Encounter of June 6, 1998 PT II

July 20, 1998
The more implants get removed and convincing UFO footage appears, the more concrete the visitors become. But is this good? If we become absolutely convinced that they are real, will that be the trigger that brings them pouring into our lives? I don’t know, and I don’t want my work to be part ... continued

The Author Tour Is Over

July 10, 1998
Thank you so much, everybody who jammed the bookstores for me. It was so damn wonderful to see you and be with you. I only wish that I could be personal friends with every one of you. Thank you for caring. continued

Rosie O’Donnell

May 7, 1998
It’s May 7, 1998, and I am sitting in a friend’s house in New York City a day after taping the Rosie O’Donnell show. At the moment, the show is going to air on July 20, but that may change. When the date is firm, it will appear in my schedule. Ever since ... continued

Life Magazine Article

April 5, 1998
In the fall, I worked on a feature for Life Magazine with a distinguished photographer, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders. Tim has been a friend for many years, and was the first person outside of my family who I told about my close encounter experiences. We went to New York, Denver, Ventura, Glenrock, ... continued

Other Florida Sightings

March 20, 1998
That sighting began a series of sightings in Florida that has been quite amazing. To date, there have been over three hundred, I understand. A few days after we had ours, a witness took a video of a daylight disk that was shown on local TV. When we were at the ... continued

Pat Robertson Threat

February 9, 1998
Since Pat Robertson suggested that people who believe in aliens ought to be stoned to death, there has been a slight but worrisome increase in my security problems. Heretofore, I have never experienced any sense of threat at all, except at the end at our old cabin in upstate New York. ... continued

What I Believe

January 12, 1998
What I believe is that human science has the capacity to study, identify and benefit from the UFO and close encounter reports, and the materials being generated. On balance, I think that there is probably another intelligence involved with us, but I do not know its origin. I would not be ... continued