Why are some coincidences be so deeply personal and powerful? Why do they overlap with so many other strange phenomena? There seems to be a connection to other events like past lives, OBEs, NDEs, psycho kinesis, premonitions and times of heightened emotion. This is a lively conversation between two people who’s lives have changed due to the power of these experiences.

Sharon Hewitt Rawlette is an author and philosopher. Her fascination with coincidences come from direct personal experiences. Her 2019 book The Source and Significance of Coincidences: A Hard Look at the Astonishing Evidence presents a wealth of testimony and research concerning this mystery, their probable causes, and how to interpret the implications. 

Sharon has a PhD in philosophy from New York University, taught philosophy at Brandeis University, and now lives in the rural community where she grew up. Her essays on relationships, spirituality, and the environment, have appeared in Salon and Orion. She writes about coincidence for Psychology Today. Her website is linked HERE.


  1. too bad this one didn’t last longer – very timely and interesting … thanks Mike!

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