UFO researcher Kathleen Marden is the niece of Betty and Barney Hill, who were the subjects in 1961 of one of the best documented of all abduction experiences. Not only were physical traces left behind, Barney remembered much of what happened to them from the beginning. Here, Kathleen describes the moment the phone rang when she was a 13 year old girl, and it was her Aunt Betty on the phone telling her mother one of the most remarkable stories in history. It later became the book Incident and Exeter, and there is now a memorial plaque along the New Hampshire highway where it happened.

But Kathleen and Whitley go FAR BEYOND the Hill story, exploring the close encounter experience and what is unfolding now among close encounter witnesses since abductions have become rare.

Don’t miss a single word of this great interview, especially as they get into the richness of the current close encounter experience and compare it, as really nobody else can, to what has come before. We are waking up, and Kathleen’s work reflects that. If you want to get involved with other experiencers who are on a path to awakening about what happened to them, go to The-Awakening-Souls.com and join. Whitley did!

The image on the right is discussed in the third half hour of the show. Can you see anything in it? If so, describe what you see in comments!

You are here for in-depth knowledge. This is exactly that!

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  1. Do you remember quite a while ago, there were those single-engined flying trash can / rubbish bin things that the military were showing off hovering around, controlled by a single person standing inside it?…(There were lots of conspiracy theories pointing out the lack of wash on nearby trees etc.) …anyway that picture above looks to me like a large ant giving one of those a try!

  2. Whitley…hi, and thanks again…you and most all the folks you interview speak of the ‘fear’. Is it just the human condition to feel fear?
    I myself have asked to not feel the fear. I’ve asked why the fear? …lol…but then I have no idea to whom I am posing the questions. I do seem to feel fear (what I can call fear) at the same time I get that ‘tingling rush’ through my body or my thoughts as a dream (or experience) begin.
    Does our fear heighten our sensitivity?

    Thanks yet again. Any thoughts (from you or others) would be appreciated.

  3. Author

    We don’t like fear, but it’s just part of nature. When there is something in our environment that we feel we can’t control, the fear response is how we react. It’s hard wired into all living things. If you watch an amoeba engulf a paramecium in a drop of pond water, you will see the paramecium struggle for its life.

    So this goes back all the way to the beginning of being. The difference between us and the other critters roaming this planet is that we can observe it when it appears in us, respect what it is telling us, and embrace the situation, very often in a new way.

  4. Hi Whitley…speaking of fear I am very apprehensive about our near future. I feel like “it’s” coming and it is going to be dreadful, beyond anything that has been predicted. I am worried about what is going happen to our loved ones and our society as a whole. We have done this thing to our planet, our home, and it is too late to do anything about it, like run away train. My understanding is that the Visitors are much more interested in souls, not explaining simple stuff to stupid people like don’t destroy your planet (you live here). I truly hope my apprehension will subside and I am the kook in cartoon wearing a sign warning “THE END IS NEAR”. But…I don’t think so!

  5. Fear is only good.if you plan on running away.
    I was 16. It was Saturday morning. A beautiful day. I was late for work by a minute or two. That was a mortal sin in the Kroger store I worked at.
    My car radio was set on one of the 2 AM rock stations that all of St. Louis youth listened to during my teen years. I pulled into the store parking lot and the radio went off air.
    A serious almost mechanical voice said, “This is an orange card blue dot alert. The United States is in a state of National Emergency. All radio stations have been ordered off the air. Only the Civil Defense Network is to operate.
    Turn your radio to the Civil Defense Network for future information.”
    In 1968 my generation knew that Russian missiles could hit the US in 20 minutes. We lived that idea daily. St. Louis was a primary target because of the military industrial complex that supported St. Louis’ economy.
    Since it was a gorgeous Saturday morning and there was a not a cloud in the sky, that message could only mean St. Louis was about to disappear under a mushroom cloud.
    What would you do? You are late for a horrible job and you just heard your life is going to end in 20 minutes. That is fear.
    Once you realize that there is nothing to be done you clock in and go to work.
    Of course the office clerk is yelling at you for being 2 minutes late. Your only retort is that you heard the message of a National Emergency.
    The clerk doesn’t believe you. You straighten your tie and start bagging. Fear is an after thought.
    A half hour later the office clerk that didn’t believe you says, it was a mistake. Mt. Thunder put the 8 track tape in backwards.
    It seemed that when faced with real fear the entire country handled that fear the same way.
    They ignored the fear.
    None of the other radio stations went off air. Everyone went to work.
    I am not quite sure why this story is apropos. It was one of my memories that seems to put fear in its proper box.

    1. The worst type of fear is that of our own making, as there is no running away from it. The only way out is acceptance. Years ago, in the throws of OCD, and totally entangled in the personal hell of my own thoughts, I was sure that most people have no real clue what real fear is. I wish I could’ve slammed them into a box, when they beared their phantom fangs… instead several months of therapy was required to help me realise that I didn’t have to react to my own thoughts or mental images, no matter how frightening – that I had a choice. It took me a long time to realise that the real me and my thoughts, were not the same thing. After overcoming that (to a large degree), I felt like I could conquor anything. Of course that feeling faded over time and I realised that my fear was no more or less intense than anyone else’s. Fear is fear… how you react to it is what makes the difference. And talking about putting it in a box… there is no bravery without fear.

    2. I remember those days and had the nightmares until I was almost 30. I had not planned to live that long really. The nuclear terror was a real thing for a generation of young people.

      1. I remember being in secondary school and being told by our English teacher about what would happen if there were a nuclear war…as worldwide tensions were rising, at the time. She told us there would be sirens that would go off in a local quarry but when pressed, admitted that we probably wouldn’t be able to hear them anyway…and plus, it likely wouldn’t matter, as the nearby city, just fifteen miles away, would be a major target in the UK. Yeah…thanks for that…but seriously why tell us?…the gut-wrenching fear and imagery from that discussion, stayed with me for years.

  6. If the visitors were to suddenly disappear from our lives, then I would know our fate as a species would be sealed. In the meantime, we are faced with an infinity of possibilities.

  7. This show really got me thinking about the visitors and the disclosure issue. I’ve been pretty frustrated and upset with them not revealing themselves, but its become more clear to me why they haven’t. With our current political situation being one where we draw lines and accuse the other side for all the problems, where would the visitors fit?

    A recent incident in a Texas school has teachers being asked to give alternative sides of the holocaust. While this is an isolated incident, I hope, it shows how divided we’ve become and how twisted truth and reality have been blurred. The visitors have already been labeled demons by some. What would happen if they actually stepped out in front of us. I wonder if they label earth as a nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there?

    1. I feel like the younger generation is more capable of seeing the world as a unified place. At least that they have the ability, more so than older generations, to shed the traditional geo-political divides that have been so readily adopted in the past and step out new into a connected world. Against that we have to weigh the darkening effect from the truly malignant political rhetoric that has now become part of this country’s daily conversation (see Trump’s comments on General Colin Powell after his death just days ago).
      I feel like the intolerant world views reflected in that rhetoric are a microcosm of the reasons why we may fail to respond constructively to the visitors’ presence. I won’t conceal it — I for one am scared.

  8. Author

    There are so many issues. One is that they do not fit into the right categories in our religions. We should not be thinking of them as supernatural beings at all but rather as races different from us. And then there is the geopolitical issue. If they open the door to us in one country, will that cause others to fear that the country in which they have made their presence known is going to get some kind of a strategic advantage? And how do they protect our will to innovate on our own? We will turn to them for answers instead of searching in the world with our own minds. This is called cultural colonization and they have been bending over backwards for two generations to avoid it. But they have a problem now: we have not made enough progress in stabilizing our planet. If they don’t act in someway to warn us, at least, I think there is a good chance we will go extinct. A great deal depends on exactly how they handle that warning. If I know them, they will do it well and choose exactly the right method. We can only hope that this is true, and that it will happen in time.

    1. Species go extinct all the time. We have helped quite a few along with that and the number is increasing. Most humans don’t notice or care about the other species and many don’t care about other humans. Even bacteria isolate and cordon off other bacteria that threaten the existence whole colony. We reward humans who do that with tax-free lifetime benefits and golden parachutes. We created religions out of the visitors as “saviors” who thought we were special and now here we are waiting for them to save us. Regarding the mathematical nature of humanity, if this is a holographic universe, then certainly it is mathematical and certain intelligence, like A.I. is math. I can wrap my brain around that but not around consciousness as math, but then, maybe I’m not smart enough to grok it.

    2. The urgency of the present climate situation has become almost too much for me, but looking at the task as personal has allowed me too eat the elephant one bight at a time (no offense, pachyderms). But even that perspective switch hasn’t assuaged my near overwhelming concerns.

      One of those concerns is that without some kind of external impetus, there won’t be much changed in the near term. Not that we can’t affect some kind of sea change in our habits, but the task seems impossible. And that’s what stymies my efforts. What’s the point if every thing I do is undone tenfold by others who simply don’t care? It’s infuriating.

  9. I am hoping the visitors love us too much to just let us go without some form of intervention, even going so far as tricking the entire universe into thinking that we were the ones who got us out of our jam. After all, aren’t they tricksters?

    But I fear that there is another presence out there that is much too practical, preferring us to go extinct rather than survive and thrive at our current level of consciousness. It has nothing to do with compassion or perniciousness. It is about laws of nature, equations. We are only one in an infinite sea of species that rise and fall, making way for another species to have their chance. Nothing personal.

  10. Author

    I think that’s a very astute comment. We are hopes and fears, struggles and dreams. Nature is numbers.

      1. Makes perfect sense to me. I’m not a genius by any stretch of the imagination. This is why I knew in my bones since I was very young that church or religion wasn’t for me. It explained nothing and it gave me no comfort. It just made me angry that I had to sit there quietly and take in all of their dribble. I mean no offense to anybody’s beliefs. It’s just me on a life long quest to try and figure this life out. Thank you, Whitley and Anne

  11. I am now reading Max Tegmark’s book. Same theory.
    My question, before getting deep into the book: If it’s all just a mathematical formula, where does conscious intelligence fit into the grand scheme of things?

    1. In a math(s) class, there are students, the teacher, a chalk board and the numbers / equations. Maybe, we are the students (mainly observing but ocationally invited to write on the board), God / divine intelligence is the teacher, having overall control of the lesson, writing on the board and choosing what we see. And perhaps Nature is the chalk board, just presenting /displaying the equations that have been written?

  12. I know this is off subject for this weeks interview but feels like it might be important enough to post. FIRST, I have been in Arkansas for several days and just got home last night. We were in a rural area next to one of the most beautiful scenic rivers outside of Missouri. 

    I am only going to type out a small part of the dream from last night and what makes me think it is important is the fact an e-mail was in my in-box this morning coming from my niece. (Waaay to often she is in my head and doesn’t even know it). It is the color in the video below (RED) that made me think of the dream.

    There is a lady laying on the floor dressed in ALL RED CLOTHING. She motions for me to bend over her so she can whisper something in my ear. She says, “I am a seer and have seen this my whole life, I knew it was coming but did not know when. Being a seer is more of a curse then you can possibly imagine.” Now she whispers, there is to  be an assassination, I see the bullet passing through a left shoulder. (In this dream I cannot be sure if it is her or someone else under attack)? Now I see another ‘her’ laying next to her original physical form. There is a man standing over the second her and he says, “Which one do you believe, the seer or this second form?” The second form does not want me to believe what the seer has whispered. I know this man is trying to put DOUBT into my mind. I reply, “I believe the first woman and yes, she is a seer.”

    Moving to the end of the dream:
    The seer’s sister is standing at a counter and she too whispers something into my ear. She seems sooo thrilled to be able to share this with me but says it is to be kept a secret until after it happens. She says, the MASTER OF THE MARTIAL ARTS is coming to teach some people a form of mystical awakening. (In the dream I heard names but no longer remember them but I know the MASTER was either Chinese or Japanese). 

    This is all I am going to include in this post since more of this dream was disturbing and I am also trying to play catch-up today.

    This is the video I received from my niece, notice the RED COLORS. 


    Has this camera captured a miracle of spiritual proportions? – YouTube

  13. I haven’t listened to the show yet, so I could be completely wrong about the image, but it looks like a woman with her head facing left, holding part of a long dress over her bent right arm.

  14. I listened to this show about six times. I’m trying to move past a very difficult seven days at work in Germany and this show kept me in the game.

    Listening to Mr Strieber describe an open space in the ceiling with ‘people’ looking down. I’d wager that that experience followed a stressful period or event.. Sounds only too familiar.

    For me, a similar thing occurred but not quite the same. Two sisters, twins I think, reminiscent of the contrary Gemini twins in Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’ started interacting with me from an impossible space above me in my bedroom. One forgiving, one critical.

    It seems this process, at least for me, sought resolution in synthesis. In retrospect I’d call this a classical cosmic alchemy in action. However you look at such things, there seem to be indications throughout history that this may happen as part of due process during initiatory behavioural systems.

    Take a look at stonework in ancient Cathedrals and Abbeys and you’ll see copious representations of ‘others’ looking down, just beyond arm’s reach above and around us. Cherubs and Gargoyles. Just a thought..

    Lastly, looking at Kathleen’s picture of an aerial object, it reminded me of a chunk of bismuth. Year or so back I became drawn to exploring and buying some bismuth. Out of the blue.

    I very quickly received the instruction ‘Wait until it is given’. I have and will continue to respect this advice. Stairways to heaven are precious on the path long trodden toward the astral light.


  15. I see a head fairly clearly and it does appear as female . The back seems to give the impression of long wavy hair but that could be what my brain does to make sense of it. I see a curly thing on top of the head/forehead.

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