After reading that scientists now believe that there could be as many as 36 civilizations in our galaxy that we could come into contact with, I recalled a recent exchange with a scientist about how to go about such communication, and what I learned from the visitors about this.

We remain concentrated on radio. This is not because it’s the best form of communication, but because it’s the only one we can presently imagine might work. There are others, though, that that’s the subject of this journal.

Being a near light-speed system, radio is actually so slow that it cannot be considered, in interstellar terms, a means of communication at all. Rather, it is a means of identification. In other words, it is used either in setting up a transmission that identifies the sender or a receiver designed to capture such transmissions.

We do not have any organized transmission systems. On November 16th, 1974 we sent a signal at 2380 megahertz at a thousand kilowatts of power toward the globular star cluster Messier 13–which will reach its destination in 20,000 years.

One signal. 20,000 years. Sounds not very much like a plan.

In fact, the only signals that generally leave our immediate area are television signals. As Carl Sagan once pointed out, this means that the first transmission from our planet that is going to be detectable by others will be the television transmission of the 1936 Olympics. And then there’s 1950s television. In recent years, as the internet becomes more pervasive, we are actually transmitting less and less.

There is another way. Apparently the universe is full of light signals that contain photons that are quantum-entangled with photons on the home planets of the civilizations that send out these pulses. A correctly designed receiver can capture these photons and set up a rich and virtually instantaneous communications link. There are also other ways, using the body-mind system, to access entangled photons.

This can be done by placing the surface area of the electric field that is generated by the nervous system into superposition while at the same time adding intention to communicate. This is done by placing the attention on the surface area of the body while such intention is present in the mind.

The difficulty is that concentrating on the intention causes the attention to leave the body surface, with the result that the superposition collapses. Even when superposition is maintained long enough for communication to be established, the moment that visual information touches the optic nerve, the attention is automatically drawn to it, the superposition collapses and the information flow is broken.

This problem can only be solved with practice and experience. In fact, it takes a more disciplined consciousness than we are born with, but in our world at present there is little real knowledge about how to reach this state.

We are young. Our species only reached temporal intelligence and the self-awareness that comes with it a short time ago, around 300,000 years. Our mind is still exploring itself and the world around it. We have not yet found basic truth, in the sense that we don’t know who and what we are or the basis of creation. For us, this is all still speculation.

No firm ground, no firm mind.

But there is an alternative. It is to give up every single assumption that we have and live only in question. Superficially, this would seem to be a state of passivity, but it is actually a much more active mental state than the one we live in now, which is based on unsupported assumptions.

Working from a state of question, the mind ceases to try to relate incoming information to anything, or to immediately interpret it.

The nature of this method of transmission is such that it cannot work unless the receiving entity has a sufficiently disciplined consciousness to accept them. This is because they are based on photons and thus visual in nature. So the message first excites the visual cortex, causing the attention to perceive it as what most of us would think of as a hallucination or a dream image, or, if we are practitioners of one form of meditation or another, perhaps a third-eye vision.

This all makes it look very mysterious, as, one assumes, looking at a television would have been mysterious to somebody in, say, 1720. They would almost certainly have had to learn to see the image as something other than magic.

Communication with other species in our same physical level of reality is not magic. It is accomplished by turning the body/mind into a transceiver. It is not channeling. You will not find guides or angels or anything like that. What you will find are messages, some of them possible to decode, others beyond or knowledge.

There is a universal language. It is, essentially, mathematics. But it will be as difficult to interpret this math as it is to understand crop formations, for example. (These are sequential communications, by the way, and can only be read usefully as sentences, with each formation in the same place another “word” in a sentence that might be laid down over a period of years. Unfortunately, regarding these communications, the introduction of skillfully deployed fakes has caused interference.)

However, when it enters the being-body directly, there can be no question of fakery. You see it, you know it. As to what it actually says, we have a long way to go there. One thing, though: it will always draw you forward. You cannot perceive what you cannot understand, any more than a child can understand how an engine works. Later, though, the child will not only understand engines, if so inclined, he might end up designing better ones of his own.

We are such a child.

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  1. I’ve had an idea and vision in my head for a while that is similar to this — a piece of technology that is capable of observing, capturing and processing information derived from a quantum entangled/superposition state that comes from another dimension or system far away in the universe. Ever since this thought, I’ve felt that we can tap into other worlds apart from ours once we understood this possibility, and that sending signals that take thousands of years to reach its destination is pointless. There is a way to connect to what is out there because it’s already here, because of the quantum entangled state. I could see into the future this technology being an everyday tool much like our internet now, people connecting to other worlds using a device similar to an iPad or phone.

    1. Author

      A mechanical technology is possible as long as it is conscious. But we are a long way from building a conscious machine. Our understanding of intelligence is sufficient for us to create intelligent machines, but consciousness is another matter altogether. Of course, as the journal points out, there is already a communications device available. It is us.

  2. Doing the Sensing Exercise as I do, I can for a few brief moments expand my consciousness such that I feel a sort of “field” just above the skin of my whole body. I seem to remember the Master of the Key commenting on this field as the means of telepathy or communication. Unfortunately, it is very hard to maintain this state and sometimes I am more successful than at other times. Occasionally, but very rarely, my soul or life force can sit up and look around the room but I am not consciously doing it at that point. It is something that just happens but it is extraordinarily refreshing.

    1. Author

      You have to let it happen. If you push at it, you cause superposition to collapse. It happens because we are at once being attentive to sensation and not trying to manipulate it or change it in any way. This is difficult for us because we’re used to “doing” something in order to achieve a result. When you’re learning to ride a bike, though, if you think about it you fall over. This is the basic principle of learning balance. It applies here, too. Eventually, you’ll be able to sail along on the bicycle without the slightest need to maintain balance, but this takes time.

      1. Thank you Whitley! Ironically, I learned that very thing last night. Quite suddenly I realized that I simply have to allow it to happen rather than by effort try to force it to happen. Completely against my nature. I was getting in my own way it seems. It was, I must say, a revelation. I haven’t been doing the Sensing Exercise for a long period of time so I am rather a novice if you will. But your analogy is exactly correct. I’m beginning to discover that it is a very powerful sense of being but it must not be pushed or forced but accepted.

  3. If you could point out any articles or books that touch upon this subject I’d appreciate it. Been looking for years.

    1. Author

      The best discussion of the sensing exercise is in Jeanne De Salzmann’s book The Reality of Being. There are many others, though. Try to stay with the ones that are by practitioners of the Gurdjieff work, though. You can also read about it in my book A New World, where there is a pretty extensive discussion. Or practice it with me. I do it most Saturday mornings at 11AM Pacific with Unknowncountry subscribers in our video meeting room. Also sometimes on Thursday night at 7PM Pacific on my YouTube channel.

  4. I know well the sensing exercise. I do it regularly. It’s such a great, revitalizing exercise. I’ll check out The Reality of Being. I’m on the lookout for books or articles that discuss the possible mechanics of superposition and quantum entanglement. Some say the next big thing in tech will be biogenetic but I think this is something to keep your eye on. I disagree we are very far away from establishing such a technology.

  5. hello Whitley, I thought a lot about this.. becoming transceivers during our spiritual practices can be translated in older terms as becoming mediumnistic

    but are our spiritual practices aimed at this effect ? or is it one of those Siddhis or side-effects Yoga warns us to pay no heed to lest they lead us astray ?

    I mean, this was amply criticized by Guénon (L’erreur Spirite), by Blavastky (The Key to Theosophy and certainly in Isis Unveiled). And by the main Esoteric Traditions (Sufism, Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism.. even by the Orthodox Hesychast tradition with its notion of allurement/brilliance).

    In the specific case of the dead many traditions indicate it is not the dead at all we are communicating with but rather astral vampires and tricksters that feed on our vitality – and on our Tapas, our spiritual efforts. Indeed they “see” us glow in the Astral during our Sadhana. Not to mention Incubi and Sucubi, feeding on our vital energies (or Jing in Daoist terms).

    In the eyes of Tradition the constant presence of Spiritualistic phenomena is another sign of the times, of our dreadful Kali Yuga.

    Buddhist monks were advised to “kill the Buddha” if he ever showed up in beatific visions..

    just food for thought.. our Tapas makes us very yummy..


    ps –

    1. Author

      I live with entities. The last time I had an interaction was at three fifteen this morning. Before that, at about 11:20 there was a lovely one, so intense that it was, effectively, physical. This is life for me.
      I am not much attached to the fear traditions anymore, although I was at one time. I have found that, the more consistently I live outside of ego, the more the appearance of threat recedes.

      1. you wrote : “I have found that, the more consistently I live outside of ego, the more the appearance of threat recedes”.

        this is certainly true from a Nondual perspective !

        but it is not exactly threat I’m referring to but rather missing the mark, the vertical, absolutely vertical mark of Spiritual practice.

        MC. 🙂

          1. The Absolute and the sadhak, or God and the monk. Like an arrow. No diversions or astral chitchatting. Energy and chalice. Silence.

            That’s the whole raison d’être of the Philokalia’s admonitions or of the Buddhist monk killing whoever may come in-between him and Shunya (Void) in the guise of visions

            I think Simone Weil used the vertical-horizontal metaphor from a Christian existential-phenomenological viewpoint. But I read her ages ago. I quit reading bon-ton Western philosophy as soon as I could.. good riddance ! 😉

            Horizontality : intra-mundane relations between finite created beings. This also includes Djinns, the Dead, Aliens, Angels

            Verticality : man and God


          2. Author

            If there is no mutuality of need, then what?

          3. good point..

            “We are on the earth and we depend entirely upon the laws that are operating on the earth. The earth is a very bad place from the cosmic point of view — it is like the most remote part of northern Siberia, very far from everywhere, it is cold, life is very hard. Everything that in another place either comes by itself or is easily obtained, is here acquired only by hard labor; everything must be fought for both in life and in the work. In life it still happens sometimes that a man gets a legacy and afterwards lives without doing anything. But such a thing does not happen in the work. All are equal and all are equally beggars.” (G., in Fragments)

            indeed, we are all beggars.. this is one of the 1st things I feel as I collect myself before the Exercise. My Group leader would always remind us of this. It would strike deep within.


        1. The vertical mark? Once you have experienced enlightenment – or a permanent awakening – you will have not gone anywhere vertical or otherwise, or hit any marks.

          You will know that you are everywhere – out to horizontal and vertical infinity. It is then impossible to live with the rest of You from the POV of ego either in fear or in love.

          The rest of You will be a moment to moment matter of absolutely overriding importance.

          You can happily feed your yummy Tapas to the spiritual vampires, knowing you have an infinite supply of You.

          You can know those “baddies” for what they are – open invitations to an adventure of indescribably delightful grace.

          “Start with the end in mind.” Forget vampires! What kind of Reality actually has vampires??

          Give ALL those “others out there” – even the scary ones – everything you think you have, now, because you will end up knowing you have absolutely nothing, later.

          The owner of the Universe freely gives, 100%, effortlessly, all the time.

          If you find yourself in a dance of fear, it’s not Satan or a succubus you need to wonder about – it is, “how did this fear get here?”

          Reality knows absolutely nothing of fear, and it can never miss the mark.

  6. At some point, reading this when you were noting “exciting the visual cortex”, i thought of the 2 then-girls at Ariel in 1994 who perceived a flowing sequence of vivid imagery during the eye contact with the being.

  7. dear Whitley, I have just watched the recording of the YouTube live you did the same day you posted this entry – thank you so much, it clarified many points to me ! I wonder why the traditional taboo on this direct experience (with the exception of Shamanism) as it seems so positive.. this is truly a mystery. Perhaps we have been always treated (and “protected”) as children by Tradition, never being told or taught the “adult facts of cosmic life”.. Who knows, paradigms might be changing right now in this respect.. Spiritual Disclosure being the other side of the coin of Alien Disclosure..

    1. ps – I have checked out another one of my favourite websites today – Buddha at the Gas Pump (BatGap).. and saw that Rick uploaded a recent interview he did with a fellow who is a director of The SoulPhone Foundation (sic)
      check out their projects :
      Why strive to crystallize a soul at all in the first place ? It’s all given.. chat with your favourite deceased ones with our future new technology.. you can choose the device colours and design..
      Guénon wrote a later book – Aperçus sur l’Initiation (1946) – where he describes “counterinitiation”, a simulacrum of Spirituality (and Initiation) inserted in our historical current by entities “uninterested” (euphemism) in our spiritual evolution (aka crystallizing a spiritual body and bodies beyond it even).
      If you add to his concerns (and prescience) Martin Heidegger’s dim views on Technology (as Metaphysical Project as he liked to define it) we can be quite alarmed by this “SoulPhone” and other equally hair-raising New Age technology projects. It is a very somber picture.
      What Guénon wrote about counterinitiation is in fact very similar to what one understands today by counterintel.. with the same agenda, in this case in the spiritual arena. It plays fundamentally on our inertia and laziness – why strive ? just buy the gadget..

      1. Author

        On this trip, shortcuts are usually Mobius Loops. But at least they make you feel like you’re going somewhere.

        1. I totally agree.. going to the Moon.. as food 😉

          some years ago I discovered through some friends a wonderful little book by a French author called Dominique Viseux. He is a specialist in the Pistis Sophia and Ancient Gnosis in general.

          Dominique Viseux. La Mort et les États Posthumes d’après les grandes traditions. Paris : Guy Trédaniel, 1989.

          He describes the traditional views on the afterlife according to the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the Pistis Sophia, the Zohar, the Platonic myths, Vedanta and the Bardo Thodol. A chapter to each. And he tries to draw an approximative synthesis in the final concluding chapter.

          What struck me most was finding in these hallowed traditions very similar ideas (and pathos) to 4th Way Work. Finding there the same “Terror of the Situation” as G. would put it.

  8. go to a park and meditate. this man did and here’s what happened: they are here. always have been. as close as your next door neighbor or the military base near you. they are also all through the crust of the earth and in its many cavities. Whitley is correct it will be through the quantum properties of mind used with expanded consciousness that real contact will and always has happened. no hardware req. anyone can do it with pracitce.

  9. Author

    I can go to a park or wooded area and if I do the sensing exercise, concentrating totally, I will begin to see another world all around me, just as I did at Pine Ridge. It will be a version of where I am, like a parallel universe. So far, I have never seen any people in it. It can be a very strange experience, say, in a park. I close my eyes and concentrate, and soon a slightly different version of the area around me becomes clearly visible. Only no people. In a park, it usually isn’t overgrown or anything. Won’t look abandoned. But why don’t I see the people? Surely they are there. It was the same at Pine Ridge.

    1. It’s entirely possible that the people there, at least for the most part, might resonate differently than the environment that you’re experiencing, so you’re not picking up on them. The few that you’ve encountered might be doing something differently that allows you to interact with them, either adepts or individuals trained to communicate with those from/in other realms.

      Mind you, there might just be fewer people in that world…

  10. I wonder if there has been any serious study of this. I don’t know if you can call this remote viewing, which I am well aware of the deep studies conducted by government agencies. But coming to understand the use of the mind and consciousness to focus on the greater reality, other worlds, etc. Focused attention that enables the individual to see beyond the limits of normal physical sensation.

    1. Author

      Focused attention is critical. But it starts with anchoring in the body. We think of intellect and consciousness as being the same thing. They are not. Consciousness is a state of being, intellect is a condition of the brain.
      The whole person is, at least potentially, conscious. To see beyond ourselves, we must start by seeing ourselves.

  11. Is focused attention a product of consciousness? Where does thought come from? When you think of one of your favorite childhood memories, where is that memory located? Recall the first car you ever drove. Now, where is that picture located? In your brain?

  12. Author

    I don’t think that we produce consciousness, but rather that everything is in consciousness and is consciousness at the same time. I mean everything, every speck of dust, all of it.

    Memories are initially located in the brain, and modern science would say that’s where they stay. The Egyptians would say that they are processed into the soul as per the description in A New World.

  13. I totally agree that everything is in consciousness and is consciousness at the same time. I would venture to say that consciousness is the enveloping fabric where all matter materializes from, and when one engages in activities that seem to transcend matter, distance, time, etc. they are engaging on the level of consciousness.

  14. “I would venture to say that consciousness is the enveloping fabric where all matter materializes from”

    Indeed. All matter materializes from the same place that your nightly dreamworlds have materialized their matter: your own consciousness. (Well, it’s not really yours, but we can all pretend).

    There is exactly the same amount of “matter” in this whole freaking universe as there is in one of your dreams at night: none.

    Of course, we are all convinced there is something “here” – and as we go farther and deeper into our knowledge of this material universe, we can become more and more convinced about this primacy of material stuff (and for some reason, we are really convinced that neurons assembled into brains must be super primary when it comes to this material stuff).

    Of course, if you take the time to understand where the “matter” -IS- in any individual atomic particle, it becomes energy, which becomes only mathematics and probability. Where did the matter-stuff go??

    The “matter-reality” of an individual particle or three can become fairly familiar to the mind – if you’re doing physics – as the probabilities of some rather smeary energy-stuff. But somewhere along the lines when we collect all of that stuff into mountains, seas, stars and trees, we get convinced, “Oh, there’s matter there!”

    Well, no, there isn’t. You don’t get “something” by adding up a bunch – or many zillions – of probabilistic nothings.

    That quantum fact where everything becomes smeary-energy-probability is our view straight into a very naked truth: the background existence of Mind. This view was shocking to the early pioneers of quantum mechanics, and they tended to get straight into Buddhist cosmologies to try and get their bearings.

    Then later it was just, “Shut up and calculate” – and the shocking naked truth kept getting shuffled off into corners of disreputable philosophy and such.

    Until lately. When that old Mind-skeleton in the closet kept biting everyone in the butt with the everyday awareness of, “Hey. I’m conscious. WTF?”

    Finally there’s some feeling that people are getting ready to deal with the truth. Yeah. You are conscious. You can’t ever get “behind” that knowing about yourself. No one can. That presents serious problems with creating a science of consciousness the way we have a science of quarks and leptons.

    And maybe if you can’t get behind that knowing, the rest of your knowledge about all those apparently material mountains and stars out there is also totally suspect.

    Welcome to Dreamland.

  15. Can you imagine some peaceful industrial civilisation on another planet, a million years in the future, some highly ordered philosophical society that takes life very slow and seriously, who wonder around in togas discussing existentialism – and suddenly they get hit by a tsunami wave of Earth’s 1970’s TV – Dukes of Hazard, Starsky and Hutch, Sesami Street, the Osmonds, Bay City Rollers, Monty Python, Disco music and quiz shows. I don’t think they would ever recover.

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