Marissa Ryan is a psychic medium as well as psychic investigator. The focus of the discussion is the emotional end of her work as well as her personal experiences. This ranges from her work with law enforcement to private readings. Mike did a session with Marisa a decade ago and they discuss the remarkable accuracy of her predictions. Plus, she’s had UFO experiences and also a pet owl! Her site is linked HERE.

Marisa took part in a series of scientific studies and the results have been fascinating, but none of that is covered in this interview, to hear more about that, listen to Alex Tsakiris at Skeptiko. He and Marissa had an excellent discussion, and their focus was much more on the validity of her work, linked HERE.


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  1. almost stopped 1/4 way thru but glad I stayed – got very interesting. Thought it was neat how you both saw reality very differently but ultimately came together seeing it the same. Words don’t do justice to most deep concepts but ideas at least for now have to be shared this way. I think we will soon not need them.

  2. Author

    Yes, I missed a few weeks. It’s hard to talk with guests around the holidays, they’ll all say, “Let’s talk next year!”


  3. …”remarkable accuracy of her predictions” , please show/tell me something that justifies this statement. I listened to this and went on line and the readings she does are really so/so mostly the standard hacking around with “a female on mothers side who has passed” , ” sending you love” stuff. I have only met a couple of mind blowing mediums who produced accurate and detailed information; they have passed over themselves. I would love to find another person with that level of ability.

    1. Mark Anthony he is a physic he did a reading for me he made me a believer he’s the real deal

  4. Author


    Well, I am speaking from my own experience. She gave me a personal reading in 2009 and everything she said came true. So for me, our half hour a decade ago was remarkable.


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