Building the Bridge between the Worlds

April 24, 2016
This week’s Dreamland and Awakening programs once again involve the afterlife. Since my wife Anne died last August, there has been a continuous series of events involving her that suggest that there is an afterlife, and that she not only still exists, but is still conscious of this world and attempting to indicate that it ... continued

Soul Traps

April 16, 2016
Over the past thirty years, I have often been the victim of social engineering. The first time I became aware of it was after the publication of my book Confirmation, which was critical of the Air Force’s handling of the UFO phenomenon, and what I viewed then, and continue to view, as an inappropriate adherence ... continued

Goodnight, Valentine

February 15, 2016
It’s a day full of flowers here in Southern California. Evening is slipping down from a gentle sky, the light slow and soft, and I am traveling along the deep memory road. I have been looking through our Valentines, Darling. I find that I have about thirty of them, going all the way back to the ... continued

Disclosure may be Imminent. But can We Take It?

January 5, 2016
Hillary Clinton has told a questioner that she will "get to the bottom" of the UFO controversy. Her friend and adviser John Podesta said in a tweet last February that it was not only time for disclosure, but that "it’s the law." In September, George H.W. Bush said that "Americans can’t handle the truth." In ... continued

The Why of Islamic Terrorism

December 5, 2015
ISIS has become the new terror threat, and now it appears that they have succeeded in striking in the United States, leaving 14 people dead in California. Once again, the media is trumpeting that the people carrying out the attack were "radicalized." And yet, they were a sedate married couple who left a six month ... continued

In the Weave of the Journey, a Meeting

November 5, 2015
I have been having an extraordinary time engaging with my wife. What has happened is beyond anything I would ever have expected. Anne was a teacher, and she still is. Not only that, she loved Dreamland and always participated as much as she could. When she could not lean in and ask questions herself because ... continued

Sweet Night

October 21, 2015
I am at the old house in the Texas Hill Country west of Austin where so many of the experiences I related in the Secret School took place. It is as sweet a night as Texas has to offer, softly touched by moonlight, graced by a cool south breeze. Half an hour ago, there were three familiar ... continued

A Message from Anne Strieber: Joy to You!

August 23, 2015
My wife Anne left this level of being two weeks ago. In that short time, there have been so many manifestations of her continued presence and involvement with others in this world that I thought I would write a bit about what has happened. continued

Climate Change Denial

August 5, 2015
2015 is now well on its way to be the hottest year on record, and a year of great extremes, with extraordinary heat in summer and profound cold in winter, and springs and autumns marked by weather of unusual violence. This is exactly what we are seeing this year. And yet climate change denial is, ... continued

UFO Disclosure Coming Closer

July 21, 2015
A slow and deliberate process of disclosure has been under way for about 10 years, and may take another step forward in March of 2016. In both the United States and the United Kingdom, it has for some years been illegal to keep a substantial amount of UFO information hidden, that is nevertheless still held ... continued