With 25 years of experience as an intelligence officer, John Ramirez has extensive knowledge about how the US intelligence community collects information, which agencies collect which kind, and how to use FOIA requests effectively to gain access to information that has never been requested in the right way before. For example, agencies probably have electronic and other information related to the Tic-Tac and Gimbal videos released by the Navy Department that would be made available if the right requests were made to the right places. Here, John tells us how each agency collects information and what each would be likely to possess. He was in Technical Electronic Intelligence, and also served in the Directorate of Intelligence, and in the National Counter Proliferation Center.

THEN, in the third half hour, there develops one of the most profound conversations in the long history of Dreamland when Whitley asks John about his own experiences. As an intelligence officer who has also had extraordinary experiences, John is very definitely not alone, but his eloquence and candor are unique. This beautiful and enlightening conversation between him and Whitley is unforgettable.

John is scheduled for a video meeting with subscribers on October 16. Don’t miss this chance to ask him YOUR questions!

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The Central Intelligence Agency has determined that there are no classification issues with John’s presentation. This is not an endorsement of the presentation.

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  1. While the first hour of the show was interesting on various levels (the kid in me loves anything that touches on the SR-71) WOW did the last half hour take off. Huge smiles hearing everything John was sharing there. Thank you both so much for a wonderful show.

    1. Here’s more on the very weird dome of light/wall of light stuff that was going on,


      If the Air Force launch detection satellites have seen these energy fields, and at least some people in the Air Force believe this isn’t related to missiles, but something more like MerKaBa energy, it points to yet another level of what must be massive internal mystery and confusion within the US military over just what the heck is going on with the phenomenon.

    2. Doug, me too! While not an aviation freak, I also kept up with airplanes from WWII forward. I thought the ‘Blackbird’ was the pinnacle of cool! (and the P51 Mustang was right up there too!) When my older son was little, I remember him asking me about various fighter planes. At one point he got very quiet then said, “You are the only mom that would know that!”

      Thanks for the article about the ‘Dome of Light’ too! This interview was special in lots of ways, and John switching over from knowledgeable-professional- intelligence-guy to a man relaying his personal, profound experiences was just perfect.

      1. Too cool. Love that comment from your son!

        Yep, the P-51 was second on my list of “Oh yeah, in my wildest dreams I would be flying one of those!” What a plane. Loved watching them in the Reno Air Races (only on TV, never went in person).

        North American Aviation, the builders of the P-51, also built the B-25 Mitchell bomber. My grandfather piloted that plane on many dozens of missions in both the European and Pacific theaters.

  2. What an amazing man coming forward with such useful information! A big thank-you to John!

    I would very much love to download a copy of the presentation he supplied. Is that available anywhere?

  3. Very interesting! Especially the subscriber half hour at the end. One can tell he’s the real deal.

  4. I know it’s a high bar here at UnknownCountry, but this is probably one of the most important interviews yet; and it gives me hope.

    • There is a new generation behind one of the curtains that is experiencing paranormal events and wants to reach out. The old guard is leaving.
    • They have their hands tied behind their backs and the system is purposely compartmentalized.

    Hearing the maze that citizens have to go through to report or ask for data reminded me of the brilliant movie Brazil and the Ministry of Information. Here is a humorous excerpt in YouTube: https://youtu.be/7xNnRBksvOU

    • The millions spent on these devices are strictly for warfare to detect blunt objects.

    • Aliens have been labeled a threat in this new law proposed, and all that goes with that. However, thank goodness that any law may be implemented at all.
    • We as taxpayer end up paying for any benefit from alien technology. It is easy to go to the private sector with it and sell it right back to us.

    • We are not going to be shown behind the other curtains, such as were aliens are being kept, but this is a real start.
    • William henry was right about “light bodies” This is all about us reaching beyond ourselves.
    • Kudos to Mr. Ramirez. I am also a Hispanic, and I am very proud that he has the “cojones” to step out.
    One little thing that we can do as we sit on the sidelines, is to send this interview out to anyone that might be interested.

  5. Whitley showed a UFO video at about 8:30…and as soon as I saw it, I realised that Brian Vike of HBCC UFO Research had actually sent me the original in 2003. I did some stabilisation work on it, which I sent to him soon afterwards, which he seemed quite impressed by, bless him! But when stabilised it does show how beautifully smoothly it moves. I will try and dig that out, as it is on an old hard drive but for the time being, I have uploaded the original to Dropbox, link below…

    Brian’s description of it was ‘UFO Footage From New Westminster, British Columbia’.

    There is some swearing in it, from whomever filmed it, so if your sensibilities are offended by such things, just turn the volume down!

    I think this is the one Whitley mentioned on Dreamland a few weeks ago and some subscribers were asking about. So here it is… Enjoy!

    1. Thanks for that, Sherbet! Oh my, watching that is just so gorgeous. What incredibly good footage. (Of course, if real, usual disclaimers, blah blah – but… wow, such a video shows just why these guys are sooooo hard to capture clearly on film)

    2. I remember Brian Vike, and the footage is great! Thanks, Sherbet!

    3. For those of you that are interested in the ‘UFO’ footage I put on Dropbox… earlier today I finally found the footage and analysis details I sent back to Brian Vike in 2003.

      Firstly, to create an animated sequence of the object, I literally cropped every relevant frame, saved as a BMP, then used a program to string them together into an AVI. I can hardly believe I had the patience, as apparently (as I gleened from the email), it took me hours! Anyway, in doing so, as you can imagine, I had a very close look at the object in multiple frames. From that came an interesting point about the colour and secondly a point of extreme fascination to me, that I don’t believe anyone had noticed at the time, or has since.

      The first is that on several frames, there is a slight violet coloured hue over most of the craft’s visible surface. This suggests to me a plasma. I know for a fact that the Airforce have a patent that allows for a flow of air over a wing to be accelerated to in excess of Mach 1, by the application of a combination of pulsed AC and very high DC voltage. This creates a very thin plasma layer over the wing. I have proved myself how ‘relatively’ easy it is to create such a thin plasma layer (that is another story) but I didn’t get to the point of applying a DC component, so can’t prove it could work to procuce lift. I also read in the patent that this plasma layer renders the object effectively invisible to RADAR, which is rather interesting.

      The second point and the one I believe has not been spotted before, is that there is a dark sphere on the edge of the disk, which can be seen moving as the disk appears not only to wobble but to rotate. I have extracted five frames in sequence, where the black sphere can be seen and five subsequent ones where the sphere appears to have gone. At the transition point between the two sets of frames, there appears to be a blurred black streak ‘shooting’ away from the object, to the right.

      I will try and get them uploaded to Dropbox soon, with proper links. Just bear in mind, when you do see them, that they are heavily cropped from a not particularly high quality video.

  6. I watched the entire interview on YouTube, and realized immediately it was going to be magical. If you watch it, you see that Whitley and John each have doors behind them and to their left. Whitey has the picture of Anne behind him to his right, and John has a picture of Kokopelli behind him to his right.

    For people who are not subscribers, you will be missing out on a lot about who John really is and what he knows—and what he can share that is of great importance.


  7. I definitely want to be here for the video meeting on 10/9 (or is it 10/16?) at 11:00 AM Pacific.
    I hope to share an article that was in a local (suburban) newspaper in Northern Virginia back in the mid 90s about a multi-witness, multi-location UFO sighting, which included a stop just outside CIA HQ (Langley) where it was seen with a laser beam (or something else) between it and the ground. I still have a copy of the article, which I can read out loud.

    So I want to make sure that I know ahead of time exactly where to go and how to enter this program on 10/9 (or 10/16?).

    Thanks, Whitley!

  8. A most enjoyable show but the last half hour makes you sit up in attention! Again we are being told that we are so much more than we think we are.
    Consciousness is the core of everything. We must become more aware.
    Thank you for such a wonderful show. Please people wake up!

  9. Okay. Wow. A lot to unpack here with this super interesting and knowledgeable guest. I am going to have to listen to this several more times to wade through the bureaucratic hierarchy that he describes, but I do want to add one thing to the conversation that mythology and folklore from several cultures that I know of are replete with appearances of the White Lady and the Blue Lady.

  10. The Israeli reconnaissance office guy’s statement “. . . until we understand what space and spaceships are” is mysterious indeed.

    I refer to the Ancient Egyptian texts that make many references to “the eye of Heru” and “an eye of Heru” when it is clear that they do not mean the wadjet eye that we usually think of when that reference is made.

    Egyptologists are still trying to figure out the exact meaning but it is linked to light. Last night I was reading about this very conundrum in Herman Te Velde’s treatise on the god Set.

    The idea suggested seems to fit with a lot of the discussion in the last half hour which really was great.

  11. Wow, that was a lot more than what I was expecting. Exceptional timing considering where we are collectively. Looking forward to his return to the show.

  12. I was sorry to see that the Zoom meeting with John has disappeared. I wanted to listen to it again, but it’s no longer listed in the Video Meeting Room.

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