark side and control it exerts, frankly, in everyone. Decisions are too important these days to throw ones life away for a pretty picture with ties to a promise of power and money, or getting high to ward off those blues.

    Just how do you start a conversation like that without insulting them? Besides we’re in a labor shortage and don’t want my roof not to be done!

    Thank you Whitely for having this fascinating and educational experience with William.

    Love to all


  7. Wow Whitley! I was so moved by this interview. I realized I need to implement protection as an empath/sensitive. I get so overwhelmed by the world. It can be debilitating. Thank you for bringing William to us.

    Hugs, Sabrah

  8. Whitley and William Stillman, this interview has hit many parts of my life, so much here to be explored. First I want to say that a few days ago this thought entered my mind, “I wonder if the Gray’s have teeth?” It was answered in this interview as a “NO.” Thinking it was pretty funny at the time.

    William, In the transcript you said:
    “What I heard in response was a series of clicking sounds that reminded me of sonar recordings of dolphins or porpoise under water. I said, “I don’t know what that is.” (Might that have been the language of the birds?)

    Next, Whitley let me say, “Unknowncountry is a support group for MANY people who have no one else or place to talk about their experiences. You are IRREPLACEABLE.

    My next thoughts are the most important for me. There are children out there with special gifts. I believe many are confused and lost, they simply are too sensitive and suffer a great deal. I also believe some of their emotions/anxieties come from other people, these kids are so sensitive that they pick up thoughts/emotions from other people thinking it is their own. They need to be educated.

    Is there a book written with children in mind in regards to all kids displaying paranormal abilities/activities? CALL IT A PRIMER FOR GIFTED CHILDREN? If there isn’t anything, THERE SHOULD BE. I also believe more children are coming into this earth plane with these special abilities/talents BUT they need guidance and reassurance. For those of us living in the Western world, most are closed off and even if parents know their kids are a little different, what do they do? Whitley, would you consider writing such a book for children? Our kids need something to let them know they are OK. If these kids are in families that encourage love/kindness then they are truly blessed. Without adequate support, I suspect some of the children feel a bit like a freak.

    1. Hearing about the series of clicking sounds reminded me of the movie Signs (2002). I wonder if the screenwriters had been doing some channelling of their own? Although I’m not sure I’d want hear those over a baby monitor, in real life!

      1. Oh, how interesting! I wonder if there’s some connection there…

    2. CAROLLEE, my sons are now adults, and they both started showing abilities as kids, especially my older son. I never made a big deal out of it, and just tried to let them know that it was a natural state of being. My younger son even spent lots of time listening to ‘Dreamland’ with me when he was younger. My grandkids are showing signs of abilities too, and my older son acknowledges that they do. My youngest grandson is also on the autism spectrum, but has adjusted and doing well in school. I also have a niece that has shown some pretty remarkable gifts, and I assisted when she was younger, especially when we were picking up and channeling the same spirit, even though we lived a few hundred mils apart.

      As far as I know, no one in my family showed any abilities until I came along. My sister has developed more ‘knowing’ as she has gotten older, but she also has more time to develop it and learn now that she is not as busy raising her family.

      I used to pick up on other people’s ‘stuff’ when I was a kid, and figured out as an adult that that was what was happening. It seems that a book has been written as you describe, if my memory is correct. I’ll see if I can find it.

      1. Cosmic, your children and family are blessed to have been born in such an accepting family, there is so much room for growth in an environment like this. Thank you for this great post.

        1. Thanks! I suspect that there are quite a few people out there quietly guiding others. My family has issues like any other family, but my sister and I have taken a different path from the family ‘herd’. (Yeah, and like everyone else, our own problems too!). We aren’t exceptional, we just view through a different lens.

    3. Just remembered…Probably some books on raising ‘Indigo’ children would be helpful.

  9. Whitley and William Stillman. You both spoke of BEARS in this interview. This morning, and much to my surprise, this was in my e-mail in-box from last night and sent by my niece.

    Glacier Park’s: Night of the Grizzlies | PBS Documentary ⁷²⁰ᵖ – YouTube

  10. Thank you William, for your thoughtful and useful words of wisdom.

    You are so very correct in your comment about telling the truth being the most important thing we can do in our process. Currently we are in a battle between the dark and the light. Each time I engage in important work, such as the clearing surrounding the Wounded Knee Massacre that I am doing at the moment, I am attacked in the worst way possible. It is a direct attempt to undermine me and the work I am doing. I have gotten use to it and know that protection is all around me. We are at a critical time and none of us can afford to remain silent and asleep.

    For decades the darkness has spread and taken root with the help of the entertainment industry. I am grateful for people like you who share their personal experiences in a public way.

    We all make a choice each and every day as to how we use our energy.

    Thank you, Whitley, for this interview.

    1. So beautifully articulated. Many grateful thanks for your kind words and your earnest support in furthering good works by reinforcing the importance of illuminating the truth! Blessings to you.

  11. Interestingly I recently had a conversation with a man who told me the exact same words as William just said (around 1.05) – “Star Wars is real.” I wasn’t sure what to make of it then, and I’m still not!

      1. Perhaps “Star Trek” is “real” would be an even better analogy. Speaking of which… where to draw the line between violent media…. i’m a big fan of Sci-Fi and fantasy… does one need to stop watching everything that’s the least bit violent or is it more about the level. For example DUNE or Star Wars ok but 300 or Deadpool no?

        1. If violent content visibly affects you and the quality of your everyday life, or a change in your personality is noticed by those close to you, it’s high time to do some house cleaning!

        2. Frank Herbert based Dune on the story of T. E. Lawrence (a.k.a. Lawrence of Arabia).

      2. Loved the interview, you are both delightful people. Your sincerity, authenticity and integrity come across loud and clear.
        Talking about “Star Wars” happening. Would that explain the loud booms people hear across the globe?

    1. Many years ago I was in contact with someone who claimed to be a real Jedi… that she was close friends with George Lucas and that Star Wars was based on her life story. I got in contact with her through someone on a forum I was a member of at the time, who claimed she was who she said she was…the real deal. I didn’t know the Star Wars stuff at the time but was told she would answer any questions I had about UFO propulsion technology…But that is most definitely another story!
      Make of that what you will!

  12. Author

    There must be conflict on some level. Conflict seems to be fundamental to life. But when there is something that lives in the world both physically and non-physically, and may be conscious both in time and out of time, what then does conflict mean? It must be there, I would think, but I would also think it is very very different from what we understand.

    We have a lot yet to discover and a lot to learn.

    1. “Stop focusing on the ones, look at the zeroes.”

      Can something that is defined as the Infinite Whole be in conflict with itself?

      The All of Everything. At war with itself. Is this possible, anywhere? Ever? Even for a microsecond?

      No. So if we are seeing something that cannot exist, we must be looking at an illusion.

      Fear. Failure. Loss. Lack.

      Greed. Ignorance. War. Conflict.


      “All life is potentially ecstatic, no matter what suffering or sin is involved.”

      Ascension is not freedom from sin or suffering.

      Ascension is freedom from seeing what is not there, was never there, and will never be there.

      1. Author

        Nature is conflict. Everything struggling to survive. We may call it something else, but to the wildebeest being brought down by the lion or the chimpanzee being murdered by members of another pack simply because he isn’t “us,” it is conflict. We can accept this without emotional attachment or not, as we choose.

        1. Nature is nature, undefined. Shunyata. Emptiness.

          “In various schools of Buddhism, Śūnyatā is a key concept used to express that everything one encounters in life is empty of absolute identity, permanence, or an in-dwelling ‘self’ because everything is interrelated and mutually dependent—never wholly self-sufficient or independent.”

          What is Emptiness?


          There is no murder in nature. No conflict. No pain, fear, power, love, peace, joy, sin or suffering.

          What appeared to happen, at some point long ago, was a belief that there was such a ‘thing’ as life. Naturally, this belief that there was a thing called life implied another thing called death.

          The whole constructed belief system starting with life and death snowballed into an apparent world of many many things, including conflict.


          In reality, none of this ever actually happened. Not anywhere.

          What appeared to arise was an entire universe of shadow worlds and illusions, that exist as completely real to shadow beings with shadow selves, with many shadow desires, fears and conflicts.

          Dreams. Illusions. Mind-worlds. Towering, glistening cathedrals of glorious conceptual systems, whose powers of explanation and control can only be surrendered to with gratitude and awe.

          The whole lot of it, top to bottom.

          But it’s not there.

          The trap was never set. The fall was never experienced. The Whole was never divided. Not anywhere. Even a speck.

          It was, after all, only a single, illusory belief. A belief with the Almighty power of God to get it rolling and give it strength.

          And a belief that entirely vanishes more easily than a candle blown out, whenever God feels like awakening.

        2. An earlier reply I posted with a link in it hasn’t appeared yet, but I wanted to add a bit more to this. (a subject very dear to my heart)

          If I had to say – to pick one word, from direct experience, that I would use to define nature as it *exists to itself* – it would be: nature is ecstasy.

          I’m making this definition based on my actual experience of sharing consciousness – sans any of my human “higher self” awareness – with a few dozen different animals around the world, at various times in my late teens and 20s.

          Those few dozen were only the experiences I remembered fully – which lasted anywhere from about 5 to 30 minutes. There were many more – probably a hundred at least – where the only conscious remainder upon returning to my full human consciousness would be a fleeting animal sensation – like a smell, sound, or a touch.

          Every time I came back from one of these experiences, my first reaction was complete stunned amazement. Then there would be a long aftereffect. The underlying sense of the pure ecstasy of existence would linger for some hours or even days afterward.


          To be perfectly blunt about it, IMO the idea of defining it like, “nature is conflict” is the POV of Plato’s cave dwellers.

          That’s a label that has no actual real application other than it “seems to make sense”, from our human-constructed world of illusions, language, and concepts.

          How does nature – all of nature – actually exist to itself?

          Entirely outside the cave. Under the pure blazing sun of immediate, real existence.

          To put any of our human definitions on it – even the more positive ones like “rich” or “joyful” is to bring the actual experience several orders of magnitude down and away from what it is.

          It is ecstasy. Every moment.

          1. 👍
            Me too.
            A wolf’s life is incredibly rich—just in the sense of smell alone. That’s all I’m sayin’…

  13. Wonderful interview. Bill is an obviously talented and ethical practitioner of an ability that undoubtedly can be used to exploit people.

    If innate psychic capabilities were systematically nurtured in our children starting in infancy, what would our world look like in just a single generation?

    1. Thank you for your very sweet comments. Tomorrow’s Facebook quote (Oct. 12) on William Stillman Psychic Medium also addresses a very similar speculation!

  14. I will be at the virtual gallery on December 18th, with bells on! Folks, whatever you can donate, please do. I have started going back to the archives from 2005. It’s incredible how much knowledge the guests have and how a lot of what some have said has come to pass.
    We sure need you Whitley. Please take care.

  15. Whitley, I wish that he had let you have a bit more space with the grief you were obviously feeling. This is so important. I do appreciate you very much. You are “real” and honest. Frankly, this podcast made me pause and re-evaluate some things personally. I related to him quite a bit, his history, and I used to be quite hyper-vigilant about “protection” because of my own dark path I had been on for awhile when I was younger. But I really struggled so much with my own healing process, I learned many years later, because of my fear of my own dark self and inner polarity. I needed to make friends with her and be kind to all of myself to heal. However, this made me wonder if I have not been too lax. I’m struggling a bit now with that. I have really judged myself in the past for being so polarized and attributed it to some of my early childhood bible school indoctrination about “the devil,” etc. I have worked really hard to eradicate that programming and to overcome my fear. Now, I’m confused because there were a few parts where I felt quite a bit of anxiety physically when he discussed “the recruitment” because I remember that. Also, my daughter who was young at the time saw the Hat man. I’m not sure now how much from my own early childhood I don’t remember because of the trauma and fear and I thought I had parsed through it all mostly. The good news is that I’ve done a lot of work, the introspective kind. The bad news is that I may have to go back and remember something scary to remind myself that I was protecting myself for a reason all those years that I was doing psychic healing work. I have really judged myself for not being more open and for being so worried about “the dark side” invading, creeping in, whatever. Now questioning everything. . . again. Sigh.

  16. Thank you for bringing us William Stillman. A gentle and genuine soul. I was fortunate enough to meet with a psychic medium a few years ago. She had the same approach as Mr. Stillman. Asked no questions of me and proceeded to reveal childhood pain that had plagued me my entire life. She managed to help me feel love from my mother that was never felt on this earth. I had my skeptic hat on the entire time and found there was no need. The reading changed my life. The work Mr. Stillman does is so important. I do have faith that the new generations will find their own psychic abilities and it will become as natural as breathing.

  17. I have marked the day Dec. 18 on my calendar, so please give us instruction on how to join. I am not on Facebook.
    This interview gave me goosebumps. In a good way!

  18. Author

    You join in our video meeting room. Log in, mouse over Subscriber Home, then click on Video Meeting Room.

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