Susan Demeter has had lifelong paranormal experiences with what she refers to as Cosmic Forces, and this includes UFOs. She is a Canadian-born author, scholar, and artist.  She is also a practicing witch! And the focus of this conversation is the overlap of witchcraft and powerful, often mystical experiences, andread more

It’s hard to go on fighting for democracy in Islamic countries, when people are being killed in these places for witchcraft and (now) for being a psychic.

On the Paranormal Review website, Roy Stemman writes about a business trip to Saudi Arabia ten years ago, where a tour guide offered to take him to Deera Square in Riyadh. He refused the offer when “my guide, an Englishman living and working in the city, explained that it was also known as Justice Square but he and others knew it as ‘Chop Chop Square’ because it was where offenders were publicly beheaded or had their hands cut off. What

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